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Steamed Weeds, Anyone?


June 1, 2018

An article on advocates for a $23,831 Weedtechnics steam machine to control sidewalk weeds. A licensed pesticide applicator is not needed to operate the machine.

A Simple, Strong Fence Corner


June 1, 2018

I happened to meet a U.S. Forest Service engineer who worked on fences and structures for range lands. He introduced me to a fence corner that had been tested in both the United States and Australia that outperformed other designs with multiple posts and cross and angle braces.

Bean Up


May 31, 2018

Looking for a long season of picking green beans? Try planting pole beans.

Shade Trees Add Cool Values


September 1, 2016

Remember those sweltering days of last July? Beedy Parker, a MOFGA member, recalled on one of those days an article she had written for the Camden Herald in 1989 encouraging people to plant trees to cool and cleanse the air.