Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

It is that time again and we have a new line up of Herb Tent speakers for you this year.

On Friday, we have Patricia Conant with Wellness Trifecta, Jon Carver on Medicinal Mushrooms, Deb Soule on Herbs for Anxiety, and Gretchen Heilman on Herbs for the Vaccine-free Child. Dr. Petley, N.D., will talk about Tinctures, Oils and Tea, and Steve Byers will talk about Herbalism in the 21st Century.

On Saturday,  hear Mischa Schuler on What Is in an Herbal First Aid Kit, Gail Edwards on Healing Hydrosols, Marcia Walden on Gut-friendly Edible Weeds, Deb Soule on Herbs for Supporting Memory, John Carver on Mushrooms, and Dr. Petley on Tinctures, Oils and Teas.

On Sunday, Hannah Peterson will speak about the History of Maine Herbology, Gail Edwards about Hydrosols, Steve Byers about the Language of Plants and Teas, Dr. Petley about Tinctures, Oils and Teas, Deb Soule about Herbs for Anxiety, Jillian Rose about Invasive Plants as Medicine, and Jon Carver will be back with a mushroom talk.

Be sure to check out our Medicinal Herb Garden across from the Herb Tent.

Hope to see you there.

Carol Gardener, Herb Tent Coordinator


Areas of the Common Ground Country Fair

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