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 MOFGA's 2010 Pest Reports - Compiled by Eric Sideman, PhD Minimize

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The first confirmed report of late blight in Maine just came today.

A gardener in Waldoboro, Maine has late blight on tomatoes.

At this time we have no more details but will surely post them all as they develop.

Please go out now and scout your potatoes and tomatoes for signs. Get back to Eric Sideman <esideman@mofga.org> if you suspect it. There are a lot of problems out there that can be confusing. For example, as noted in Eric's Pest Reports, blackleg, early blight and tarnished plant bug feeding all can be mistaken for late blight.

If you don’t know what to look for, take a look at these fact sheets.



July 20 - Late Blight Update | Page 6 of 15 | July 7


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