Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association


Lewiston’s New Roots Farming Co-Op Is Blossoming

May 27, 2018 – By Caitlin Troutman – On a farm in Lewiston, fresh garlic is growing plentifully, and beet greens and spinach are popping out of the ground across three acres of farmland. Not long ago, though, there wasn’t anything growing here.

Kelsey Kobik has a special eye for photographing farm workers

May 27, 2018 – By Mary Pols, Portland Press Herald – Kelsey Kobik takes beautiful photographs of agricultural life for groups like the Maine Federation of Farmers Markets and Maine Farmland Trust. We wanted to know how a native of Cape May, New Jersey, who studied history and South Asian languages at Syracuse University, ended up getting the insider’s view of places like Goranson Farm in Dresden, so we called her up to ask. It turns out she weeded, picked and sowed her way into this world as a seasonal farm worker.

OTA launches pilot to deter organic fraud

May 25, 2018 – By Ashley Nickle, The Packer – Eleven Organic Trade Association members – including one fresh produce company – are participating in a pilot program to deter organic fraud.

The Secret Turnip

May 24, 2018 – By Ari Levaux, Shepherd Express – The words "salad" and "turnip" rarely appear in the same sentence, much less the same room at the same time. That dense, pungent root, which must be cooked to be rendered edible, is a winter storage crop, the one you eat when all the potatoes and carrots are gone from the root cellar. A salad of mild leafy greens is the antithesis, in terms of flavor, season and plant parts, from the spicy white roots known as turnips. But a "salad turnip" does exist, and it is so sweet, tender and crispy that it contradicts the notion that a salad turnip is a contradiction.

How More Carbon Dioxide Can Make Food Less Nutritious

May 23, 2018 – By Brad Plumer, The New York Times – Carbon dioxide helps plants grow. But a new study shows that rice grown in higher levels of carbon dioxide has lower amounts of several important nutrients.

Landmark lawsuit claims Monsanto hid cancer danger of weedkiller for decades

May 22, 2018 – By Carey Gillam, The Guardian – At the age of 46, DeWayne Johnson is not ready to die. But with cancer spread through most of his body, doctors say he probably has just months to live. Now Johnson, a husband and father of three in California, hopes to survive long enough to make Monsanto take the blame for his fate.