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Got Your Peas In?

Picking peas. Photo by Eric Sideman.

Picking peas. Photo by Eric Sideman.

April 23, 2015

MOFGA's late executive director, Russell Libby, used to advise gardeners to plant their peas on Patriots Day so that they'd be ready for harvest by the fourth of July. "Plant peas. It's patriotic," he said, as planting takes us a step toward food independence. You can read about Russell's pea planting technique here. Russell's daughter Anna got her peas in on time this year. Some of us are behind, given the weather – but it's not too late. Did you know that you can transplant peas? Even on a farm scale? New York State growers Paul and Sandy Arnold spoke at one of MOFGA's Farmer to Farmer Conferences about their problems with earthworms pulling pea seeds deep into the soil, explaining why the Arnolds always thought they had poor pea germination. They took to transplanting peas to soils with fewer worms in order to get a crop. Read more about the Arnolds' growing methods (including using organic mulch on a farm scale).

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