Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Impact Plan 2020-2030

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Together We Grow: The Vision for MOFGA’s Future

In the next 10 years, we can transform our food system by focusing on:



Building Common Ground

Change the environment in which people make their food decisions so that local organic is an accessible primary choice for all.

Get 10% of Maine's population (130,000) to commit to buying local organic Maine products regularly.

Local organic agricultural products are fairly priced in the marketplace for farmers and eaters.


Supporting Organic Gardeners, Homesteaders and Eaters

Engage 1% of Maine’s population (13,000) in our educational programming, leading to more people in Maine growing and eating local Maine organic food.

Provide resources so that gardeners, homesteaders and eaters have the support and education they need to utilize organic growing and sustainable living practices.

More Mainers are able to feed themselves and their neighbors with organic practices and live in healthy communities as a result.


Promoting the Environmental and Health Benefits of Organic and Sustainable Practices

Promote legislation that is critical to organic farmers and gardeners, addresses climate change, and promotes a healthy environment, a strong rural economy, and a socially just, healthy society.

Educate and engage our members, our partners and the general public in the legislative process, promoting the health and environmental benefits of organic farming and sustainable land management, and advocating for safer alternatives to synthetic pesticides.

A population that has greater access to healthy, locally produced food, and an overall reduction of toxic chemicals in our food, air and water.


Growing and Supporting Organic Farming and Production

Support the increase of MOFGA certified organic producers by 50% to 750 operations and have 10% of the state’s agricultural lands managed organically by 2030.

Ensure existing and new farmers and producers have the support, training and resources to sustain and grow the number of commercially viable organic agricultural operations in Maine.

Farmers are able to increase land in organic production, and provide healthy food for Maine's population, while strengthening the rural economies of Maine.

We welcome feedback and strategy ideas toward these goals from the MOFGA community. Contact staff with your ideas.


Donate to MOFGA to help us meet our goals.


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