Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
Maine Board of Pesticides Control Reports

Maine BPC Reports

2016 Spring 2016 Maine Board of Pesticides Control 2015 Recap  
2015 Spring 2015 Rule Changes Move Toward Legislative Approval  
  Winter 2014 Maine Board of Pesticides Control Continues with Rulemaking  
  Fall 2014 Maine Board of Pesticides Control Begins Rulemaking Process  
  Summer 2014 BPC Convenes Risk Advisory Committee  
2014 Spring 2014 New Rules, Policy Changes and Warnings from BPC  
  July 2013 BPC Visits MOFGA  
  May 2013
BPC Adopts Rules to Allow for Widespread Pesticide Spraying  
2013 January, March, April Public to BPC: No Widespread Spraying to Fight Mosquitoes  
February, March Maine BPC Chooses Not to Work on Rulemaking  
  May, June Board of Pesticides Control To Address Rulemaking  
  July, September Maine BPC Addresses Spraying Mosquitoes  
  December Maine Board of Pesticides Control Hears About EEE, WNV  
2011 February BPC Releases 2010 Complaints and Inquiries List
  May, June, July BPC to Act on Repeal of Spray Notification Registry
What Would Christmas Be Without Diazinon?
  October Proposed Rule Changes  
  November, December BPC Approves New Genetically Engineered Corn Product  
2010 Dec. 2009 and January 2010 BPC on Notification, New Genetically Engineered Corn  
  March & April Notification Details, Another Bt Corn Approval, Repeated Rule Violations and Fines  
  May, Summer Refining the Pesticide Application Notification Registry  
  July, August, October BPC Works on Pesticide Notification Registry Report for Legislature  
  November, December BPC Adopts Policy on Homemade Pesticides, Notification Discussions Continue
2009 January BPC Struggles with Aerial Spray Notification  
  March Maine BPC Approves Bt Sweet Corn  
  June Busy Months for Maine BPC  
  October Free Pesticide Spray Notification Registry Up and Running – Despite Issues  
2008 May

MDOT to Use Herbicides Along Roads
No Spray Agreements

  October BPC Addresses Aerial Spray, Genetically Engineered Sweet Corn, Violations  
2007 April Plant Incorporated Pesticide (Bt Corn) Requests
BPC Website
  June BPC Pressured by Structural Pest Control Industry
Listen to Maine Board of Pesticides Control deliberations online
  July Maine BPC Approves Genetically-Engineered Bt Corn  
  November – December BPC Rules on Use of Genetically Engineered Corn  
2006 January

BPC Continues Work on Indoor Pest Control Standards
Pesticide Notification Registry


Indoor Pesticide Applications and Annual Emergencies
Schedule of Maine BPC Meetings

  March Pesticide Petition Hearings Find Little Common Ground  
  May Aerial Spraying, Organophosphates, Browntail Moth Control (May, June and July meetings in 2006)  
  September BPC Addresses Aerial Spraying  
  October BPC Reviews Browntail Moth Report  
  November BPC Addresses Rule Changes  
2005 October Rules for Applying Pesticides Indoors: Two Decades and Counting  
  July & September Tax on Pesticides Considered  
  June Lawn Care Companies to Verify Location of Pesticide Applications  
  April BPC Discusses Chapter 60 Rule  
  March BPC Considers Protections for Chemically Sensitive  
  February Board Addresses Indoor Pesticide Applications  
2004 Nov., Dec. + Jan. 2005 BPC Holds Final Hearing on Indoor Pesticide Regulations  
  September & October BPC Continues Work on Indoor Pesticide Application Regulations  
  June, July BPC Addresses Indoor Pesticide Application, Pool Operators and More  
  March, April Bee Pests, Railroad Weeds and Indoor Pesticide Applications Addressed  
  January 2003 Blueberry Study Confirms Aerial Drift  
2003 September BPC Won’t Repeal Rule for Pesticide Industry;  Stings Aquacide Company for Violation  
  May, July, September, October Pesticide Industry Fights Aquatic Herbicide Rule; Consensus Rulemaking Meets Hostility  
  June BPC Rejects Dow Application; Valentine Referred to Consensus Rulemaking Process
  March, May Aquatic Herbicide Use Requires Permit and License  
  January 17 + December 6, 2002 Blueberry Herbicide Hexazinone Still Contaminating Maine Wells  
2002 October Schools Must Use IPM, Notify Parents  
  September Machias Forum Addresses Hexazinone Contamination  
  July BPC Rejects Mandatory Universal Notification
  June Legislators React to Pesticides Sales Report, Public Hearings on School Pesticide Rule  
  Feb., Mar., May Wells Contaminiated by Pesticides Used On Blueberries; Worker Pesticide Safety Training Expanded
  January GMO application in the works; forum planned; Staff making progress in pesticides sales data analysis  
2001 September BPC Addressing Pesticide Use in Schools; BPC Staff Position on Aquatic Pesticides Draws Fire from DEP  
  May, June, July Board of Pesticides Control Struggles with Data Collection Legislation  
  March, April Cooperative Extension Reports on Hexazinone Contamination  
2000 November, December Organophosphates Detected in Downeast Rivers, Paul Gregory Receives Friend of Casco Bay Award
  September, November Access to Pesticides Records Debated, “Back to the Drawing Board” on Pesticide Sales Data
  May, June Potato Sprout Inhibitor Seriously Injures Bystander, Hope Critical Pesticides Control Area Approved  
  February, March, April Neighbors’ Right to Know Debated, BPC Prioritizes “Discretionary” Tasks
1999 December BPC Public Hearing: Clash of Views on Proposed Pesticide Ban; Other Business  
  September, October Organic Growers to be Licensed by BPC?  
  July BPC Reprimands, Fines School Superintendent  
  May, June Update on Hexazinone Well Water Contamination
  February, March BPC Addresses Gap Between Resources and Responsi­bilities  
1998 December BPC Addresses Genetic Engineering, Pesticide Use Reduction
  November Monsanto Retreat, Wild Blueberry Herbicide Woes
  September Deadline for Notification Registration  
  June, July BPC Approves Weak Notification Registry  
  Feb., March, May Pesticide Notification Registry Takes a Tailspin  
1997 December BPC Nixes Genetically Engineered Corn  
  Sept., Oct. Does Maine Need Genetically Engineered Corn? BPC Seeks Public Sentiment  
  May, June BPC Renews Emergency Exemption for Strawberry Herbicide
Is NewLeaf Potato a Pesticide? BPC Wants to Know
  April Casco Bay Sprays and Property Owners’ Rights
State Offers Free Disposal Program
1996 November, December

BPC Considers, Rejects Revising Mission
Spray Registry Proposed