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Thanks To the Fair Planning Team and All Fair Volunteers
Another Great Year in the Common Kitchen!
2004 Fair Winners
Common Ground 5K Footrace – September 26, 2004


Thanks To the Fair Planning Team and All Fair Volunteers

Weather for the Common Ground Country Fair was gorgeous and helped draw roughly 50,000 people who enjoyed the Fair this year. If the number of congratulatory notes, e-mails and letters saying 2004 was the “best Fair ever” is any indication of the future, 2005 should be another banner year. The 2005 Fair dates are September 23, 24 & 25, so mark your calendars! I look forward to working with all of you to plan next year’s Fair.

The incredible display of fall colors as I drove to work one October morning provided a fitting backdrop as I contemplated how to say thank you for the work done by the numerous volunteers and ALL the MOFGA staff. The view (short-lived like the Fair) reminded me that many people worked extremely hard to make their part of the Fair work, yet each part combines with the many others, and the next thing you know – if you step back – you see the varied and colorful view of the Fair. I hold onto this view, and I know how much I owe all of you for your part, your help, your support; you make the Fair happen! Thank you all very much! Once again I am struck by the knowledge that the Fair just would not get off the ground with each one of YOU!

Barbara Luce, Fair Director


Another Great Year in the Common Kitchen!

By Bill Whitman

It was another fantastic year in the kitchen. Records were broken, new systems tried and gems discovered. On Saturday night, we served 531 meals to 531 tired volunteers who had been making the Fair great for 20,000-plus fairgoers.

This year, we tried a new solicitation system. The more meals we serve, the more food we need, and I no longer have time to call enough donors to supply the kitchen. So each coordinator did a piece of the list. When we get the coordination down, I think it’ll work well.

Also this year, our crew took over the pre-fair setup meals and post-fair breakdown meals. Pre-fair meals were handled in an exceptional manner by Patty Hamilton, her family and friends (of which I’m proud to be one). Patty served gourmet meals to the staff and setup crew, and everyone raved about the food. If you were there, you know what I mean. If you weren’t – there’s next year. I served the post-fair meals. Patty also does breakfast during the fair, and lunch and dinner are served by Kim Bolshaw on Friday, Barbara McLennan on Saturday, and Madeline Cantwell on Sunday. It’s the best food on the fairgrounds. Between setup and breakdown, we served almost 4000 meals.

A word about our capabilities: We serve meat-based, vegetarian and vegan selections at every meal. However, if you have special dietary needs, please come to the Fair prepared, as the kitchen generally cannot stop to make a meal for one person. The kitchen is stretched to capacity now, and next year we will be making changes so that we can be more flexible about when we can serve meals. We’ve heard your suggestions and will respond.

If you have other suggestions or would like to donate food or cash to the kitchen, email me at packrats@megalink.net For those in far-flung places such as tickets and parking, let your coordinators know what you want to eat. We can provide a better variety of food (dessert, for example), but you have to let your coordinator know.

We had a record number of donations this year, and again, thanks to Patty’s creative mind, expanded our solicitation to include such groups as Organic Valley, Associated Buyers and Horizon. Next year – Newman’s Own! If you have suggestions about places we can ask or want to work with us, email me at the above address.


Thanks to Common Kitchen Donors, 2004:

Al’s Concessions
Steve Aucoin
Aunt Betty’s Garden
Associated Buyers
Avena Botanicals
Avant Gardens
Barnes Farm
Belfast Co-op
Beech Hill Farm
Better Living Center
Big Sky Bakery
Bird Haven Farm
Black Bear Food Guild
Blessed Maine Herb Farm
Blue Hill Co-op
Blueberry Ledge Farm
The Boardworks
Kim Bolshaw
Borealis Breads
Broken Acres Farm
Buckwheat Blossom Farm
Caldwell Farm
Madeline Cantwell
Carding Brook Farm
Montana Channing
Chase Farm
Checkerberry Farm
Sally Christi
Thomas Colpitt Farm
Curra Farm
Dandelion Spring Farm
Darthia Farm
Day’s Meadow Farm
Dilly Dally Organic Farm
F & A Farm
Fiddler’s Green Farm
Fireflower Farm
Flatbreads Restaurant
Flying Pond Farm
Four Seasons Farm
4M Productions
Goldfish Bowl Farm
The Good Food Store
Good Tern Co-op
Goranson Farm
Grandy Oats Granola
Rosie Guest
Patty Hamilton
Hamilton Farm
Hampden Natural Foods
Happy Town Farm
Harvestime Natural Foods
Hidden Valley Farm
Highland Blueberry Farm
David Hilton
Hoof n’ Paw Farm
Horsepower Farm
Horizon Dairy
Indian Point Gardens
Jack Kertesz
King Hill Farm
Donya Klie
Lazy C Farm
Little Falls Farm
Little Garlic Girl Farm
Little River Flower Farm
Lupine Farm
Barbara McLellan
Maine Coast Sea Vegetables
Maine Maple Products
Luce’s Maple Syrup
Meadowsweet Farm
Meadowwood Farm
Mooar Hill Farm
Moon Hill Farm
Morgans Mills
Morning Dew Natural Foods
The Morris Farm
Mother’s Mountain Mustard
Mysty Mountain Farm
Nature’s Choice
Neighborly Farms
Neverdone Farm
New Leaf Farm
The New School
Nezinscot Farm
Wini Noyes
Oakland Farm
O’Donnell’s Farm
O’Naturals Restaurant
Organic Valley
Oyster Creek Mushrooms
The Painted Pepper Farm
Pat n’ Mike’s Garden
Peacemeal Farm
Phoenix Farm
Pineland Farms
Poverty Hill Rabbits
Diana Prizio
Red Hill Natural Foods
Ricker Apple Farm
Ridgeside Farm
Rising Tide Co-op
Riverside Farm
Round Rock Farm
Sand Hill Farm
Sue Sargent
Sea Smoke Farm
Sewall’s Orchard
Shalom Orchard
Shoreroad Farm
Tin Smith
Sparrow Farm
Springer Farm
Spruce Bush Farm
Standard Baking Co.
Staples Blueberry Farm
Steeplebush Farm
Stone Ridge Gardens
The Store/Ampersand
Peggy Strong
Swan’s Honey
Sue Szwed
Tide Mill Farm
Two Loons Farm
Uncas Farm
Under the Sun Farm
Unity Buying Club
Webb Farm
Whitehill Farm
White’s Orchard
Whole Grocer
Willow Pond Farm
Wind and Sun Farm
Wintergreen Herbs
Woodcock Farm



Yogi’s Cafe Takes the Cake in Food Judging: Can’t Beat that Crab Meat

Who sells the best food at the Fair? With all of the food being organic, and at least 50% of the ingredients, by weight, coming from Maine, it’s all great! But MOFGA volunteer Schlomit Auciello pulled together a team of tasters, young and less young, as they entered the Fairgrounds on Friday, gave them a brief training about how to judge food at the various vendors’ booths, and sent them on their way to sample it all. Here are the results:

Best Beverage, hot or cold – Steve’s Fruit Smoothies (especially strawberry and banana)

Some Different (i.e., judges never tasted anything like it before) – Shiitake Farm

100% Maine – Yogi’s Cafe (crab roll)

Tradition – Maine’s Finest Seafood

Best Bite for the Buck – Yogi’s Cafe (crabmeat sandwich)

First Impressions (vendors who are new to the Fair) — Yogi’s Cafe

Taste not Trash (food in an edible container) – Shivanarth Farm (falafel and gyros)

Where’s the Beef? (best vegetarian) – Peace Action Maine (pea soup)

Where’s the Cheese? (best vegan) – Sagadahoc Chapter of MOFGA (beans)

That’s Entertainment (most fun to watch) – Peace Action Maine

Dessert – Steve Aucoin’s fried dough

Best in Show – Yogi’s Cafe

Thanks to the food judges: William, Patrick and Mike Connely, Esther and Daniel Maynard, C.H. and Chris Breedlove, Peg Rush, Frank and Mimi Barnes.


Harry S. Truman Manure Pitch-Off 2004

12 & under:
1st— Ashley Vido, Perth Andover, New Brunswick, Canada— 23 ft., 1 in.
2nd — Finn Bondeson, Woodland, ME- 22 ft., 2 in.
3rd — Shea-leigh McArthur, Augusta, ME -– 16 ft., 1 in.

13-17 years:
1st —Pat Bowling, Byfield, MA— 50 ft.
2nd — Dan Terhune, Hardwick, VT— 48 ft.
3rd— Wade Davis, Hallowell, ME- 17ft. 3in.

18 & over:
1st— Steve Barr, N. Yarmouth, ME- 76 ft. 1 in.
2nd— Bob Salesi, Penobscot, ME— 73 ft. 7 in.
3rd— Nate Whalen, W. Gardiner, ME— 59 ft.

10 lb. Basket
12 & under:
1st— Ripley Schafer, York, ME— 5 1/4 lbs.
2nd—Kate Furbush, Holderness, NH— 4 lbs.
3rd— Christa Weaver, Epping, NH— 3 3/4 lbs.

13 - 17 years:
1st— Pat Bowling, Byfield, MA— 12 7/8 lbs.
2nd— Dan Terhune, Hardwick, VT— 12 5/8 lbs.
3rd— Tom Bowling, Byfield, MA— 4 7/8 lbs.

18 & over:
1st — Bob Salesi, Penobscot, ME— 18 1/8 lbs.
2nd — Steve Barr, N. Yarmouth, ME— 17 7/8 lbs.
3rd — Carl Bondeson, Woodland, ME—15 5/8 lbs.

Horseshoe Pitch-Off
1st— Bob McElwain, Eddington, ME
2nd— Joe Pagan, Bar Harbor, ME
3rd— Barry Pounder, Reading, PA

Exhibition Hall
Judges Awards
Hooked/Braided Rugs — “Tree of Life,” Hooked Rug, Glen Bridges, Freedom, ME
Crochet — “Oval Table Cloth,” Silvia Hackey, Dixmont, ME
Quilts — “Hand Done White with Calico Stars,” Lynn Plumb, Nobleboro, ME
Photos — “2 Canoes,” Tom Boothby, Montville, ME
Painting — “My Orchard,” Michael Dulin, Bridgewater, ME
Dried Herbs — Anise Hyssop, Elizabeth Smedberg, Dylan LaBelle & Sol LaBelle
Tomatoes — ‘Black Prince,’ Amy LeBlanc, East Wilton, ME
Flowers — “Fresh Bouquet,” Susan Richardson, Washington, ME
Leeks — ‘Laura’ Leek, Marcia Ferry, Dixmont, ME
Garlic — ‘Persian Star,’ Martha Gottlieb, Whitefield, ME
Fresh Herbs — “Herbal Bouquet,” Susan Richardson, Washington, ME
Peppers — ‘Red Knight,’ Irene Snow White, Atkinson, ME
Cucumbers — ‘Mexican Sour Gherkins,’ Tom Vigue, Sidney, ME
Largest Squash — ‘Atlantic Dill,’ Troy Howard Middle School, Belfast, ME — 120 lbs.
Special from the Compost — “? Is it squash/gourd,” Stephan T. Barr, N. Yarmouth, ME
Hall Exhibit
‘Moon & Stars’ Watermelons — 6 distinct types grown on Fairgrounds
Largest Items
Pumpkin — ‘Howden,’ 47 lbs., Wini Noyes, Thorndike, ME
Zucchini — 11 lbs., Amy LeBlanc, E. Wilton, ME
Carrot — ‘Sugar Snax 54,’ Jeremy Colson, Durham, ME
Cucumber — ‘Marketmore,’ Brightberry Farm, Dixmont, ME
Tomato — ‘?’ Fred Jack, Lincolnville, ME
Radish — ‘?’ Jason Kafka, Parkman, ME
Beet — ‘Early Wonder,’ 5 lbs., Tory, Washington, ME
Educational Theme Veggie
‘Northern Pickler- Super Hero,’ Kipp Jacques, Palermo, ME
Most Educational
Anne Williams, Stonington, ME
Waldo Organic Growers, Montville, ME

Oxen Scooting & Twitching
Points Time
Small Class
1st – Tanya Chadwick – Chip & Dale 2 3:54
2nd- Tammy Chase – Tiger & Lion 17 2:48
3rd – Rodney Jennings – Peanut & Pete 30 2:32
Medium Class
1st – Dwaine Chase – Amos & Andy 6 4:32
2nd – Waldo Joslyn – Tom & Jerry 8 2:48
3rd – Pat Shea – Pete & Sam 18 3:21
4th- Pat Chadwick- Tom & Jack 19 2:31
Large Class
1st – Gregg Baker – Bud & Charlie 1 2:00
2nd – Wes Daniel – Sparky & Jerry 2 2:42
3rd – Jon Daniel – Thunder & Lightning 6 2:25
4th – Chuddy Joslyn – Star & Bright 12 1:57

Points Time
Small Class
1st – Tanya Chadwick – Chip & Dale 3 3:03
2nd – Tammy Chase – Tiger & Lion 10 2:42
3rd – Rodney Jennings – Peanut & Pete 23 2:17

Medium Class
1st – Dwaine Chase – Amos & Andy 2 2:58
2nd – Waldo Joslyn – Tom & Jerry 19 2:04
3rd – Pat Shea – Pete & Sam 28 3:43
4th – Pat Chadwick – Tom & Jack 43 3:06

Large Class
1st – Jon Daniel – Thunder & Lightning 3 3:33
2nd – Walter Shea – Star & Bright 10 3:37
3rd – Gregg Baker – Bud & Charlie 12 2:51
4th – Wes Daniel – Sparky & Jerry 12 3:46

Points Time
Small Class
1st – Rodney Jennings – Peanut & Pete 5 2:40
2nd – Tanya Chadwick- Chip & Dale 5 3:06
3rd – Tammy Chase – Tiger & Lion 21 2:57

Medium Class
1st – Dwaine Chase – Amos & Andy 1 4:13
2nd – Pat Chadwick – Tom & Jack 11 3:42
3rd – Waldo Joslyn – Tom & Jerry 15 2:44
4th – Pat Shea – Pete & Sam 33 3:18

Large Class
1st – Chuddy Joslyn – Star & Bright 1 3:20
2nd – Greg Baker – Bud & Charlie 2 3:15
3rd – Wes Daniel – Sparky & Jerry 8 3:38
4th – Jon Daniel – Lightning & Thunder 10 3:08

Outstanding Ox Teamster Award: Tammy Chase, Wilton, ME

Mule & Donkey Show
Judge: Lynn Miller of The Small Farmer’s Journal in Sisters, OR

Class 1 – Jennie Donkeys
1st – Brandy, A “Mammoth Jack + Jenny Stock,” owned by Jan Rowe of Honk and Donk Farm in Etna
2nd – Jill, a Standard, owned by Claire Wallace of Haffas Farm in Ellsworth
3rd – Woody, a Standard, owned by Jan Rowe of Honk and Donk Farm in Etna

Class 2 – Gelding Donkeys
1st – Tigga, a Standard, Bureau of Land Management Adoptee, owned by Claire Wallace of Haffas Farm in Ellsworth
2nd – Andy, a miniature donkey owned by Ramona Stinson of Small’s Dairy Farm in Bowdoin

Class 3 – Open Mules 48” & under
1st – Brown Sugar, owned by Claire Wallace of Haffas Farm in Ellsworth

Class 4 – Mules over 48”
1st – Rhoda, a Draft Mule owned by Bob Crichton of Pine Hill Mules in Berwick
2nd – Aida, a Draft Mule owned by Bob Crichton of Pine Hill Mules in Berwick
3rd – Molasses, a Pony Mule, owned by Claire Wallace of Haffas Farm in Ellsworth
4th – Lou, a Draft Mule, owned by Evelyn Pike of Broom Tail Farm in Chichester, NH

Class 5 – Open Donkey Jumping
This is also called “coon jumping” in the south, where raccoon hunters rode small pony mules through underbrush and got off to lead/jump their mounts over fences they encountered. A reflective or light colored blanket is sometimes used to better define the fence.
1st – Tigga, owned by Claire Wallace of Haffas Farm in Ellsworth
2nd – Woody, owned by Jan Rowe of Honk and Donk Farm in Etna

Class 6 – Mule Jumping
1st – Molasses, owned by Claire Wallace of Haffas Farm in Ellsworth
2nd – Brown Sugar, owned by Claire Wallace of Haffas Farm in Ellsworth

Class 7 – Obstacle Course
To show the adaptability of the animals and to demonstrate steadiness in barnyard and ‘unusual’ situations. Timed.

1st – tie: Woody, owned by Jan Rowe of Honk and Donk Farm in Etna
Brown Sugar, owned by Claire Wallace of Haffas Farm in Ellsworth
2nd – Brandy, owned by Jan Rowe of Honk and Donk Farm in Etna
3rd – Molasses, owned by Claire Wallace of Haffas Farm in Ellsworth

Class 8 – Costume Class- Everyone is a Winner!!
1st – Woody & Jan Row as a ‘Spanish Lady and her mount’
2nd – Jill and her baby, Frito, and Claire Wallace with a ‘Get Out the Vote’ Message

Draft Horse Show

Class 1 – Junior Showmanship
1st – Bryce Richmond with Jezabelle
2nd – Owen Richmond with Prince
3rd – Sara Faull (Mandala Farm) with Fjorgyn
4th – Pete Stratton with Elizabeth

Class 2 – Gelding
Grand Champion/1st – Clayton Larrabee with Ben
2nd – Steven Akeley with Tori
3rd – Pete Stratton with Chub
4th – Steve Lemieux with Ti-noir
5th – Teri Harrison with Bucky
6th – Lauris Boylan with Max

Class 4 – Stallion

Class 6 – Brood Mare w/ Foal
1st – David Stevens with Floss & Andy

Class 7 – Mare 2 & Under
1st – Pete Stratton with Star
2nd – David Stevens with Sophie
3rd – Cathy Simmons With Josie

Class 8 – Mare 3 & Over
1st – Tracey Wilkerson with Dinah
2nd – Mandala Farm (Sara Faull) with Sasha
3rd – Dean Richmond with Jezabelle
4th – Lauris Boylan with Cindy
5th – Pete & Cathy Stratton with Princess
6th – Steve Ackley with Sandi
7th – Pete Stratton with Misty
8th – Mandala Farm with Fjorgyn

Grand Champion Mare:
Tracey Wilkerson with Dinah
David Stevens with Floss
Pete Stratton with Star

Class 10 – Bred, Raised, Owned by Exhibitor
1st – Clayton Larrabee with Bucky
2nd – Lauris Boylan with Cindy
3rd – Pete Stratton with Star
4th – Pete & Cathy Stratton with Princess

Class 11 – Best Footed Horse
Mandala Farm with Sasha

Class 12 – Best Horse of Show
Clayton Larrabee with Ben

Class 13 – Bareback Riding
1st – Lauris Boylan with Chris, 0:53, 15
2nd – Cathy Simmons with Misty, 1:08, 15
3rd – Callie Grant with Buster, 1:35, 15
4th – Clayton Larrabee with Ben, 1:09, 14
5th – Pete Stratton with Princess, 1:12, 14
6th – Teri Harrison with Ben, 1:26, 11

Class 14 – Barrel Racing (1/2 Draft Cross)
1st – Cathy Stratton

Class 15 – Barrel Racing
1st – Steve Lemieux with Hector, 0:17
2nd – Cathy Simmons, 0:25
3rd – Tracey Wilkerson with Dinah, 0:26, 0:24, 0:23
4th – Dean Richmond with Prince, 0:26, 0:24, 0:30
5th – Teri Harrison with Ben, 0:26, 0:25
6th – Callie Grant with Buster, 0:28

Class 16 – Cart Class
1st – Steve Lemieux with Hector
2nd – Pete & Cathy Stratton with Misty
3rd – Steve Ackeley with Tori

Class 17 – Pairs in Harness
1st – Steve Ackeley with Tori & Sham
2nd – Steve Lemieux with Hector & Tinoir
3rd – Clayton Larrabee with Ben & Buster
4th – Mandala Farm with Sasha & Fjorgyn
5th – Lauris Boylan with Cindy & Max

Class 18 – Pair Scoot
1st – Pete Stratton, 3:40, 92
2nd – Cathy Simmons, 4:44, 80
3rd – Don Nickerson, 3:05, 76
4th – Steve Ackeley, 3:06, 75
5th – Evelyn Pike, 3:36, 65
6th – Clayton Larrabee, 5:14, 58

Class 19- Single Twitch
1st- Cathy Stratton, 3:38, 99
2nd- Evelyn Pike, 4:28, 96
3rd – Pete Stratton, 3:36, 93
4th – Steve Lemieux, 3:10, 85
5th – Don Nickerson, 3:02, 82
6th – Mandala Farm, 2:44, 75

Class 20 – Teamster of the Day
Don Nickerson

Standardbred Horse Show

J1 means Judge 1 and J2 means Judge 2

STB in Hand Mares:
1st place, J1 and J2, Lori Pennell with Foxy Lady; 2nd place, J1 and J2,  Erika Harris with Whatever Tami

STB in Hand Geldings:
1st Place, J1, Pat Hawley and MicMac Paddy; J2, Emma Ballou and Luke;  2nd Place, J1, Emma Ballou and Luke; J2, Pat Hawley and MicMac Paddy   

STB in Hand Champ   
Champion Lori Pennell and Foxy Lady; Reserve Champion Pat Hawley and MicMac Paddy

 2 Gait Pleasure Open 18 yrs. old and Under:    
1st place, J1 and J2, Dayna Rau and Harts Betsey

2 Gait Pleasure Open 19 -49        
1st Place, J1, Jess Small and Love So Fine; J2, Sheena Curry and Sweet Dancin Feet;  2nd Place, J1 and J2, Rachel Hutchins and Remembering Bill

2 Gait Championship        
Champion Jess Small and Love So Fine  Reserve Champion Sheena Curry and Sweet Dancin Feet

3 Gait Pleasure Maiden    
First Place, J1 and J2, Pat Hawley and Mic Mac Paddy;  2nd Place, J1 and J2, Harts Betsey and Jenn Lagasse

3 Gait Pleasure Open    
First Place, J1 and J2, Pat Hawley and MicMac Paddy;  2nd Place, Emma Ballou and Luke

3 Gait Equitation        
First Place, J1, Pat Hawley and MicMac Paddy; J2, Jenn Lagasse and Harts Betsey;  Second Place, J1, Harts Betsey and Jenn Lagasse; J2, Emma Ballou and Luke

3 Gait Championship    
Champion Emma Ballou and Luke;  Reserve Champion Pat Hawley and MicMac Paddy

2 Gait Equitation 18yr and Under     
First Place, J1 and J2, Dayna Rau and Harts Betsey

2 Gait Equitation Open 19 yr. and Older    
First Place, J1 and J2, Lori Pennell and Foxy Lady;  2nd Place, J1, Jess Small and Love So Fine; J2, Rachel Hutchins and Remembering Bill

Roadster Under Saddle   
First Place, J1 and J2, Greg Cuffey and Blue;  2nd Place,  J1 and J2, Jen Lehman and Acton in Victory

Trail Open    
First Place, J1 and J2, Jenn LaGasse and Harts Betsy;  2nd Place, J1 and J2,  Lori Pennell and Foxy Lady

Barrels at a Trot/Pace    
First Place (1st Run) Greg Cuffey and Blue; First Place (2nd Run) Greg Cuffey and Blue;  2nd Place (1st Run) Jenn Lagasse and Harts Betsy; 2nd Place (2nd Run) Glenna Rau and Harts Betsy

Open Barrels Championship    
Champion Greg Cuffey and Blue;  Reserve Glenna Rau and Harts Betsy

Pole Bending     
First Place (1st and 2nd Run) Greg Cuffey and Blue;  2nd Place (1st and 2nd Run) Glenna Rau and Harts Betsey

Cross Rails       
 First Place, J1 and J2, Pat Hawley and MicMac Paddy;  2nd Place, J1 and J2,  Jen Lehman and Acton in Victory

Pleasure Driving    
First Place, J1 and J2, Lori Pennell and Foxy Lady

Pleasure Driving Championship    
Champion Lori Pennell and Foxy Lady

Poultry Exhibit

Show Champions

Show Champion – Mike Lash, Wheaten Old English Game (OEG), Cockeral
Jr Show Champion – Allison Flagg, Wheaten OEG, Pullet
Reserve Champion of Show – C. Ray Channing, Black Sumatra Hen
Reserve Jr. Champion of Show – Abbie Royer, Black Cochin, Cockeral

Class Champions

American, Tracy Allen
Any Other Class (AOC), C. Ray Canning
Any Other Comb Clean Leg (AOCCL), Dinah Hardy
Asiatic, Becky Pease
Bantam Duck, Judy Chadwick
Reserve Bantam Duck, Cynthia Archembault
Continental, Dan Charles
English, Dick & Amy Royer
Fantail, Marc Archembault
Feather Leg, Linda Blackman
Jr. Feather Leg, Abbie Royer
Goose, Dick & Amy Royer
Large Duck, Becky Pease
Mediterranean, Dan Charles
Old English Game (OEG), Mike Lash
Jr. OEG, Allison Flagg
Rose Comb Clean Leg (RCCL), Mike Lash
Jr. RCCL, Zach Armstrong-Royer
Roller, Brice Gould
Reserve Roller, Dick & Amy Royer
Single Comb Clean Leg (SCCL), Dick & Amy Royer

Section Champions

Bantam, Mike Lash
Jr. Bantam, Allison Flagg
Reserve Bantam, Judy Chadwick
Guinea, Dick & Amy Royer
Reserve Guinea, Dick & Amy Royer
Large Fowl, C. Ray Canning
Reserve Large Fowl, Tracey Allen
Pheasant, Brandon Roberge
Reserve Pheasant, Dick & Amy Royer
Pigeon, Marc Archembault
Reserve Pigeon, Val & Fred Hatch
Turkey, Dick & Amy Royer
Reserve Turkey, Val & Fred Hatch
Waterfowl, Judy Chadwick
Reserve Waterfowl, Cynthia Archembault


Common Ground 5K Footrace September 26, 2004

1st Overall, Male: Gabriel Rivard  26      16:30      
1st Overall, Female: Emma Barday  29    21:02

2nd Overall, Male:  Tim Wakeland  39      17:01      
2nd Overall, Female: Jen Wilcox       28    21:30

3rd Overall, Male:  Barry Legand    35     17:25         
3rd Overall, Female:  Joelle Guerard 37    22:25

1st MOFGA finisher, Male:  Jay Lindsay  45    19:14          
1st MOFGA finisher, Female:  Sara Davis  30    25:27

1)    Gabriel Rivard         26      16:30                        
2)     Tim Wakeland         39      17:01                       
3)      Barry Legand          35      17:25                       
4)      Michael Griffin        41       17:51                      
5)      Joe Dana                28       18:09                       
6)     Sam Brown             26       18:22                       
7)     Nick Zardisha         34        18:42                       
8)     Jered Hayes            15        18:50                        
9)     Branin Buehner         22       19:00                      
10)  Nick Downing           17       19:12                     
11)  Jay Lindsay              45        19:14                      
12)  Ames Wolven          15        19:22                       
13)  James Houle            31         19:44                        
14)  Christopher Almy    55        19:50                        
15)  Tom Menendez        51        20:24                        
16) Todd Murphy           37         20:21                      
17)  Ian Pailin                28         20:31                        
18)  Emma Barday       29           21:02                        
19)  Mathew Sturgis      35         21:06                         
20)  Tom Little             44          21:07                        
21)  Ryan King            35           21:24                        
22) Jen Wilcox            28           21:30                        
23)  Wilder Nicholson  10          22:13                        
24)  Bruce Nicholson     42         22:14                         
25)  Paul Yates            53           22:22                        
26)  Joelle Guerard      37          22:25                         
27)  Justin Carpenter     14         22:42                        
28)  Bridgid  Farney      24         22:44                         
29)  David Hance          25         23:16                         
30)  Leah Trommer       24         23:20                          
31) Morgen Buehner       25      23:23
32) Marilyn Hintz            52      23:24
33) Jeanne Ellis               34      23:26
34) Ed Chesnut               56      23:27
35) Harold Burnett          47     23:33
36) Virgina Howe            49     23:41
37)  Misti Guerin              34    23:44
38) Carol Manley            50     23:53      
39) Henry Gaudron          12    24:02
40)  Ames Almy                13    24:03
41) Bill Knox                   47     24:06
42)  Debbie Nathan         36     24:24
43)  Scott Redmond        27     24:38
44)  Jim Moore               61       24:55
45) Ellen Spring             51      25:02
46)  Grace Norman         15      25:12
47)  Ron Dostie               46     25:16
48) Sara Davis                30      25:27
49)  Bill Trommer           54       25:32
50)  Charlotte Thurston    15      25:43
51) Elizabeth Gaige         37      25:54
52) Abby Weissman         23     26:32
53)  David McManus      46       27:02
54) Seth Phillips            16        27:20
55) Louisa Dunlap          64       27:28
56) Jennifer Plout            25        27:34
57) Dick Miles                47       27:35
58) Don Newell            46         27:42
59) Ned Burnett            14         28:06
60)  Bridget Seegers      25         28:07
61) Nicole Bruyere           33          28:09
62)  John Goldfine            58          28:13
63) Molly Lindsay           11           28:22
64) Michelle Dostie          35          28:33
65) Patrick Lindsey         14           28:46
66) Andy Abello              59          29:04
67) Amanda Russell         45          29:05
68) Gene Roy                  58          29:07
69) Donna Jean Pohlman  39         29:10
70)  Ron Paquette            60          29:11
71) Melissa Fredsall          33          29:44
72) Namoi Wong             26           30:50
73) Jean Goldhue             59          30:54
74) William Lascher          24         31:14
75)  Sharon Tisher            53         32:50
76) Shirley Adams            53          33:56
77) James Purdy               27          34:54
78)  Alisha Schmidt           27          34:55



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