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Thanks for Donations!
Thanks To All Fair Volunteers
Schoolhouse Talks to Resume in ’98
Lost and Found: Got the Wedding Ring Blues?
1997 Fair Contest Results

   Draft Horse Show
   Exhibition Hall
   Fiddle Contest
   Five Mile Foot Race
   Homebrew Competition
   Homemade Wine Competition
   Pig Calling Contest
   Social and Political Action Area Awards
   Standardbred Pleasure Horse Show
   Poultry Show
Advance Tickets Pay Off – In Many Ways

Thanks for Donations!

The following people, families and farms very generously donated food to the Common Kitchen at the Fair. We know that this list represents roughly half the donors, but some of the contributors forgot to write down their names and donations when they stopped by the Kitchen. If we missed your name, please let us know and we’ll print another list in the next issue of The MOF&G. The Common Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to over a thousand Fair volunteers. We depend on the support of the MOFGA farming community to make sure all the Fair volunteers are healthy, happy and well-fed during set-up, the big event, and clean-up. Thanks very much for your delicious food!

Auciello Family, Warren - greens
Mary & Tony Bok, Camden - dry beans
Carol Bryan, Perry - vegetables
Inez Daniel, vinegar and oleo
Wendy Karush, Hancock, leeks, onions, herbs, pickles, and apples
Mary Kirby - basil
Liz Lauer, Springfield - broccoli, tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and cabbage
Bob Martin, Belgrade - leeks and peppers
Ray Nelson, Friendship - raisins
Yvonne Montpelier & Jarrod Pooler, Athens - cider, apples and assorted vegetables
Phil Brzozowski & Judy Schuppien, Gardiner - basil, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini
Tin & Jane Smith, Wells - raisins
Lisa Szatkowski, Franklin - apples
Bud Wallace, North Leeds - vegetables
Deb Soule, Avena Botanicals, Rockport - herb tea
Borealis Breads, Waldoboro - breads
Bouchard Family, Bouchard Family Farm, Fort Kent - French Acadian flatbread and pancakes
Richard Sousa & Solomon Rodd, El Sol & Rich Earth Organic Collective, Brunswick - zucchini, tomatoes and jalapenos
Bianca St. Louis & Ernie Glabau, Entwood Farm and Nursery, Burnham - cider and apples
Fresh Samantha, Scarborough - juices
Barbara Eggert, Genesis Farm, Verona Island - assorted produce
Paul Volckhausen, Happy Town Farm, Orland - turnips, tomatoes, potatoes, and lamb
Harvest Time Natural Foods, Augusta - margarine
Bambi Jones, Hidden Valley Farm, Alna - assorted produce
Paul & Mollie Birdsall, Horsepower Farm, Penobscot - vegetables and meat
Jo Barret & Dennis King, King Hill Farm - Penobscot - vegetables, herbs and beef
Luce’s Maple Syrup, Anson - maple syrup
Kip Penney, Main Street Co-op Market, Unity - corn, pasta, grains, flour and tabouli mix
Shepard Erhart, Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Franklin - seaweed
Candice & Dan Heydon, Oyster Creek Mushroom Co., Damariscotta - mushrooms
Benjamin Wilcox, Part ’n Parcel Farm, Dixmont - tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, chard, carrots
Shaun Keenan & Benji Knisley, Sand Hill Farm, Somerville - carrots, onions and bread flour
Sheri Fowler, The Pussums Cat Co., W. Sumner Village - catnip
Greg Larsen, Tuva Old World Bakery, Lincolnville Ctr. - assorted baked goods
Western Maine Rabbit Breeders Association, Bridgton - rabbit
Amy LeBlanc, Whitehill Farm, E. Wilton - basil
Jill Agnew, Willow Pond Farm, Sabattus - cider and tomatoes
Ann & Albert Allen
Steve Aucoin
Axis Natural Foods
Beech Hill Farm
Belfast Co-Op
Betsy’s Blueberry Butter
Black Crow Bakery
Blessed Maine Herb Farm
Liam Cassidy
Darthia Farm
Perley Emery
Encore Turkey Farm
Rosemary Fecteau
Fiddlers Green
Good Tern Co-Op
Grandy Oats Granola
Grateful Goods & Gardens
Great Eastern Mussels
Frank Gross
Hedgehog Hill Farm
Penny & David Hilton
Hoof ’n Paw Farm
Catherine LeBlanc
Levesque’s Organic Farm
Ann & Cecil Linscott
Morgan’s Mills
Morning Glory Natural Foods
New Gloucester Shaker Community
New Leaf Farm
Nezinscot Farm
Noone Farm
Patchwork Farm
Pleasant Valley Acres
Diana Prizio
R.B. Swan Honey
Cathy Reynolds
Ridgeside Farm
Rising Tide Co-Op
Sewall’s Orchard
The Apple Farm
Whole Grocer Natural Foods
Wolfe Neck Farm
Yellow Birch Farm
York Hill Farm
and, of course, Kim, Jules, Barb & Wes


Thanks To All Fair Volunteers

This year’s Common Ground Country Fair was another great success, and much of the credit goes to the volunteers. Starting more than a week before the Fair and continuing through the week after, thousands of helping hands showed up at the Fairgrounds. The Fair office has received countless thank you calls and notes from area coordinators, vendors, demonstrators, performers and fairgoers who benefited from the spirit and enthusiasm of the Fair volunteers. We hope you had as much fun as everyone else had, and that you will join us again next year. If you would like to get even more involved in the Common Ground Country Fair, contact the main office and inquire about joining the Planning Team, which meets several times a year to discuss ideas for the many areas of the Fair.


Schoolhouse Talks to Resume in ’98

We are very sorry about the cancellation of Schoolhouse Talks in the Agricultural Demonstration (Ag Demo) Area. As many of you know, we haven’t been able to use Windsor Fairground’s actual schoolhouse for the past few years. We’ve been trying to find a good alternative, but nothing we’ve tried has worked very well.

We thought we had the solution this year: build a straw bale house for Ag Demos and use it for the presentations that included slides or other audio visual pieces. Presentations held in a demonstration building – what a plan! Right up to the last minute volunteers were hard at work constructing the building. Unfortunately, upon inspection on Friday morning we did not feel confident about the structural integrity of the building and found it necessary to cancel the presentations.

The Ag Demo Area spotlights how farmers and gardeners carry our MOFGA’s goals throughout the year. Canceling the presentations was a great disappointment to everyone – to the volunteers who had worked on the building, the Fairgoers, the speakers, and the Ag Demo coordinators. We plan to build another straw bale building for 1998 – with more time for both planning and construction so that we can be successful.


Lost and Found: Got the Wedding Ring Blues?

The Fair staff reports that it has a lot of lost and found stuff from the Fair – notably a couple of wedding rings. If your hand feels lighter, call the Fair office for more information.


Common Ground Country Fair Contest Results

Draft Horse Show

Class 1 - Jr. Showmanship –  1st: Melissa Ricker, Pittston; 2nd: Neil Crosby, Smithfield; 3rd: Jeff Ricker, Pittston; 4th: Megan Kirkpatrick, Washington; 5th: Ben Stratton, Augusta; 6th: Natalie Hutter, Oxford
Class 1A - Sr. Showmanship –  1st: Keith Worth, Pittston; 2nd: Bonnie Spicer, Bath; 3rd: Diane Hutter, Oxford; 4th: Cathy Chase, Pittston; 5th: Ken Hutter, Oxford; 6th: Pete Stratton, Augusta
Class 2 - Stallions –  1st: Bonnie Spicer, Bath
Class 2A - Grand Champion Stallion – Grand Champ/Bonnie Spicer, Bath; Reserve Champ/Ken Hutter, Oxford
Class 3 - Foal –  1st: Ken Hutter, Oxford; 2nd: Pete Stratton, Augusta
Class 4 - Mares 2 Years + Under –  1st: Ken Hutter, Oxford; 2nd: Bruce Alexander, Pittston
Class 5 - Brood Mares –  1st: Ken Hutter, Oxford; 2nd: Pete Stratton, Augusta
Class 6 - Mares 3 Years + Over – 1st: Ken Hutter, Oxford; 2nd: Beulah McAlpine, Surry; 3rd: Bruce Alexander, Pittston; 4th: Beulah McAlpine, Surry; 5th: Ken Hutter, Oxford
Class 7 - Grand Champion Mare – Grand Champion: Ken Hutter, Oxford; Reserve Champion: Ken Hutter, Oxford
Best Percheron Mare of Show (Sponsored by Maine Percheron Horse Association ): Ken Hutter, Oxford
Class 8 - Geldings Under 1700 Lbs. – 1st: Pete Stratton, Augusta; 2nd: Bruce Alexander, Pittston; 3rd: Bruce Alexander, Pittston; 4th: Bruce Alexander, Pittston; 5th: Pete Stratton, Augusta; 6th: Clarence Boulier, Palmyra
Registered Percheron Gelding Award, Sponsored by National Percheron Association – Bruce Alexander, Pittston
Class 9 - Geldings Over 1700 Lbs. – 1st: John Morrison, Pittston; 2nd: John Morrison, Pittston; 3rd: Kevin Kirkpatrick, Washington
Champion Gelding –  John Morrison, Pittston
Reserve Champion Gelding – Pete Stratton, Augusta
Champion Overall Horse of Show – John Morrison, Pittston
Class 12 - Get of Sire – 1st: John Morrison, Pittston; 2nd: Beulah McAlpine, Surry; 3rd: Pete Stratton, Augusta; 4th: Ken Hutter, Oxford
Class 13 - Produce of Dam – 1st: Bruce Alexander, Pittston; 2nd: Pete Stratton, Augusta
Class 14 - Bred, Raised & Owned by Exhibitor – 1st: Pete Stratton, Augusta; 2nd: Pete Stratton, Augusta; 3rd: Pete Stratton, Augusta
Class 15 - Best Footed Horse of Show – Bonnie Spicer, Bath
Class 15A - Draft Mule Class – 1st: Bob Crichton, Berwick; 2nd: Bob Crichton, Berwick; 3rd: Bob Crichton, Berwick; 4th: Bob Crichton, Berwick
Class 16 - Ride-a-Draft – 1st: Bonnie Spicer, Bath; 2nd: Pete Stratton, Augusta; 3rd: Laurie Meng, Palmyra; 4th: Cathy Chase, Augusta; 5th: Todd Carlow, Palmyra; 6th: Sally Cook, Newport
Class 17 - Single Horse Cart – 1st: Kevin Kirkpatrick, Washington; Class 18 - Jr. Single Horse Cart; 1st: Megan Kirkpatrick, Washington
Class 19 - Single Horse Twitch – 1st: Pete Stratton, Augusta; 2nd: Beulah McAlpine, Surry; 3rd: Cathy Chase, Augusta; 4th: Todd Carlow, Palmyra; 5th: Ben Stratton, Augusta; 6th: Jeff Ricker, Pittston
Class 20 - Team Log Scoot – 1st: Jeff Ricker, Pittston; 2nd: Pete Stratton, Augusta; 3rd: Clarence Boulier, Palmyra; 4th: Beulah McAlpine, Surry
Farrier Competition
Light Horse Division – 1st: Keith Worth, Pittston; 2nd: Pete Stratton, Augusta; 3rd: Jeff Ricker, Pittston
Heavy Horse Division – 1st: Bruce Alexander, Pittston; 2nd: Bruce Alexander, Pittston; 3rd: Pete Stratton, Augusta


Exhibition Hall

Giant Squash: Toni Sawyer, Waldoboro (126 lbs.)
Giant Pumpkin: Nathaniel Stimson, Boothbay (47 lbs.)
Biggest Zucchini: Sand Hill Farm, Somerville (25 lbs.)
Judges Awards
Photography: Judges Award – Rayleen Callombe, Augusta; Honorable Mention – Mary Cobbs, Augusta
Painting: Judges Award – Judith Schuppien, Gardiner
Processed Foods: Hot Pepper Jelly – Sue LeDoux, East Wilton; Tarragon Vinegar – Bernie McAlice, Round Pond
Dried Flower Bouquet: Amy LeBlanc, East Wilton
Amish Quilt: Nancy Hinds, Windsor
Vegetables: Long-Handled Dipper Gourd – Michael Smith, Jackson; White Grape Raisins – Robin Wilkey, North New Portland; Ailsa Craig Onions, Anne Brown & Jim Sillin
MOFGA Chapter Booth – Sagadahoc MOFGA
Farm Booth – Shooting Star Farm, Canaan
Most Attractive Display – Shooting Star Farm, Canaan
Most Educational Display – Maine Seed Saving Network, Penobscot
Children’s Apple Pie Contest –  1st: Casey Tripp, East Sumner; 2nd: Cyra Morrill, Leeds

Fiddle Contest

Junior Winners –  1st ($125): Julie Trudel, Cabot, VT; 2nd ($50): Ryan Parsons, Farmington, ME; 3rd ($25): Maise Newell, Damariscotta, ME
Senior Winners – 1st ($250): Edward Howe, North Waterford, ME; 2nd ($150): Lissa Schnecken­burger, Boston, MA; 3rd ($75): Carter Newell, Damariscotta, ME

Five Mile Foot Race – September 21, 1997

Men’s Overall – 1st: Todd Coffin, Bath, NY (26:25) 2nd: Sean Galipeau, Lewiston (27:41) 3rd: John Chase, Monson (28:15)
Women’s Overall – 1st: Juliet Shagoury, Windsor (32:07)) 2nd: Ember Brosius, Winthrop (34:40) Carol Manley, Washington (35:10)
MOFGA Finisher
1st (5th Overall): Robert Ashley, North Yarmouth (28:36)
Other Categories
19 and Under
Men’s: Josh Lake, Orono (33:33)
Women’s: Joanna Privratsky, Bowdoin College (42:03)
Men’s: Peter Mendall, West Gardiner (39:42
Women’s: Amy Hinckley, Bethel (39:11)
Men’s: Tom Thibeau, Gardiner (28:18)
Women’s: Amanda Russell, Edgecomb (39:59)
Men’s: Robert Ashley, North Yarmouth (28:36)
Women’s: Penny Duncan, New Sharon (39:37)
Men’s: Tom McGuire, Oakland (33:48)
Women’s: Barbara Mayer, Whitefield (44:01)
60 +
Men’s: Dick Cummings, Augusta (35:56)
Women’s: Mardie Brown (80 years old), Palermo (87:57)
Harry S Truman Manure Pitch-Off
Under 12 Years – Megan Wiley (21')
Women – Abby Walker (24' 11/2")
Men – Brendan Galway (71')
Harry S Truman Manure Pitch-Off, continued
Accuracy (Start with 15 lbs.)
Under 12 Years – Emily Eaton (61/2 lbs.)
Women – Becky Proulx (91/8 lbs.)
Men – Scott Thrasher (135/8 lbs.)


Homebrew Competition

American Light Lager – 1st: George O’Connor, Vassalboro (Pre-Prohibition American Lager)
European Light Lager – 1st: Ron Bouffard, Bowdoinham (North German Pilsner); 2nd: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Munich Helles); 3rd: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Bohemian Pils); Honorable Mention: Paul Fellman, New Sharon (Scandinavian-Dutch Pils
Light Ales – 1st: Randy Metcalf, West Baldwin (Blond Ale); 2nd: George Heal, Lincolnville (Cream Ale); 3rd: Tom O’Connor, Rockport (American Wheat); Honorable Mention: Rick McCormick & Tim Bowman, West Gardiner (Cream Ale)
British Bitter – 1st: David Hamel, York (Best Bitter); 2nd: Tom O’Connor, Rockport (Best Bitter); 3rd: George Heal, Lincolnville (Ordinary Bitter); Honorable Mention: John Field, Union (Ordinary Bitter)
Scottish and Pale Ales – 1st: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (California Common Beer); 2nd: Sam Whipkey, Windham (American Pale Ale); 3rd: Mark Hitchcock, Westbrook (British Pale Ale); Honorable Mention: John Field, Union (British Pale Ale)
India Pale Ale (IPA) – 1st: Tom O’Connor, Rockport (IPA); 2nd: John Field, Union (IPA); 3rd: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (IPA); Honorable Mention/John Field, Union (IPA)
German Ales – 1st: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Dusseldorfer Alt); 2nd: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Dusseldorfer Alt); 3rd: Jack Miser­occhi, Andover (Vienna); Honorable Mention: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Oktoberfest)
Brown Ale – 1st: John Field, Union (American Brown); 2nd: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Northern Brown); 3rd: James Plourd, Gray (Southern Brown); Honorable Mention: Crosbie and Heyrick, Northport (Northern Brown); Strong Ale – 1st: John Field, Union (Old Ale); 2nd: Jim Bruddick & S. Freeman, Durham (Scotch Ale); 3rd: Brad Hunter, Appleton (Old Ale); Honorable Mention: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Scotch Ale)
European Dark Lager – 1st: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Munich Dunkel); 2nd: Eric Ewing, Newport (Schwartzbeer); 3rd: Rick McCormick & Tim Bowman, West Gardiner (Munich Dunkel); Honorable Mention/Randy Metcalf, West Baldwin (Schwartzbeer)
Bock – 1st: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Maibock); 2nd: Tom O’Connor, Rockport (Maibock); 3rd: Tom O’Connor, Rockport (Traditional Bock); Honorable Mention/David Field, Windham (Doppelbock)
Porter – 1st: Eric Ewing/Newport (Robust Porter); 2nd: Ron Bouffard, Bowdoinham (Robust Porter); 3rd: Bob Cotier, Boothbay Harbor (Brown Porter); Honorable Mention: Norman Lavoie, Augusta (Brown Porter)
Stout – 1st: Kate Cone/Harpswell, Sweet Stout); 2nd: Andrew Brody, South Portland (Dry Stout); 3rd: John Field, Union (Dry Stout); Honorable Mention: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Dry Stout)
Wheat Beers and Smoked Beers – 1st: Tom O’Connor, Rockport (Smoked Porter); 2nd: Tom O’Brien, Portland (Weizenbock); 3rd: James Taylor, Manchester (Smoked Steam Beer); Honorable Mention: Stan Townsend, Westbrook (Bavarian Weizen)
Other Belgian – 1st: Mark Hitchcock, Westbrook (Saison); 2nd: Tim Hayden, Steep Falls (Belgian Pale Ale); 3rd: Tom O’Connor, Rockport (Belgian Pale Ale); Honorable Mention: Ron Bouffard, Bowdoinham (Belgian Specialty)
Specialty Beers / Fruit – 1st: Tim Hayden, Steep Falls (Raspberry Tripel); 2nd: Peter & Karen Edwards, West Paris (Blueberry Ale); 3rd: John Field, Union (Elderberry Ale); Honorable Mention/John Field, Union (Blackberry Ale)
Specialty Beers / Other – 1st: Matthew Callahan, Nobleboro (Lemon Wheat); 2nd: Kris Mueller & Brenda Quigley, Orono (Ginger Wheat Ale); 3rd: Tim Hayden, Steep Falls (Belgian Ale); Honorable Mention: Andrew Brody, S. Portland (Cinnamon & Ginger Ale)
Open Category – 1st: Rosemarie and Walter Kreppein, West Boothbay (Light Honey Wheat); 2nd: Roy Morris, Winterport (Strawberry American Pale Ale); 3rd: Randy Metcalf, West Baldwin (Hazelnut Cream); Honorable Mention – Phillip Netzorg, Thomaston (Light Ale)
Final scores are based on discussion and consensus between judges and are not necessarily an average.
Highest Score = 42.5 (tie): George O’Connor, Vassalboro (American Light Lager); Ron Bouffard, Bowdoinham (European Light Lager)
Best of Show (Prize engraved stein donated by Casco Bay Brewing Company) – Winner: John Field, Union (Old Ale)
Runner-Up Best of Show (Prize $25 Gift Certifi­cate from The Purple Foot Downeast) – Winner: Jack Miserocchi, Andover (Munich Dunkel)
Second Runner-Up Best of Show –  Winner: Randy Metcalf, West Baldwin (Blonde Ale)


Homemade Wine Competition

Best in Show: Thomas J. O’Connor, III, MD, Rockport (Still Traditional Hard Cider, Dry)
Best in Show: Marvin “Gub” Jordan, New Gloucester (Rhubarb, Off-Dry)
Best in Show Runner-Up: Paul Sandini, Kennebunk (California Muscat)
Best in Show Runner-Up: Thomas J O’Connor, III, MD, Rockport (Sweet Sparkling Traditional Mead, Off-Dry)
Other Ribbons
Blues –  Jim Buttitta, Bangor (Traditional Mead); Bill & Johanna Chellis, Wayne (Spiced Cider); Charles B. Hird, Dresden (Pear); Marvin “Gub” Jordan, New Gloucester (Grape Elderberry, Sparkling Blueberry, Apple Raspberry, Ginger Mead, Red Grape, Spiced Apple); Thomas Markiewicz, Topsham (Strawberry); Jeff McLaughlin, South Thomaston (Rhubarb, Blueberry); Gary Mills, Augusta (Chardonnay); Rita Moran, Winthrop (Orange-Vanilla Mead); Gary Mulheim, Litchfield (Strawberry, Strawberry-Blueberry); Thomas J O’Connor, III, MD, Rockport (Sweet Sparkling Ginger Mead, Sweet Still Raspberry Mead, Sweet Still Apricot Mead); Thomas Percy, Phippsburg (Cranberry); Eric Robbins, Winthrop (Date Dessert Mead, Persimmon Maple Mead); Martin Stokes, Old Town (Hard Cider); Bill Sturrock, Orrington (Blueberry); Reds –  Francois Amar, Old Town (Blueberry); Jonathan Bailey, St. George (Apple); John Field (Union (Dry Blackberry Mead); Fred & Leigh Griffith, Starks (Blackberry & Blueberry Mead); Brad Hunter, Appleton (Hard Cider); Marvin “Gub” Jordan, New Gloucester (Grape Rose, Plum, White Grape, Blackberry, Grape & Strawberry, Elderberry Hard Cider, Spiced Hard Cider); Dorothy Lund, Waldoboro (Apple); Jackie MacDonald, Gray (Raspberry, Peach, Blueberry); Thomas Markiewicz, Topsham (Apple); Gary Mills, Augusta (Merlot); Rita Moran, Winthrop (Raspberry Dessert Mead); Gary Mulheim, Litchfield (White Grape); Cliff Punchard, Wells (Blueberry)
Yellows – Francois Amar, Old Town (Hard Cider with Honey); Jonathan Bailey, St. George (Blueberry-Grape Blend); Robert Foxe & John Blood, Brunswick (Semi-sweet Maple Syrup Mead); John Field, Union (Dry Blueberry Mead); Leigh Griffith, Starks (Coffee & Vanilla Mead); Brad Hunter, Appleton (Foch & Reliant Mead, Maple Ginger Mead); Marvin “Gub” Jordan, New Gloucester (Cranberry, Berry Blend, Hard Cider, Carrot, Birch, Peach, Parsnips Cordial, Sparkling Strawberry); Stephan Libby, Steep Falls (Ginger Mead); Thomas Markiewicz, Topsham (Rhubarb); Lori McDowell, Gray (Sparkling Dandelion, Raspberry Mead); Jeff McLaughlin, South Thomaston (Dandelion); Gary Mulheim, Litchfield (Blackberry); Gerald Parsons, Carmel (Rhubarb-Strawberry); Thomas Percy, Phippsburg (Cherry)

Honorable Mentions – Francois Amar, Old Town (Blueberry Honey Hard Cider; Jonathan Bailey, St. George (Apple); Joel Bolano-Stott, Monmouth (Rhubarb, Mead); Jim Buttitta (Bangor (Blueberry Mead); Marvin “Gub” Jordan, New Gloucester (Sparkling Rowenberry, Banana, Burnt Peach, White Grape, Blackberry, Elderberry, Apple Blackberry, Grape Rose); Stephan Libby, Steep Falls (Berry Mead); Jackie MacDonald, Gray (Elderberry); Gary Mills, Augusta (White Zinfandel Blush); Gerald Parsons, Carmel (Rhubarb); Bruce Stevens, Winthrop (Raspberry Blossom Mead, Hard Cider with Honey); Bryant Wing, Gray (Potato)


Pig Calling Contest

Friday: Justin St. Pierre, Bowdoin
Saturday: Josh Radford, Mt. Desert

Social and Political Action Area Awards

Most Educational Booths – Midwives of Maine; Bangor Clean Clothes Campaign
Special Friends – HOME, Maine Massage Guild, MaineShare

Standardbred Pleasure Horse Show

All Standardbred Horses - Double Judged
1st-place only listed below
In Hand Mares: Rebecca Varney/Gwena
In Hand Geldings: Jessica Clark/Mountain Raven
Grand Champion: Jessica Clark/Mountain Raven
Reserve Champion: Rebecca Varney/Gwena
Maiden Horse 2 Gait: Caroline Marlett/Kassa’s Harbor: Rebecca Varney/Gwena
2 Gait Junior Exhibitor: Tracy Malloy/Lively Duke; Caroline Marlett/Kassa’s Harbor
Roadster Under Saddle: Tracy Malloy/Lively Duke
2 Gait Novice: Tracy Malloy/Lively Duke; Caroline Marlett/Kassa’s Harbor
Maiden Horse 3 Gait: Amanda Wade/Summertime
3 Gait Junior Exhibitor: Allison Pollard/Robin’s Jackpot; Kari Boynton/Durable Yankee
2 Gait Equitation: Solange Gosselin/French Onion Soup; Caroline Marlett/Kassa’s Harbor
3 Gait Equitation: Amanda Wade/Summertime; Allison Pollard/Robin’s Jackpot
2 Gait Country Pleasure Senior: Solange Gosselin/French Onion Soup
2 Gait Country Pleasure Novice: Amy Hyland/Maverick
3 Gait Novice: Amanda Wade/Summertime
3 Gait Senior: Allison Pollard/Robin’s Jackpot
Command Class: Jim Parsons/Bradish Kim
Trail Class: Sarah Varney/The Red Colt Too
Water Class: Tracy Malloy/Lively Duke
Cross Rails: Allison Pollard/Robin’s Jackpot
Barrels at a Trot: Kari Boynton/Durable Yankee
Pleasure Driving: Bea McDonald/Aft au the Gold; Solange Gosselin/French Onion Soup
Driving Reinsmanship: Bea McDonald/Aft au the Gold; Solange Gosselin/French Onion Soup
Steer and Oxen Wood Scooting
Calf Class –  1st: Maggie Chase; 2nd: Norris Rowe
Steer Class – 1st: Ben Stratton; 2nd: Troy Chase; 3rd: Matt Farley; 4th: Norris Rowe; 5th: Julie Giles; 6th: Cathy Chase; 7th: John Daniels; 8th: Cathy Chase
Oxen Class –  1st: Duane Chase; 2nd: Greg Baker; 3rd: Julie Giles; 4th: Wes Daniels; 5th: Ricky Littlefield


Poultry Show

This was our biggest show ever for the Common Ground Country Fair. We had 162 bantams, 59 large fowl, 22 pigeons, 10 pheasants, 2 partridge, 2 quail, 2 guineas, 17 bantam ducks, 11 large ducks and 13 geese. A big thank you goes to Judy Chadwick who entered all the beautiful pheasant, partridge, quail and red breasted geese. We had a total of 300 birds with 120 varieties – great show!

Here are the winners – listed by class.
Best and Reserve Modern Game Bantam, Birchen Cock, Brown Red Hen – Forrest Hooper
Best and Reserve O.E. Game Bantam Black Hen, Blue Red Cock – Myron Lash
Best Single Comb Clean Leg, Columbian Rock Hen – Robert Hawes
Reserve Single Comb Clean Leg, Rhode Island Red Cockerel – Myron Lash
Best Rose Comb Clean Leg, Black Rosecomb Cock – Fran Curtis
Reserve Rose Comb Clean Leg, White Wyan­dotte Pullet – Rose & Ernie Johnson
Best Feather Leg, Black Cochin Cockerel – Larry Peaslee
Reserve Feather Leg, Blue Cochin Hen – Norman Rau
Large Fowl
Best American, Barred Plymouth Rock Pullet – Mary Ellen Charles
Reserve American, Columbian Plymouth Rock Pullet – Mary Ellen Charles
Best Asiatic, White Langshan Pullet – Ray Canning
Reserve Asiatic, Partridge Cochin – Norma DeRosier
Best English, Black Australorp Cockerel – Robert Ames
Reserve English, Black Australorp Pullet – Robert Ames
Best Mediterranean, Brown Leghorn Pullet – Wm. Charles
Reserve Mediterranean, Brown Leghorn Cockerel – William Charles
Best Continental, Salmon Faverolle Cockerel – Larry Miller
Reserve Continental, Silver Polish – Erik Nelsen
Best A.O.C., Faymouis Pullet – Mary Ellen Charles
Water Fowl
Best Bantam Duck, Grey Call Cock – Marion Gallagher
Reserve Bantam Duck, Grey Call Hen – Marion Gallagher
Best Large Duck, Khaki Campbell Cock – Charlotte Burly
Reserve Large Duck, Blue Indian Runner – Charlotte Burly
Best Goose, African Cock – Larry Peaslee
Reserve Goose, Sebastopol Cock – Larry Miller
Best Pigeon, Damacene Hen – Joe Hyde
Reserve Pigeon, Blue Homer Cock – Kenneth Elwell
Best & Reserve Pheasant, Red Golden Cock & Grey Peacock – Judy Chadwick
Best & Reserve Guinea, Pearl Cock & Hen – Larry Peaslee
Grand Champion of Show and Champion Bantam, Black Rosecomb Cock – Fran Curtis
Reserve Champion Bantam, Black Cochin – Larry Peaslee
Champion Large Fowl, White Langshan – Ray Canning
Reserve Large Fowl, Black Australorp – Robert Ames
Champion Waterfowl, African Gander – Larry Peaslee
Reserve Waterfowl, Grey Call Drake – Marion Gallagher
Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all exhibitors. You all helped to make a great show.

– Forrest Hooper, Secretary


Advance Tickets Pay Off – In Many Ways

Many thanks to all of the businesses that sold Advance Tickets to the 1997 Common Ground Country Fair. Selling tickets in advance is a great service to fairgoers who can walk right to the front of the line and spend all of their time at the Fair, not waiting to buy tickets. We hope that by selling Advance Tickets you got some new customers who have become regulars Ticket sales not only support the Common Ground Country Fair itself, but also contribute to many of MOFGA’s year-round programs, such as organic certifica­tion, apprenticeship, technical services and more. Best wishes for a successful business year. We hope to work with you again next year.

Allan’s Natural Foods, 8 School St, Sanford 04073. 324-0361
Alternative Natural Food Mkts., 99 Main St, Bar Harbor 04609. 288-5271
Apple Valley Books, 37 Main St, Winthrop 04364. 377-3967
Austin’s Fine Food & Wines, 78 Main St, Auburn 04210. 783-6312
Bath Iron Works - Recreation Bureau, RR 4 Box 1776, Wiscasset 04578. 443-3311
Belfast Co-Op, 123 High St, Belfast 04915. 338-2532
Bicycle Bob’s Bicycle Outlet, 990 Lafayette Rd, Portsmouth, NH, 03801. 603-431-3040
Blue Hill Co-Op, PO Box 1133, Blue Hill 04614. 374-2165
Bookmarc’s, 78 Harlow St, Bangor 04401. 942-3206
Books Etc., 38 Exchange St, Portland 04101. 774-0626
Books-n-Things, PO Box 1112, Bethel 04217. 824-0275
Books-n-Things, Oxford Plaza, Oxford 04270. 743-7197
Creative Resource Center, 1103 Forest Ave, Portland 04103. 797-9543
Fertile Mind Book Shop, 13 Main St, Belfast 04915. 338-2498
Good Tern Co-Op, 216 South Main St, Rockland 04841. 594-9286
Gulf of Maine Books, 134 Main St, Brunswick 04011. 729-5083
Happy Town Farm, 835 Happy Town Rd, Orland 04472. 667-9212
Harbour Books, 40A Lafayette St, Yarmouth 04096. 846-6306
Hussey’s General Store, PO Box 81, Windsor 04363. 445-2511
Islands of Maine Gallery, 412 Main St, Rockland 04841. 596-0701
John Edward’s Whole Foods Market, 165 Main St., Ellsworth 04605. 667-9377
KVMC, 6 East Chestnut St, Augusta 04330. 626-1430
Lakeside Motel & Marina, PO Box 236, East Winthrop 04343. 395-6741
Main Street Co-Op Market, Box 148, Unity 04988. 948-6161
Maine Audubon Society Store, 118 Rt 1, Falmouth 04105. 781-2330
Maine Coast Book Shop, Main St PO Box 309, Damariscotta 04543. 563-3207
Morning Glory Natural Foods, 36 Center St, Bath 04530. 442-8012
Morning Glory Natural Foods, 64 Main St, Brunswick 04011. 729-0546
Mr. Paperback, Main St. Union, Dover-Foxcroft 04426. 564-3646
Mr. Paperback, Turnpike Mall, Augusta 04330. 622-0263
Mr. Paperback, 13 Elm Plaza, Waterville 04901. 873-2361
Natural Grocer, 9 State St, Gorham 04038. 839-6223
New Morning Natural Foods, 1 York St, Kennebunk 04043. 985-6774
New Morning Natural Foods, 230 Main St, Biddeford 04005. 282-1434
Owl and Turtle Bookshop, 8 Bayview St, Camden 04843. 236-4769
Patchwork Organic Gardens, 84 Harding Rd, Brunswick 04011. 442-8195
Reading Corner Inc, 408 Main St, Rockland 04841. 596-6651
Rising Tide Co-Op, Business Route 1, Damariscotta 04543. 563-5556
Royal River Natural Foods, 88 1 Us Rt 1, Yarmouth 04096. 846-1141
Scribners Hardware, 41 Main St, Rangeley 04970. 864-3352
Sherman’s Book & Stationary Store, 7 Commercial St, Boothbay Harbor 04538.
Silo Seven Bookstore, 7 Bomarc Industrial Park, Bangor 04401. 942-5590
Spruce Bush Farm, 101 Old Madden Rd, Jefferson 04348. 549-7448
Sunshine Grainery, 164 Port Rd (Rt 35 Lower Village), Kennebunk 04043. 967-5758
The Bookworm, 42 Main St, Gorham 04038. 839-2665
The Coffee Dog Bookstore, 124 Maine St., Brunswick 04011. 729-8505
The Feed Store, 193 Park St, Rockland 04841. 800-596-6679
The Store - Ampersand, PO Box 160 22 Mill St, Orono 04473. 866-4110
The Toy Soldier, 116 Front St, Bath 04530. 443-3711
The Village Center, Main St (PO Box 365), Vinalhaven 04863. 863-2076
The Well Tempered Kitchen, 122 Atlantic Highway, Waldoboro 04572. 563-5762
The Whole Grocer, 118 Congress St, Portland 04101. 774-7711
Thomaston Books & Prints, 105 Main St, Thomaston 04861. 354-0001
Tom’s of Maine, 106 Lafayette Center, Kennebunk 04043. 985-3874
Unity College, HC 78 Box 1, Unity 04988.


1997 CGCF Poster