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Can you grow garlic as well as the students at Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast, which took first prize last year?  Here Alex Blair of Troy Howard shows off a sample of ‘Red Russian’ garlic. English photo.
Start your seeds!

Tend your livestock!
It’s time to start thinking about ways to participate
in the Common Ground Country Fair,
on September 21, 22 and 23 this year.

What can you do now? Here are some possibilities:

• Order seeds and start plants for your garden. Results could be entered in the Exhibition Hall displays or offered to the Common Kitchen to help feed Common Ground volunteers during the Fair. If you do grow a row for the Kitchen, please let Bill Whitman know (225-3915);
Get your livestock ready for the Fair. English photo.

• Train your livestock for exhibits, demonstrations or shows;

• Contact the Fair office to find out how you might volunteer before, during and/or after the Fair;
Carrots are a work of art at Common Ground. English photo.

• Do you grow the best peppers this side of the Kennebec? Want to share your expertise? Let the Fair office know, and we’ll put you in touch with an Agricultural Demonstrations Area coordinator;

• Get in shape for the world’s only (as far as we know) organic 5K Common Ground Fair footrace;

• Start your shopping list for this year’s holiday season. Vendors at Common Ground have every possible natural gift for those on your list;
Amy LeBlanc overheard several people telling their kids to "meet me by the big corn" (maiz morado, a variety of Zea mays) at the 2006 Fair.  Plant your big corn, or pumpkins, or zucchini, this summer, in preparation for the Exhibition Hall. English photo.

This solar car was a popular feature at the 2006 Fair. English photo.
• Tune your bicycle and your body so that you can bicycle, part-way or all the way, to the Fair; valet parking is provided;

• Is your house too cold in winter or too hot in summer? List improvements you might want to make, and plan to visit the Energy and Shelter Area of the Fair to learn about materials and services to help meet those needs;

• Kids: Start your business! The Youth Enterprise Zone at the Fair offers children a place to sell their products on Friday of the Fair weekend.
The Youth Enterprise Zone offers young entrepreneurs a chance to show and sell their wares. Alex Peabody of Rockland carves snakes from bittersweet roots for his business, "Sticks & Snakes." His sister Emma helped with his booth at the 2006 Fair. English photo.

For more information about these and other areas and opportunities, visit the Fair page at
Stitch a quilt now and show it this fall ... or next ... as Anna Margolskee of Pittsfield did at last year's Fair.

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