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Welcome to the Agricultural Demonstrations (Ag Demos) Area of the Common Ground Country Fair!

Talks, Workshops, Demonstrations and Resources for Farmers and Gardeners

A hallmark of Common Ground is the considerable menu of talks and demonstrations on topics pertinent to farmers and gardeners. Whether you are an experienced farmer or gardener looking for insight on a specific topic, a new farmer with questions about business or access to land, or a homesteader looking to diversify your operation, you can find a wealth of agricultural experience and knowledge from the presenters at Common Ground. In addition to the many presentations, organizations that support farmers and rural communities are on hand in the Agricultural Demonstrations Tent to share their knowledge and resources. And MOFGA’s agricultural services and certification staff are in the MOFGA tent throughout the weekend to answer questions about crops, livestock and organic certification.

The Agricultural Demonstrations area is open to individuals and organizations furthering sustainable agriculture and strengthening rural communities. The emphasis in this area is on teaching and demonstrating farming and gardening skills, strengthening agricultural economies and communities, and organization building and networking. To support this purpose, we offer exhibit space as well as opportunities for participants to present topical educational talks and demonstrations.

Download the 2018 Agricultural Demonstrations Area Guidelines Packet

Apply to Participate in the 2018 Agricultural Demonstrations Area

Exhibitor Application Deadline - Friday, April 6th, 2018