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The Common Ground Country Fair helps shape the future in the Youth Enterprise Zone (YEZ) and the Youth Enterprise Transition Zone (YETZ) where young entrepreneurs combine their exuberant creativity with the bounty of nature, be it metal, fiber, wood, glass, plants or food.

Come see what the talented “earth magicians” of the next generation have their hands into this year—all things hand-made, from books to beeswax candles, clothing to cutting boards, flatbreads to firestarters, jewelry to juggling balls, gnomehomes to note cards, plants to pouches, sachets to sailboat models, and wishbone mice to walking sticks. The YEZ/YETZ tent, across from the Children’s Area, buzzes on Friday and Sunday with youthful spirit and creativity. Talented young entrepreneurs test their products and skills and provide a sneak preview of the next generation of Maine artists and craftspeople.

Vendor Information for the Youth Enterprise Zone & Youth Enterprise Transition Zone

Questions?  Read our YEZ/YETZ Application Navigation Helper – PDF

2019 CGCF Youth Enterprise Zone Application – online form to fill out

2019 YEZ/YETZ Guidelines Packet – PDF

The deadline for applications is Monday, March 18, 2019.

You may contact the Common Ground Country Fair Office at [email protected] or 207-568-4142.

Food: All food sold at the Common Ground Country Fair must meet the MOFGA Food Policy. Food vendors must have liability insurance as well. Group insurance is available for Common Ground food vendors. If you wish to sell food, please download the additional materials linked below for review and submission with your application.

Please Review:

The Basics of Selling Food in YEZ/YETZ
MOFGA Food Policy (PDF)
Sanitizing for Safe Food Production (html)
Sweetener Substitution Basics
Department of Agriculture Home Food Manufacturing Regulations

Please complete:

Food Ingredients Form (PDF) You'll need to download this fillable PDF and open it with Adobe.

Cotton: MOFGA strongly encourages the use of organic cotton in cotton products sold at the Fair, though this is not a requirement. In consideration of the many benefits of organic cotton and damage caused by conventional cotton production, MOFGA gives preference to applicants using organic materials.

Volunteer Coordinators

Jeff Cotton, [email protected], 207-350-1034 (text only please)

Sari Lindaur, 207-546-1314

Rose Whitehead, 207-322-3654