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Host Your Own Vegetable Garden Parade

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Toki Oshima drawing
Toki Oshima drawing

Love the Vegetable Garden Parade at the Common Ground Fair?

Now you can host a similar parade at local food-related events.

Nine Children's Vegetable Garden Parade costumes, based on the parades that take place daily from the Children's Area at MOFGA’s annual Common Ground Country Fair in September, are available for events such as local food celebrations, kids’ gardening events and farmers’ markets. Available are a carrot, tomato, pumpkin, pea pod, radish (or beet) head, onion, potato, compost heap and small fruit orchard, some for medium size kids, some flexible in size.

To inquire about borrowing, call 236-8732 (Beedy Parker) or 832-5584 (Kathie Cartwright) or e-mail