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2017 Common Kitchen Donors

December 1, 2017 – It's said that an army travels on its stomach. That was never truer than for the Common Ground County Fair (CGCF). Morning, noon and night, the Common Kitchen is there to feed the hundreds of hungry, tired, dedicated volunteers, planning team and paid staff members who make CGCF happen. The kitchen accomplishes this with hard working, creative volunteer cooks and the generosity of a multiplicity of certified organic farmers, natural food stores, food vendors, businesses, individuals and international corporations. Here is the roster of food donors to the 2017 Common Kitchen.


2017 Message from the Fair Director

September 2017

Try something new. With over 775 educational talks, panels and demonstrations, the Common Ground Country Fair offers fairgoers tremendous diversity. Make a point of journeying to a part of the Fair where you’ve never been, sitting in on a talk that piques your interest, or trying a new dish from one of our 40 food vendors.


MOFGA Volunteer Josiah Orm Hansen

September 2017 – Folks of a certain age often say, "Oh, if only we had some young volunteers in this organization." MOFGA has always been lucky in that regard, and the organization is one of the main reasons the average age of farmers has fallen in Maine – the only state with that distinction. Josiah Orm Hansen is a great example of that youth involvement in MOFGA and in rural Maine communities.


Meet Eleanor Salazar – MOFGA Common Ground Country Fair Coordinator

September 1, 2017

Eleanor Salazar, our Common Ground Country Fair coordinator, grew up traveling between Washington, D.C., and her family's small cattle farm in West Virginia. She holds a bachelor's degree in anthropology from the University of Oregon. While pursuing her degree Salazar studied metalsmithing and, since 2004, has worked as a bench jeweler and jewelry designer.


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