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On Wednesday, April 30, MOFGA became the proud owners of a 200-acre farm in the Towns of Unity and Thorndike. President Bob Sewall and Treasurer Steve Plumb put their signatures on the closing papers with Donald and Bertha Maxim, and MOFGA entered a new era. Those of you who have been around MOFGA for a long time know that this is an event that many thought would never come – and now it has, thanks to the hard work of hundreds of volunteers over the years. Congratulations to all those involved – and especially to Ellis Percy for his tenacity in looking at dozens of sites over the past five years.

We aren’t able to do much on the site until we get development permits from the Town of Unity and from the Department of Environmental Protection. Don Maxim is busy removing rocks from the Thorndike field (none to be found on the Unity portion) and reseeding those areas that were in potato and corn production last year. We’re also talking with neighbors about hay, and investigating options for getting organic matter onto the soil.

Our application to the Town of Unity was discussed at a planning board meeting in April, and a public hearing was scheduled for May 20. After that hearing, we can submit our Site Location of Development application to DEP.

If all the pieces fall in place, we’ll begin doing site work in the latter part of the summer. Meanwhile we’re searching for an architect to design the main building(s), working on a strategy to take care of oversight of the development process, and RAISING MONEY.

The Permanent Site is the biggest project that MOFGA has ever tackled. We need your ideas, your in-kind contributions, your cash donations, and, most importantly, your enthusiasm and commitment. Tell your friends about what we’re doing. Talk with Mort Mather if you have ideas for fundraising.

For MOFGA to take the next steps in developing the site, teaching people how to raise their own food organically, and educating the next generation of farmers, you need to be involved. Please call us at the office to see how you can get involved, now and in the future.


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