Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

How to create a short video for use on social media

With today's accessible smart phone technology, it is easy and inexpensive to create video content for use on social media like facebook and Instagram. You can easily shoot a video and upload it directly to a social media site, no editing needed. However, there are also many cheap or free video editing apps available that can help your videos be a little more professional and expressive. Making videos that your customers and/or community members (like MOFGA!) can/will share can be a crucial means to generating new customers and interaction with your business.

Check out this article to learn about six easy and inexpensive video editing tools that exist. There are many more available as well!

Video content that is directly uploaded to facebook is "prioritized" by the social media site's algorithm: it is featured more prominently on your fans' news feeds and will often generate many more likes and interactions with your business page than photo or text content alone. But what should your videos be about?

Here are six ideas:

  • Show your customer how to do something; ideally, how to use your product! Feature simple recipe ideas, storage tips, how to select a ripe watermelon, how to make a simple but beautiful bouquet… any kind of "how to" you can think of that involves your product! Making a cooking video may not be feasible, but you could potentially use a timelapse function or just demonstrate your favorite way to spice up a salad, or sandwich, or finger food!
  • Highlight your production practices. Use videos to explain what certified organic means and looks like on your farm or explain why you choose to certify. Are you doing something creative and innovative on your farm? Make a video that spotlights that practice and brings it to life for your customer.
  • Go behind the scenes. Similar to number two, but more specifically; show your customer the day-to-day of what happens on a farm. Feature your employees picking the products you will be sending to the farmers' market, including in the CSA share, or that your wholesale market will be receiving later that day… they will probably want to share your video with their customers too! People want to see what it takes to produce their food and showing them can have many beneficial impacts on their understanding of why good food costs more. This could also feature the farm family spending some free time around the farm or tell a story about an employee, to help your customers connect to your business on a more personal level.
  • Showcase an event. This could be an event specific to your farm, like a dinner for CSA shareholders or an agritourism event, but it could also be celebrations on your farm for any holiday (a funny Halloween video, fireworks on the farm for 4th of July – if you don't have animals of course, etc.) or something from Farmers' Market Week or Open Farm Day.
  • Reveal a new product. Is something new coming into season? Is your u-pick just about to open? Maybe you have a new delicious and exciting variety to feature. Tell your customer why you are excited about the new product, what its' unique qualities are, why its season is just beginning, and your favorite way to use that product.
  • Be creative! There is also opportunity to just be silly and creative with what you have around the farm. Maybe you can pitch two talking vegetables against each other to argue which variety is "better" (yellow vs. red watermelon, purple vs. orange carrot, etc.), or show farm life from the view of a piece of machinery, or speak for one of the farm animals. There are many silly and fun moments on the farm… some may not be appropriate to share with your audience, but others might make great potential for video content! Time-lapse videos can also produce fun and beautiful content (plants growing, baby animals playing, sunrise/sunset, etc.).

For more ideas and examples, check out this article.

Whenever you can, feature/talk about the fact that you are a certified organic farm! This is important for increasing recognition and demand in the market place and benefits the entire Maine organic community.

Have you created an educational and appropriate video that you think MOFGA should share? Send links to Heather Omand at to review. MOFGA has to be careful about videos that we share on social media, but if your video is clearly educational (why I certify, here is how to use a specific product, this is what planting looks like on a farm, etc.) and not explicitly business promotion we would be happy to share it for you! We are somewhat limited by staff capacity (our social media management is shared across multiple staff members), so it is possible not all requests will be fulfilled.

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