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Code County Farm Type Marketing Stipend? Housing? # Positions Available Profile  
LIN-07 Lincoln Vegetables/Fruit|Other livestock Other direct-to-consumer (Farm Stand, Farmers' Market, Restaurant) Yes Separate 2-3 Tarbox Farm is located on the ocean at the end of an island. We cultivate 9 acres and have been growing for 14 years. We grow and market year round. We attend 2 busy farmers markets in the summer and 1 market in the winter, have a thriving CSA and sell to restaurants, natural food stores and specialty food shops. We grow a diverse variety of vegetables, cut flowers and herbs in a way that is efficient, sustainable and fun. We love what we do and are looking for people who are positive, enthusiastic, self-driven and hardworking. You will work side by side with us and we encourage all questions. You will learn all aspects of farming from seeding, transplanting, weeding, pest management, harvest and post-harvest packaging to soil fertility, cover crop management, marketing, greenhouse management and so much more. If you love swimming, hiking, canoeing, working hard, laughing hard, music, yoga and being surrounded by positive people and kids then you will be a great fit at Tarbox Farm. More...
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