Featured seasonal recipes from the archives

Tasty Jellies

Lemon balm is just one of the garden volunteers that can be used to make jellies. English photo. by Roberta Bailey This was a summer for appreciating volunteers. I didn’t necessarily have a lot of people volunteering to help weed or mulch, and I wasn’t dedicating the summer to all the great efforts of MOFGA

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Natural Sweeteners

Federal Approval of GE Beets Challenged Prompted by Genetically Engineered Sugar By Roberta Bailey I feel like I have come full circle. When I started writing this column close to 25 years ago, I converted the sugar in recipes to honey or maple syrup, and I wrote about how to use other sweeteners in recipes.

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Harvest Time Recipes for Alliums

Onions at MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center, ready for harvest in September. English photo. by Roberta Bailey After living most of my adult life without running water, hoses are an absolute marvel of technology and a blessing to me. I never cease to find joy in the ease of running a hose to the garden

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Savory Pancakes

By Roberta Bailey Pancakes – they’re not just for breakfast any more. They haven’t been for centuries, but lately most of us seem to think of pancakes as synonymous with blueberries and maple syrup. Pancakes in one form or another are a part of every culture, including scallion pancakes or pa jun in Korea, German

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Side Dishes for Baked Beans

Common Ground’s Bean Hole Beans – Continuing a TraditionClick on the heading to read our story about cooking “Bean Hole Beans” at the Common Ground Country Fair by Roberta Bailey    When I first farmed in Maine, I would set up a little table in the garage by the road and sell produce.  Each week on

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