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Writer's Guidelines

The Maine Organic Farmer & Gardener is the newspaper of The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA). It is published four times a year (March-May, June-August, September-November, December-February).

Most of The MOF&G is written by MOFGA staff members. We do run a few articles by freelancers in each issue. Please send queries to [email protected]. Accompanying photos and/or illustrations are a plus. Publication is often scheduled for up to a year in advance. We pay 20 cents per word, on publication, for the edited version of articles. Payment covers first and electronic rights and photos accompanying articles. Freelancers reserve the right to publish their articles elsewhere after they appear in The MOF&G. We do not pay a kill fee. Deadlines for final versions of articles are January 15, April 15, July 15 and October 15 for the respective issues.

Some areas of concentration are:

  • Rural skills and rural development
  • Livestock care and management
  • Farming, gardening and forestry practices and techniques
  • Agricultural and biological research (soil-plant relationships, biochemical interactions ...)
  • Profiles of individual plants (edible and ornamental) and pests
  • Agricultural economics, politics, and issues – international, national, regional, community
  • Agricultural agencies, organizations and groups; influential individuals within agriculture
  • Agricultural resources, their efficient use and ecological management
  • Tools, equipment and machinery for small, diversified or organic farming and gardening
  • Energy use, production and conservation
  • Farmers and gardeners, preferably organic, with interesting farms, gardens, viewpoints or techniques. Also, first-person farming and gardening experiences
  • Businesses related to agriculture, food or natural resources
  • Agricultural marketing
  • Environmental issues
  • Nutrition

We look forward to working with you on educational and entertaining, ecologically-oriented articles that will help people enjoy farming, gardening and healthful eating.

Sample copies of The MOF&G are available for $2 each from the MOFGA office at PO Box 170, Unity ME 04988; phone (207) 568-4142; fax (207) 568-4141; email: [email protected].

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