"At either end of any food chain you find a biological system -- a patch of soil, a human body -- health of one is connected, literally, to the health of the other."
- Michael Pollan
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Dear Prospective Member of the MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Project,

Thank you for your interest. This information should give you some ideas about our work so that you can determine whether and how you might want join us. If you have ideas that you’d like to discuss after reading this information, or if you’d like to attend our next meeting, please contact us at the address below.

Our mission is to create solidarity among small farmers and community organizations in Maine and El Salvador. We promote economic and social justice and environmental protection through sustainable, organic agriculture and sustainable communities. Through this mutual relationship we hope to put a human face on the impact of globalization, learn from each other, and educate people in both countries. We are an ad hoc committee of MOFGA consisting of a dozen or so members, both farmers and non-farmers. We hold a monthly potluck supper and meeting, usually in Belfast and usually on the third Sunday of the month. Our meetings are loosely structured, rotating roles such as facilitation, note taking, etc. Decisions are made through consensus. Our recent work includes:
  • Coordinating an eight-member delegation from Maine to El Salvador in January 2005 to build solidarity, tour projects of our sistering organizations (CCR and CORDES), educate and be educated, and discuss developing a marketing plan
  • Raising funds by marketing Salvadoran products, especially coffee, dried fruit and indigo, and working on a solid, sustainable plan for this fundraising to support projects in El Salvador and projects of our U.S. network and our committee. (We are a member of the national U.S./El Salvador Sister Cities Network
  • Coordinating, hosting and funding a two-week tour of Salvadoran organizers and farmers to Maine in September 2003. The main focus of the tour was the effect of globalization on agriculture. The delegation impacted hundreds of people through farm tours, college and high school classroom visits, panel discussions, a keynote speech and talks at the Common Ground Country Fair (CGCF), a meeting at the Maine Department of Agriculture, and other contacts
  • Educating Maine people about food and farming, here and in El Salvador, through talks at fundraisers and to various groups, slide shows and our booth at the CGCF, reports to MOFGA, newspaper articles and radio shows
  • Communicating regularly with our sisters in El Salvador
  • Exploring ways to support Salvadorans’ efforts to accomplish organic certification
  • Representating our committee on the Board of the national US/El Salvador Sister Cities Network
  • Participating in an international encuentro (meeting) in El Salvador in July 2005.
You may become involved with our committee in one or several ways. For example:
  • Join our committee and participate in our monthly meetings
  • Help with a specific project, such as our Empty Bowl Supper (our primary fundraiser), or our booth at the Common Ground Country Fair
  • Join a delegation
  • Help host a delegation
  • Help with translating or fundraising
  • Represent our committee to other groups in Maine
  • Look for technical information that may help Salvadoran farmers.
We look forward to hearing from you.


Paul and Karen Volckhausen
MOFGA-El Salvador Sistering Project Co-Chairs
1138 Happy Town Rd
Orland, Maine  04472


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