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Welcome to the Agricultural Products Area of the Common Ground Country Fair!

In the Agricultural Products area at the Common Ground Country Fair, the Fair presents and promotes family farms selling their farm-made agricultural products, and suppliers of products used in agricultural production. Home to farm-made soaps, herbs and herbal tinctures, seed companies, dried flowers, gourds, maple products, compost, bonsai, fiber arts, apple ladders and more, the Agricultural Products is a lively marketplace celebrating the craftmanship, ingenuity and artistry of farming entrepreneurs.

2018 Agricultural Products Vendor Application Information

Application deadline - March 2, 2018
If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please send your information to

When reviewing vendor applications, Area Coordinators give preference to family farms that produce their own products.

See Agricultural Products Vendor Guidelines

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The Fair also encourages exhibitors to give a talk or presentation at the Fair. More information on presenting at the Fair will be posted late winter.

Food Items and Ingestible Products: All food items and ingestible products sold or given away as samples at the Common Ground Country Fair must meet the same standards as food sold by the vendors in our Food Area. This includes a thorough review of ingredients and ingredient sources by the Fair office. A copy of the MOFGA Food Policy and Food Ingredient Form are available for download below. If you are interested in selling or offering any food item, you must submit a complete Food Ingredient form with your application. If the food items you are selling are not-certified organic, but are grown and processed according to organic practices, you may submit an affidavit (see below) attesting to your organic practices. Also, anyone selling ingestible products must show proof of liability insurance. Group coverage is available for Common Ground vendors. If you wish to offer food items or ingestible products, download these additional materials:

MOFGA Food Ingredient Form (pdf)

Common Ground Country Fair Food Affidavit (pdf)

For more information about the Agricultural Products area of the Fair, contact the Fair office: