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MOFGA collaborated with the folks at:

Make/Grow Local
Localvore, and

to compile a resource about these different technological services that address:

  • benefits/services to farmers and overall intent of the platform
  • who pays and how much
  • relevant market types and
  • what kind of assistance is available to farmers looking to utilize the service

Check out the PDF here

Ideally, producers should walk away from reading the information with a full understanding of whether or not a specific service is relevant to them, why they would want to use it, what the goal of the service is, and how it is unique. Each of the different organizations mentioned above seeks to address a leverage point in the food system; connecting farmers with buyers/customers, in a different way or using a different model that addresses a specific set of challenges.

MOFGA does not endorse these programs and hopes to provide information to producers that will assist in making their own decisions about them. Each of these services needs farmer/producer adoption to work well and most will provide substantial assistance in getting your "presence" on their platform established. If it comes at little-to-no-cost to the farmer/producer, it could be beneficial to have a presence on all of them and see which services the marketplace selects for.

​The information was compiled and edited by Heather Omand. Layout and design by Paul Gurney of Make/Grow Local.

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