'Kids for Greener Camden' campaign for toxin-free lawns
'Kids for Greener Camden' campaign for toxin-free lawns
Village Soup - February 18, 2011

Camden — A trio of environmentally-conscious sixth graders is making Camden safer for kids and pets, street by street. Liv Berez, Jade Hazzard and Molly Mann have formed “Kids for a Greener Camden” to join the effort of keeping dangerous chemicals off town lawns.

The Camden property map in the town office window shows green where a homeowner has pledged to use only safe lawn products, according to a news release. Molly, Liv and Jade have set a goal of greening the entire town map by Earth Day, April 22. That would mean a map that is only green and blue and a town that, in the words of the trio, “is truly the jewel of Maine.”

Liv, Jade and Molly, with the support of Camden-Rockport Middle School Principal Maria Libby and Citizens for a Green Camden, are recruiting a brigade of middle school students to help with the campaign. Armed with their own brochures, buttons and website, students will each adopt a local street and try to get every homeowner on that street to agree to use only safe products on their lawn. That means no weed and feed products, no Round-Up, and no toxic chemicals applied by either the homeowner or the homeowner’s lawn care company.

When everyone on that street agrees, the street will be painted green on the property map.

On Earth Day 2009, the Camden Selectboard unanimously agreed that no lawn chemicals for cosmetic use would be applied to town-owned property. Six out of six local pediatricians supported this effort by Citizens for a Green Camden, declaring that lawn chemicals used for cosmetic purposes (i.e. to get rid of dandelions or other “weeds”) are particularly dangerous to children because of children’s developing bodies and smaller size.

Studies show that dogs can get seriously sick by playing or walking on grass that has been sprayed with toxic chemicals, and that their paws also track the chemicals into their owners’ homes, according to Citizens for a Green Camden.

For more information, visit citizensforagreencamden.org. To sign up a lawn, or adopt a street, e-mail Molly, Jade and Liv at kidsforagreenercamden@gmail.com.

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