Standing Stones Farm

Our farm is a family farm where we have raised vegetables, fruit, chickens, turkeys and beef organically for 47 years.  It is in Pownal, just inland form Freeport and a half hour drive to Portland, Brunswick and Lewiston.

Standing Stone Farm

The ideal period would be May through September but I am very flexible on dates. No max or min. If the situation is right, there is an opportunity to have them stay on later in the fall or even through the winter.

The farm is on 40 acres of land and surrounded by 300 acres of privately owned forest and fields. About two acres are in vegetable gardens that have been worked organically for 47 years raising enough food to feed our family and local friends and family throughout the year. We raise chickens, turkeys and beef all organically and have a large flock of laying hens of many varieties. Again, these are all for our own community’s consumption. We have horses for riding and a pet goat. The trail from Bradbury Mountain to Pineland runs through a piece of our land. We are 15 minutes from Freeport and 20 from the ocean. There are three ponds on the property: one that we use for irrigating the vegetable gardens using a solar pump, and two that are for swimming in the summer and skating in the winter. There are many perennial gardens, decorative shrub hedges, and blue berry and raspberry bushes and apple, pear and peach trees. .

We have a large, passive solar house. There is a large barn to house the horses, goat and laying hens. There is a turkey barn and other out buildings to store the tractors and equipment.

The main operation of the farm is to raise food to sustain our small community. We do our own haying using a large tractor and equipment and have enough to sell most years. One of the members of our community is an arborist and he helps manage the trees and forest on the farm. There are miles of trails through the surrounding woods that we maintain for walking, riding and cross country skiing.

Since we do not sell our produce, we have never sought certification, but we have strictly adhered to all organic methods through out the 47 years.

I am eager to mentor people in the planting, cultivation, harvesting and processing a wide variety of vegetables. There is a great deal of landscaping to learn from. Care for the horses, goat and hens as well as the poultry and cattle raised for food will be taught. There is always minor carpentry needed for repairs and there are two excellent carpenters who work on the farm who are eager to share their knowledge. One has a well appointed workshop on the farm.

My only requirement would be a willingness to take part in our small community and pitch in where work needs doing. I would not ask my apprentice to do any task that I myself could not do. They must be completely dog friendly!! I may ask them to care for my two Golden/Irish Setters when I am away from the farm. Experience with horses is a plus but not necessary.

I am very flexible on this issue. I feel that 5 half days of work a week for two people would work for me. My 44 year old daughter who is disabled lives with a young family in a separate house on the farm (she is the main horse back rider of the group!) and there may be opportunities available to work with her.

I would work along side the apprentices until they and I feel confident in their abilities. I have many books available on organic gardening and would encourage any further research on line regarding gardening processes. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas. Two of my gardens have become “no till”, one is on it’s 4th year and one on it’s third. The other four I am still tilling. I would offer a plot for each apprentice to develop their own garden if they would like.

I consider myself to be a subsistence farmer. I was an Audiologist for 30 years with a private practice for 20 but am now retired so perhaps that makes me a full time farmer??!!.

Since farming and gardening changes day by day due to weather and season I would expect very flexible hours. There will be times when only a few hours of work will be necessary and maybe a few longer days.

I am prepared to provide full room and board to compensate for 5 half days (or 20 hours) a week. For any hours they work beyond this they can expect $20/hour.

Yes, on-farm.

My house is a large passive solar home that we built in 1980 and added to in 2000. For the apprentices, there are two large rooms on the third floor with a full bathroom on the floor below. This could be used as a bedroom for a couple and a living room type space or two separate bedrooms. I have a small private suite for myself and expect they would have access to the rest of the house. There is a large activity room with a television, a music room with a baby grand piano, wooden xylophone and other instruments (I am hoping to entice those who are interested in playing and sharing music), full kitchen, front deck, back porch, and a zendo for sitting meditation. There is a handicapped accessible guest room on the first floor which is used a lot but would be available for guests when it is free.
I would provide food for three meals a day but would not plan to prepare meals consistently. I would hope to share certain meals daily but encourage each of us to be independent as much as we like. Smoking is not allowed in the house or barns. Moderate use of alcohol and cannabis is fine.

I think it would be very beneficial for prospective apprentices to visit my farm. A trial period of two weeks would be a good idea.

I am prepared to do whatever evaluation process the apprentices may need to have for future positions but I do not have any employee manual or current evaluation processes at this time.

At 72 I find myself retired with a large beautiful house and a gorgeous farm that I share with my daughter and those who care for her. We have developed a wonderful supportive community. Last year an asylum seeker from Angola shared my home but has moved to Kentucky. I certainly can use help keeping up with the farm and have many years of experience that I am eager to share with those interested in cultivating the land.

I have no strong political views, am an Independent, and am grateful for and support strongly a democratic society. I practice sitting meditation casually and support diverse spiritual practices. I have ultimate respect for the earth and want to do what I can to encourage us all to live in harmony as best we can with the natural world.

Our farm has cultivated the land in as a sustainable and organic way possible for 47 years. We have welcomed people from all walks of life to share in the beauty and peace of this land and we have often benefitted from their help. We have hosted those in need of respite. We are enthusiastic supporters of what MOFGA provides and have benefitted from their programming and information.

Pam Starr | Friend/Neighbor

[email protected], 207-209-4877

Standing Stones Farm

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