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Are you ready to take your farm business to the next level?

Apply to the Maine Farm Resilience Program!


Application Deadline Friday, February 1, 2019

MOFGA's Maine Farm Resilience Program provides individualized support to advanced-beginning farmers (5-9 years experience) grappling with critical questions of scaling up, accessing and adapting to new markets, managing risk, innovation and diversification, and re- strategizing business plans to achieve long-term farm viability.

Program benefits include:

  • matching with experienced mentors and service providers
  • 6 session MFRP cohort seminar series to support goals
  • development, business analysis and creation of a farm action plan
  • stipends totaling $3,500 to access advanced educational opportunities, as well as technical, professional, and pivot point services

To Apply

Deadline: Friday, February 1, 2019
Email for an application or call
(207) 568-6017 for more information