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Have you heard about our recent work in Washington D.C.?


June 6, 2019 – The quick update is that we're working hard to get funding for critical organic programs, including helping organic dairy farmers, but we need your support for this vital work.

By watchdogging our public policy, MOFGA protects the health and longevity of all farming and food production in Maine. We are incredibly proud of the more than 530 MOFGA certified organic producers, and work to encourage the growth of new farms, maintain the resilience of existing farms, and educate consumers about why it's so important to buy local organic products.

MOFGA’s staff and our partners are currently working with members of congress to advocate for:

  • Funding the National Organic Program at the full level designated in the Farm Bill so they can implement an organic integrity enforcement program.
  • Closing the "origin of livestock" loophole that is giving some mega organic dairies out west an unfair advantage.
  • Funding organic research, transition and training programs at the full levels set in the Farm Bill.
  • Including organic agriculture as a solution to climate change in any legislation that addresses climate issues, including the Green New Deal.

Please make a gift to support MOFGA's public policy work.