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MOFGA Joins Lawsuit to Sue USDA over Organic Soil-less Loophole

Organic Farming Requires Building Healthy Soils, Not Growing Food in Sterile “Hydroponic” Operations

March 4, 2020

This week we joined a coalition of groups and organic producers that have filed a lawsuit challenging the United States Department of Agriculture’s decision to allow hydroponic operations to be certified organic. We’ve been active for nearly 50 years in creating and implementing strong organic standards, which are based on building healthy soil.


Take Action on Origin of Livestock

October 30, 2019

MOFGA has positive news to report on our work to fight for organic integrity: The USDA is taking action to finalize the Dairy Origin of Livestock (OOL) rule. This rule is a critical step in ensuring that all organic dairy producers play by the same rules, and once the rule is implemented, it will ensure that conventional dairy herds can be transitioned to organic only one time, rather than the continuous transition that some certifiers currently allow.




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