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Certified organic wild blueberry farm in rural coastal Maine. Owned and operated family farm since 1997. Primary markets are in-season fresh-pack berries for local customers, CSA, group orders, other farms, and frozen berries for year-round sales. We have a brand new processing facility that we are moving into this year that we are very excited about! It has a large open room for the winnowing and packing, a CoolBot walk-in and two big walk-in freezers, nice break room/kitchen, bathroom, office, and more….it’ll be so nice to work in!
We’ve been farming certified organic wild blueberries for 26 years now, currently managing about 50 acres and harvesting and processing 25,000 to 30,000 lbs.

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95 Dunbar Road, Penobscot, ME, 04476

Hours and Work Season

Hours are pretty regular, Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm, with additional Saturday hours, and Sundays off. Rainy weather often means folks usually clock 36-40 hours/week, but we do pay overtime if it goes over 40. Pay for the harvest crew is hourly –depending on experience/maturity, starting wages range from $15 to $18/hr –returning crew we pay $17-$20/hr. Pay for the walk-behind harvesters is weekly, starting at $800/wk.
Plus we give an end of season bonus to everyone who stays thru till the end.

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Job Description

The harvest season typically runs from the 3rd week in July through late August. We work alongside and train everyone —we usually have 6-8 folks on our crew. The harvest crew is trained to do all tasks, which include hand-raking (in the fields), and winnowing, packing, and clean-up (in our new facility), although we are moving towards having folks trained and working more focused positions, including having two people who just run the walk-behind harvesters (at a higher rate of pay). Typically, individuals on the harvest crew spend parts of each day in varying tasks, either raking in the morning and winnowing in the afternoon, or vice versa, which can vary based on preferences, skills, weather, market needs, etc. The walk-behind harvester operators work more independently, and are out in the fields each day.
Prior farm work a plus, but not necessary. Just need the will and desire to work on a family farm with a fun and active crew harvesting and winnowing our annual crop. It is detail-oriented, repetitive work. Learn farm skills and everything about Maine wild blueberries.


What to Expect from Us

We are: Nicolas Lindholm and Ruth Fiske, who have lived on our farm producing and marketing organic wild blueberries since the late ’90’s. For ourselves and the crew, we aim to balance the focused, intensive work of the harvest with rest, recovery and personal space. We need everyone to show up everyday with an understanding and appreciation for the work of the day, give us the attention that the repetitive, detail-oriented tasks require, and then find fun and healthy ways to complete the work followed up with stepping away and finding balance to come back refreshed the next day (with the vision that this intensity of the harvest is really only a small part of the whole cycle of producing Maine’s wild blueberries!).
We expect everyone on the crew to be respectful of all others, have good interpersonal and professional communication skills, and be able to learn, and when needed re-learn, skills necessary for the harvest work. In our new facility, we have specific cleaning, sanitizing and operating guidelines that must be followed (part of our farm’s food safety protocols), and out if the fields, we have established protocols and procedures for efficiency, health and cleanliness. In all aspects of the work, we look for everyone to balance efficiency and quality (ie, work quickly/efficiently without compromising the quality of the work or the fruit). But in concert with the do’s and don’ts, we encourage and try to create a social, engaged, fun and active atmosphere, are always open to suggestions, special concerns or needs, and work alongside the crew to be available for sharing with each other our own live’s experiences, interests and humor.

Application Details and Deadline

Please send a letter of introduction that includes your relevant work experience, education and interests (can include a resume), as well as two to three references we can contact who know you well. Apply before July 20.

Blue Hill Berry Co.

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