Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Q.  Where can I buy organic animal feed?


Blue Seal Feeds, Bob Felt, 207-622-1530 – chicken, turkey, cat and dog (bagged), dairy (bulk)

Fedco Seeds, Clinton, 207-873-7333 – Shur-Gain bagged poultry grain

Nature’s Best, Kreamer Penn., 1-800-767-4537 – most species (bagged)

NatureSmart, Dana Brown, 207-949-4797 – most species (bulk and bagged)

Paris Farmers Union, Paris, Maine, 1-800-639-3603 – Nature’s Best; call to find out where they deliver.

Poulin Grain, Andrew Beals, N.E. Technical Manager, 800-334-6731 – Green Mountain Feeds, most species (bagged)

Shur-Gain, Meunirie Sawyerville Inc., Quebec, 1-800-567-5778 – dairy cows and poultry (bulk and bagged)

UCS/New England Feeds, 1-800-343-0473 – dairy cows (bulk)

– Diane Schivera