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Jim Cook
Jim Cook

Jim Cook, Skylandia Farm, Grand Isle. Organic farmer, marketer of organic foods through the Crown of Maine Organic Produce, which he organized, promoter of organic agriculture across Maine and New England, died of cancer in December. Jim reached thousands of people through his market demonstrations, his willingness to supply any group of people, wherever they were, and his sense of humor. A memorial service is planned for Sunday afternoon, April 5th, at MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center.

Marilyn Gould, Freeport. Long-time gardener and wife of Charlie Gould, Extension agent who helped MOFGA get organized in the early 1970s, in January.

Karel Weissberg, Tremont, spinner, knitter, gardener, died of cancer in January.

Donald Rutherford, Yarmouth, who gardened to help heal himself after serving in Vietnam, in January.

Bill Donnell, Donnell’s Clapboard Mill, Sedgwick, died of cancer January 31st. Bill’s restoration of a 19th century mill led to years of conversations about how to make a real clapboard at the Fair and beyond.