Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Areas of the Common Ground Country Fair

The Fair \ Areas

Agricultural Demonstrations (Ag Demos)

Information and educational resources, talks and demonstrations for farmers about food production, farmland preservation, farm management and training

Agricultural Products

Family farms selling agricultural products made on their farm, and suppliers of products for farms and gardens

Bike Valet and Bike Tent

Ride your bike to Common Ground, have the volunteer bike valet park it for you, and get $2 off admission to the Fair. This area is also a great place to learn about bike maintenance, Maine bike laws, and how to advocate for safe roads for cycling in your community.

Blacksmith Shop

“Strike while the iron is hot!” At the Blacksmith Shop, skilled smiths practice this old saying to shape hot steel into traditional and useful hardware or tools.

Children’s Area and Garden Parade

Come to the Children’s Area for fun and educational activities for all ages – Vegetable Garden Parade daily at 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. (meet 15 minutes early to dress), live entertainment on the Sunflower Stage every day, haystack jumping, mural painting, messy art, face painting, scarecrows and more!

Common Kitchen

It's said that an army travels on its stomach. That was never truer than for the Common Ground County Fair (CGCF). Morning, noon and night, the Common Kitchen is there to feed the hundreds of hungry, tired, dedicated volunteers, planning team and paid staff members who make CGCF happen.

Compost and Recycling

Curious about how volunteers help us recycle over 3,500 pounds of discarded items and compost over 100 yards of biological matter? Come see how this integral area supports over 60,000 fairgoers. Learn from educational talks and demonstrations on how to reduce your impact.

Country Kitchen Demonstrations

Creative experts in food harvesting, storing, preserving and cooking offer fairgoers classes and demonstrations in a mini-kitchen.

Crafts Area

Maine artisans, selected based on their skill, product quality, ingenuity, and use of Maine's natural resources, make up this premier craft show.

Energy and Shelter

Meet some of Maine’s leading practitioners and suppliers in the sustainable building and energy trades. See demonstrations and exhibits featuring old and new technologies used to heat, cool and light buildings; and presentations about developments in building science, sustainable design and construction, and energy efficiency.


The Common Ground Country Fair features a wide variety of live music and performance by artists with Maine roots.

Environmental Concerns

Maine-based organizations focus on environmental, wildlife and marine concerns.

Exhibition Hall

Maine farmers, gardeners and crafters display the fruits of their labor, from heirloom varieties and giant pumpkins to photos and fancy work.

Farm & Homestead

Vendors demonstrate technologies and techniques and sell goods and equipment appropriate to the home gardener and small-scale farmer.

Farmers’ Markets

Located at both main gates, Rose in the North and Pine in the South, Maine farmers sell fresh organic produce and products from their own farms.

Fiber Marketplace

Vendors who cater to small fiber producers and fiber users. This area also has the Sheep Dog Demos.

Fleece Tent

Fleeces of all varieties are for sale each day – plus resources on local fiber producers, scheduled demonstrations about selecting fleeces to suit specific needs, and a Fleece Show celebrating the best of the Fair.

Folk Arts

Artisans skilled in traditional folk arts, from the survival skills of Maine guides to artisans of country life, demonstrate and offer workshops on their skills and craft.


Enjoy delicious Maine-made organic meals, drinks and desserts – the most delicious and wholesome fair food anywhere!

Health & Healing

Organizations provide information, education, discussion and ongoing presentations on health issues, topics and insights for a healthy lifestyle.

Herb Tent

Experienced herbalists offer a variety of talks and demonstrations on growing, preparing, preserving and using herbs.


Speak with farm animal owners and watch draft power demonstrations and shows, including the Oxen Scooting Contest, in the Large Livestock Demo Area; and a Donkey and Mule Show (Saturday) and Draft Horse Show (Sunday) in the Show Ring. See a variety of domestic fowl in the Poultry Barn and a tremendous collection of rabbits in the Rabbit Barn. Sheep, goats and other farm critters are in residence too. Learn more about raising your own livestock at educational talks and demonstrations at the Round Pen and in the Livestock Speakers’ Tent.

Low Impact Forestry

Logging and forestry groups offer hands-on workshops and demonstrations in MOFGA’s woodlot and present a full schedule of talks in the Low-Impact Forestry Speakers’ Tent on sustainable forestry practices appropriate for Maine.

Maine Fiber Farms

Livestock owners demonstrate and sell useful and beautiful products of their animals. Animals displayed as part of educational exhibits include llamas, alpacas, sheep, goats and rabbits.

Maine Indian Basketmakers

Sales of handcrafted traditional Native American baskets and products by Maliseet, Micmac, Passamaquoddy and Penobscot artisans, plus demonstrations, presentations and music.

Maine Marketplace

A vibrant marketplace of small Maine enterprises and cottage industries working and creating locally.

Maine Media

Publishers, newspapers, broadcasters, writers, film makers and new media enterprises

Maine Stoneworkers' Guild

Members of the Maine Stoneworkers Guild demonstrate the art of stone cutting and carving.

Social and Political Action

Local organizations provide information on issues of sustainable communities, peace and justice, social equality, civil and human rights and environmental politics.


The Common Ground Country Fair hosts hundereds of talks and demonstrations every year. These presentations are central to the educational mission of the Fair.

Wednesday Spinners

With more than 700 years of cumulative experience, expert fiber spinners demonstrate traditional and modern spinning, dyeing and weaving techniques using a variety of fibers.

Whole Life Tent

Presentations and workshops on physical, mental and spiritual health.

Young Maine

An exciting resource for teachers, families and students to learn and share information and ideas about farm-to-school programs and school gardens, as well as Maine schools, camps and programs that promote healthy and active lifestyles. Learn about and network with individuals and organizations knowledgeable about experiential education and active healthy lifestyles for Maine's youth. Find out more information on all the programs your kids are talking about!

Youth Enterprise Zone

Entrepreneurial kids flex their business skills selling products and services that meet the guidelines of other areas. Friday and Sunday only! The Common Ground Country Fair helps shape the future in the Youth Enterprise Zone (YEZ) and the Youth Enterprise Transition Zone (YETZ), where young entrepreneurs combine their exuberant creativity with the bounty of nature, be it metal, fiber, wood, glass, plants or food. Come see what the talented “earth magicians” of the next generation have their hands into this year, from hand-made books to beeswax candles, clothing to cutting boards, flatbreads to firestarters, jewelry to juggling balls, and more.

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