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MOFGA Organizational Development Report
MOFGA Welcomes Judi Gardner


MOFGA Organizational Development Report

MOFGA continues to keep a brisk pace with its ongoing organizational development work. Here is a summary of recent changes and new program efforts.

1. Staff – Judi Gardner has joined the staff as MOFGA’s full-time Membership & Development Director. Welcome, Judi!

2. Board of Directors – Our work this year focuses on the board of directors, its roles and responsibilities, and how it works with staff and with MOFGA’s many volunteer committees. Board members have taken lead roles in improving committee functioning with mission statements, regular schedules of meetings, and a continued focus on moving forward.

3. Educational Programs – By Fair time we should have an Educational Programs Director on board who will coordinate MOFGA’s educational programs, both existing and to be developed.

4. Media – MOFGA released a special edition of The MOF&G this spring, focusing on the benefits of buying locally and organically produced food. Copies are available at grocery stores and other venues throughout Maine and on our Web site, The Web site also has a greatly improved Events page with current listings of all MOFGA-sponsored events and meetings in the course of the year.

5. Administrative Projects – We have spent a good deal of time “upgrading” computer software. At times over the past few months, the abacus and ledger books have looked pretty good to us, but we now hope to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Technology definitely has its advantages as well as its frustrating challenges. We have created a new Employee Manual with directories of staff, volunteers and committees, as well as an updated set of policies and procedures. We have also developed a benefits plan that, despite escalating health care and insurance costs, goes a long way to helping employees take care of themselves. A special thanks goes out to the Personnel Policy Committee, which worked hard to come up with viable options for the staff!

6. Buildings & Grounds – Among MOFGA’s many unsung volunteer heroes are those who keep the infrastructure running smoothly. The buildings and grounds folks have done a remarkable job over the past few months helping us keep pace with all of the organizational changes and growth. Among the huge undertakings are: rewiring offices, expanding the phone and computer network, expanding water lines around the grounds, creating new office spaces, and repairing heating and fire protection systems. We are truly indebted to the Buildings & Grounds Committee and the volunteers who keep the Common Ground Education Center in great shape for the staff, volunteers and the general public. Thank you!

7. MOFGA Survey – With all the recent changes at MOFGA, our organizational-development efforts and the tremendous growth in membership, we want to check in with our many constituencies. We are developing a membership survey that we hope to mail toward the end of the harvest season, based on input from each of MOFGA’s volunteer committees. We want to know more about our supporters, what they value from MOFGA, and where they would like us to focus our efforts.

8. Future Organizational Development Plans – Our final year of work with the Maine Community Foundation and Common Good Ventures will focus on the MOFGA membership. Results of the membership survey will help us determine priorities and shape future programs. So, please keep your eyes peeled for a MOFGA membership survey and do take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us.

As always, if you have any ideas or questions about MOFGA’s Organizational Development Program, don’t hesitate to contact me at 207-568-4142.

– Heather Spalding, MOFGA Operations Director


Judi Gardner
Judi Gardner


MOFGA Welcomes Judi Gardner

In June, MOFGA welcomed Judi Gardner as its Membership & Development Director. Gardner did development work in Fairfield, Connecticut, for a number of years, most recently raising money for a group called Family ReEntry, which helps former prisoners make transitions back into society.


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