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Why Buy Certified Organic Products?

Want to Certify Your Organic Products?

Accredited by the USDA in 2002, MOFGA Certification Services (MCS) certifies crops, wild crops, livestock, livestock products, and processed and handled agricultural products throughout Maine to USDA National Organic Standards. You can find MCS certification application materials and other useful information about organic certification at – or, to receive an application packet by mail, send $15 to MOFGA Certification, P.O. Box 170, Unity, ME 04988. Be sure to note the type of production you want to certify (crops, livestock, processing).

Before you apply please read the Practice Manual to see if your farm and products are eligible for certification. If you have questions about your land, field buffers, seeds, or other requirements, please contact the certification staff at 568-4142 or Once you know that your farm and products are eligible for certification, send the appropriate forms and your certification fees. The annual certification fee is based on gross annual income for all organic products. Once certified, producers receive a federal reimbursement of 75 percent of certification fees (up to $750 per operation) through the Maine Department of Agriculture.

The deadline for new farming operations that involve crops is April 18. After this date, applications are subject to a late fee. Because inspections must be done during the growing season, we do not accept crop applications after July 1, except for winter greenhouse production. We accept applications for non-farm processing or handling year round. Talk to a certification staff person if you want to certify livestock.

After you have submitted your paperwork, also known as your Organic System Plan (OSP), we review it and assign an inspector, who will look at your farm, fields, facilities and records. MCS relies on your OSP and the inspection report for its final certification decision. If non-compliances delay or prevent certification, we communicate those to you in writing. Once we grant certification, you will receive your Organic Certificate and Product Verification documents.

MOFGA lists certified producers in its Organic Maine! publication, distributed throughout Maine. We also maintain a searchable database of certified producers and their products on the Web.

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