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Join the Global Climate Strike at the Common Ground Country Fair

Friday, September 20, 2019

Over the course of four decades, more than 100,000 students, from kindergarten through college levels, have stepped out of their formal classrooms and attended MOFGA’s Common Ground Country Fair for free to learn about organic farming and gardening and living in harmony with our natural world. Our “Free Admission for Students on Friday” opportunity has particularly good timing this year as it coincides with the Global Climate Strike on September 20. Maine’s students – You are our future! We welcome you to raise your voices in support of life on earth! Please bring earth- and community-friendly signs and join one of three parades scheduled for Friday.

If you cannot attend the Fair but would like to know more about the Global Climate Strike, visit


Donkey and Mule Show

Saturday morning in the Show Ring. To really appreciate donkeys and mules, you must watch us (the donkeys and mules) working with our servants (they call themselves our owners). We are loving creatures who want to please and are willing to do the unusual biddings of these folks. Watch us jump, pull wagons and haul logs, carry our servants on our backs, follow them around obstacles and encourage them to play silly games.


Draft Horse Show

Sunday in the Show Ring, come and see the beauty, intelligence and versatility of draft horses. Watch as they compete in cart classes, obstacle courses and bareback riding.


Harry S. Truman Games

On Saturday and Sunday, enter the Harry S. Truman Manure Pitch contests, one for distance and the other for accuracy. Participation is limited, so sign up early on the day of the contest if you want to compete. Come by if you want to cheer.


Public Policy Teach-In

Every year at the Common Ground Country Fair, MOFGA holds a Public Policy Teach-In on Saturday in Spotlight Stage Tent. Topics have ranged from how to defend against the roll-back of environmental protection regulations, to supporting local control of pesticide use and more! This year's topic: Pesticides: In the News and All Around Us – Who decides which pesticides can be approved for use – are these “forever” decisions?

View the 2019 Public Policy Teach-in on You-Tube


Sheep Dog Demonstrations

More than a demonstration, Dave and Colin Kennard and John Simmons put their border collies to work and explain how important herding dogs are to livestock owners and what the dogs are thinking. Learn to appreciate the dogs’ uncanny ability to anticipate, and laugh at the antics of farm stock that want to go anywhere other than where the farmer points. Come watch the Sheep Dog Demos each day at 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m.


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