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- Michael Pollan
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Help Update the Resource Guide to Organic Insect and Disease Management

by Eric Sideman, Ph.D.

Last year those of us who wrote the Resource Guide to Organic Insect and Disease Management (see http://www.nysaes.cornell.edu/pp/resourceguide/) received a new SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) grant to do an updated, second edition. The beginning of the project is to meet with growers around the Northeast and discuss which recommendations in the first edition worked and which did not, and to learn from them which additional pest issues should be covered in the second edition. We plan to include new chapters dealing with four more crop families and new pest control practices and materials.

I would appreciate comments on your experiences using the first edition and your suggestions on pest problems that should be included in the new edition. If you have problems other than those listed below, which we already plan to include, or if you have an unusual solution to these problems, please complete the form below and mail it to me at MOFGA, P.O. Box 170, Unity, ME 04988, or email me at esideman@mofga.org.

These are the insects and diseases we plan to cover in the new chapters:

Onion family (onions, leeks, garlic)
Slippery skin
Sour skin
Fusarium basal rot
Botrytis leaf blight
Botrytis neck rot
Pink root
Purple blotch
White rot
Onion maggot
Onion thrips

Pea family (peas, beans, soybeans)

Damping off (Pythium)
Fusarium wilt
Powdery mildew
Downy mildew
Gray mold
White mold
Mexican bean beetle

Beet family (beets, spinach, chard)

Cercospora leaf spot
Pythium root rot
Rhizoctonia root rot
Heart rot (boron deficiency)
Flea beetle
Leaf miners

Carrot family (carrots, parsnips)
Bacterial soft rot
Alternaria leaf blight
Cercospora leaf blight
White mold
Carrot rust fly

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Crop _________________________________ Disease or Insect _____________________________
Management _________________________________________________________________________
Disease or Insect  _______________________ Disease or Insect _____________________________
Management _________________________________________________________________________


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