Frontier Maple Sugarworks

We make organic, wood-fired maple syrup and unique maple confections packaged in glass and eco-friendly materials. We specialize in gift bottles with whimsical labels, infused and barrel aged syrups, and homemade maple candies in shapes you can’t get anywhere else. Because we never blend it, our syrup highlights subtle variations in flavor and color created by our trees over the course of a single spring.

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471 Beech Hill Road,
Northport, ME

Hours and Work Season

15-40 hours a week depending on season and timing/ year-round

Payment Type



$20/hour starting

Job Description

We are seeking someone to help in the bottling/production aspect of our operation. Tasks include bottling syrup; producing smoked, blueberry infused, and bourbon-barrel aged syrup; moving barrels; washing and labeling bottles; organizing outgoing deliveries; boxing online orders; working farmers’ markets; delivering syrup; and a variety of other farm related tasks as they arise. We run the distribution and bottling end of our business out of our home, so are seeking someone trustworthy, who is willing to work outside the traditional “office” and who can be flexible and adaptable. An array of additional tasks, such as making candy, sugar, granola, and glazed nuts, completing some carpentry work on our sugar camp, or providing childcare for our son, are a possibility for the right person. That said, an ideal candidate would have a background in food production or farming, and would be detail oriented and quick to learn our bottling systems and protocols. Must be able to lift 50 pounds or more frequently throughout the shift. We envision this being a minimum of two days a week with as many as 5 days a week available depending on the season and timing. If farmers’ markets are of interest, there is ample opportunity to add shifts/hours to your workweek. Paid training and free syrup. We can be flexible to your schedule. Best smelling job on earth. For a better sense of our farm, see our website:


What to Expect from Us

We are experienced sugarmakers (VJ has worked in the field for 20+ years, and we’ve owned the company for 14) who are happy to share our knowledge and passions. We try to be considerate, flexible, and open-minded, while at the same time expecting hard work and follow-through from our employees. We appreciate that our workspace is limited, so try to make things easy for the person who works with us as best as we can. We’re happy to try to problem-solve housing needs and the like from within our network on the midcoast.

Application Details and Deadline

Please send an email to [email protected] with a short letter describing relevant experience and a resume.

Frontier Maple Sugarworks

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