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Welcome to the Livestock Area of the Common Ground Country Fair! 

Since coming to MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center in Unity, we have been able to demonstrate real farming operations done with draft animals. These demonstrations include plowing, harrowing, planting and mowing done by horse and mule teamsters and by oxen drovers.

With energy and global warming issues starting to affect agriculture, we anticipate increasing interest in draft power farming. Please look for us in the field plots and in the Large Livestock Demonstration Area of the Fair. Here you will be able to talk with the teamsters and observe draft power in action!

Don’t miss the Poultry Barn! You may not know the meaning of words like “frizzle,” “spangle” and “Australorps,” or what it means to be “Modern Game,” but once you see the display at the Poultry Barn, you will! The volunteers are experienced poultry keepers and love to answer questions about poultry. Ongoing demonstrations and information will take place next to the Barn in the Poultry Demonstration Tent. Events will be posted daily in and around the Poultry Barn.

Information for Livestock Exhibitors:  Application materials and guidelines for Livestock Exhbitors at the 2015 Fair are available for download below. All exhibitors must read and abide by the CGCF and Livestock Exhibitor guidelines and submit a Livestock Exhibitor Application.

2016 Livestock Area Guidelines

2016 Livestock Area Application

If you would like to be added to the mailing list. Please send your information to commonground@mofga.org

In keeping with CGCF's core emphasis on education, all Livestock Exhibitors are required to offer or participate in at least two demonstrations per day with their animals. These demonstrations are coordinated by the respective Livestock Coordinators depending upon animal breed and/or demonstration location. Information about premiums and contests are also included in the Livestock Exhbitors Application packet.

Poultry - Anyone interested in exhibiting poultry at the Fair should contact Gayle McKeige at sheepblacksheepfarm@gmail.com directly.

Rabbits and Cavies - The Rabbit Barn is organized by the Western Maine Rabbit Breeders Association. Anyone interested in exhibiting rabbits and cavies should contact WMRBA at 207-743-9569.

All other Livestock Exhibitors must submit an application to the Fair office.

Livestock Speakers:  In addition to the twice daily demonstrations, Livestock Exhibitors, as well as others with livestock experience, are encouraged to offer talks on livestock related topics. CGCF offers a small stipend for Agricultural and Livestock talks. If you are interested in giving such a talk, submit an application via the link below:

2016 Livestock Speakers Application

If you would like to be added to the mailing list. Please send your information to commonground@mofga.org

Insurance: Livestock exhibitors must have liability insurance. A benefit of membership in the Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors (MALE) is insurance that all Maine State Agricultural Fairs recognize. An application form is available on the MALE website via the link below:

You may also download the pdf form of the Maine Association of Livestock Exhibitors Membership Application

Those interested in entering poultry in the Common Ground Country Fair Show & Exhibit need to download the packet and submit their entry forms before September 15th, 2016.

For more information about exhibiting livestock at the Common Ground Country Fair, contact:

Cathy Reynolds
Livestock Area Coordinator




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