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Good morning growers,

I just received news that late blight was found in Connecticut. Here is what I know:

Late blight has been confirmed for the first time in New England (Thursday morning, 17 June 2010), on tomato plants in a backyard garden in Cheshire, CT (New Haven County). The tomato plants were grown from seed and the grower actually did not have late blight last year. Thoughts are that it could have been infected from nearby greenhouse, bedding plants or market farm neighbors. I am sure we will hear more.

Cooler, moist conditions over the past week produced favorable conditions for late blight to spread. The hot, sunny days yesterday and today put a stop to any spreading (sunlight kills the LB spores). But, U Mass reports conditions warrant starting preventative fungicides in the Connecticut Valley, and in eastern and southeastern MA, although north central and Berkshire locations down there are ok for now. I have not heard that yet about northern New England, but I will if we reach those conditions. Given a confirmed case in southern New England, we should raise our alert level and continue to watch for and rogue out potato volunteers, and continue to scout potato and tomato fields for symptoms. It is time to start scouting the market for formulations of copper that are allowed (Champ WG, and NuCop 50 WP, for example) just to be ready. I am not worried yet.

Eric Sideman
MOFGA Organic Crop Specialist

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