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Meet Jean English

Editor of The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener, 1989-2020

September 2020

This is the last issue of The MOF&G that Jean will edit, after 32 years on the job. Tim Nason, who has been working for MOFGA even longer than that (see Jane Lamb’s feature about him in the January-February 1994 issue of The MOF&G), conducted the interview.


Meet Torie DeLisle – MOFGA's Membership and Development Director

June 2020

Torie DeLisle, MOFGA’s membership and development director, came to our organization from Skidompha Public Library in Damariscotta, where she was director of development. She and her husband, August (a MOFGA journeyperson and a 2018 recipient of a Russell Libby agricultural scholarship), own their 5-acre WoodHaus Farm on Duck Puddle Road in Waldoboro. Their diversified farm is dedicated to homesteading and heritage breeds, including Americana chickens, Navajo Churro sheep and Mangalitsa/Large Black pigs.


Meet Ryan Dennett – MOFGA's Farmer Programs Director

March 2020

Ryan Fahey Dennett grew up in North Berwick, Maine, and earned a bachelor’s degree in sustainable agriculture and a master’s in plant and soil nutrition from the University of Maine. She was a MOFGA journeyperson, and she and her husband operate Crescent Run Farm in Gardiner, where they raise hogs, sheep, broilers and beef on MOFGA-certified organic pasture and grow MOFGA-certified organic hay. Their farm is located on Oaklands Farm, where the Dennetts also work in partnership to raise Oaklands' beef and hay. In February 2016 MOFGA welcomed Dennett as its New Farmer programs coordinator. She came to MOFGA from the Maine School Garden Network, where she coordinated programming, partnerships and fundraising. In early 2019 Dennett became MOFGA’s Educational Programs director, and now she directs our new Farmer Programs department, which combines our agricultural services and our farmer educational programs.


Meet Anna Libby – MOFGA's Educational Programs Specialist

December 2019

In 2013 Anna Libby became MOFGA’s volunteer coordinator, organizing annually about 2,000 people who volunteer at the Common Ground Country Fair as well as organizing numerous year-round MOFGA volunteers. In 2018 she became MOFGA’s educational programs specialist, helping provide programming for gardeners and homesteaders and those who love to enjoy the food our farmers produce.