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Farmer Programs Newsletter for June 26, 2020

Hi folks, this is the MOFGA Farmer Programs newsletter for June 26, 2020. We are now issuing our newsletter every two weeks. If you happened to miss a past issue this spring or want to look up an item, the back issues are archived on the MOFGA website HERE. Please send inquiries, suggestions, corrections or advice regarding this newsletter to [email protected].

USDA Misses Origin of Livestock Deadline

June 25, 2020

In the fiscal year 2020 appropriations bill, the USDA was given 180 days to implement the Origin of Livestock Rule. This deadline passed without the National Organic Program finalizing this important rule, which will help to level the playing field for organic dairy producers. MOFGA has advocated for this change and along with several coalition partners signed on to a letter urging action now. We'll continue to monitor this situation closely and to work to ensure this rule is fully implemented.



Farmer Programs Newsletter for June 12, 2020

Here is our newsletter for June 12, 2020. We are now issuing our Farmer Programs newsletter every two weeks, into the future. If you missed one or want to look up an item, the back issues are archived on this page. Please send inquiries, suggestions, corrections or advice regarding this newsletter to [email protected].


In Solidarity

June 4, 2020

MOFGA condemns race-based violence and stands in solidarity with black lives.

Systemic discrimination exists throughout the food system today. The agricultural system in our country is predicated on stolen land and labor. We must learn from and continue to work to address these injustices.

As a white-led organization with a primarily white membership base, MOFGA is at the beginning stages of understanding past harms and systems of racial oppression and we are committing to our own internal work of centering social justice. We hope to use the MOFGA platform to encourage others to engage in the work of racial justice.

At this time we would like to share our social media platforms with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) farmers, farm workers and food workers. If you would like to be highlighted on our feed, please contact us with a picture, link and details by emailing Lucy Cayard ([email protected]).

We encourage learning, listening, support, and advocacy from our community at this time.

Learn about racism in the food system:
Racial Inequity in the Food System from the National Young Farmers Coalition
Food-Systems-Racism: From Mistreatment to Transformation from Food First

Listen to Black, Indigenous and People of Color voices

Consider supporting these organizations (this is not an exhaustive list):
Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust
National Black Farmers Association
Soul Fire Farm
Maine Wabanaki REACH
This Civil Eats article offers additional organizations to consider.

Consider supporting these Maine farms and businesses (this is not an exhaustive list):


Farmer Programs Newsletter for June 1, 2020

Welcome to the Farmer Programs Newsletter for the week of June 1. The summer season is upon us! I hope all is well on your farms and that you can continue to look through our weekly Farmer Programs Newsletter. If you missed one or want to look up an item, the back issues of this newsletter are archived on the MOFGA website here. Please send inquiries, suggestions, corrections or advice regarding this newsletter to [email protected].


News from the Sagadahoc MOFGA Chapter

June 1, 2020

The Sagadahoc MOFGA chapter supports community projects through sales of baked beans, cider and switchel at the Common Ground Country Fair. In 2020 it granted a request for $500 from Merrymeeting Gleaners to commission a painting for their van that delivers produce from area farms to many locations. Artist Michael Brinka previously did an interesting painting in the Brunswick Hannaford’s eating area. This gleaners’ trailer includes a CoolBot refrigeration unit and is used to store food donated by  local farms. "The festively painted trailer will also advertise the work of the gleaners and share the message of sharing with our neighbors," says Sue Sergeant, co-chair of the Sagadahoc chapter.

Meet Torie DeLisle – MOFGA's Membership and Development Director

June 2020

Torie DeLisle, MOFGA’s membership and development director, came to our organization from Skidompha Public Library in Damariscotta, where she was director of development. She and her husband, August (a MOFGA journeyperson and a 2018 recipient of a Russell Libby agricultural scholarship), own their 5-acre WoodHaus Farm on Duck Puddle Road in Waldoboro. Their diversified farm is dedicated to homesteading and heritage breeds, including Americana chickens, Navajo Churro sheep and Mangalitsa/Large Black pigs.


Meet MOFGA Volunteer Rose Whitehead

June 2020

If ever there was a shining example of living gently on the earth, Rose Whitehead is it. From her recumbent tricycle to her off-grid house, she definitely is walking the talk in this community of both die-hard, back-to-the-land, aging hippies and younger folks who embrace the organic farming and homesteading lifestyle. Whitehead sees MOFGA as the “yes” in a world with too many “no to this, no to that” attitudes. She says, “We should say ‘yes’ to the future because that feeds our energy rather than drains it as we do this work.”