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Winners at the 1999 Common Ground Country Fair
Donations to the Common Kitchen

Winners at the 1999 Common Ground Country Fair

Fleece Show

White Fleeces – Fine - 1st: Janie Jamison; Medium - 1st: Elaine Cloutier; 2nd: Nancy Ruggeri; 3rd: Nancy Ruggeri; Coarse - 1st: Val Weiland; 2nd: Elaine Cloutier; Long - 1st: Rae Reimer; 2nd: Chris Durham; Best White - Elaine Cloutier

Colored Fleeces – Fine - 1st: Joe Miller; 2nd: Joe Miller; Medium - 1st: Elaine Cloutier; 2nd: Homoleski; 3rd: Homoleski; 4th: Homoleski; Coarse - 1st: Rae Reimer; 2nd: Elaine Cloutier; 3rd: Nancy Ruggeri; 4th: Elaine Cloutier; Long - 1st: Joe Miller; 2nd: Karen Dyer; 3rd: Karen Dyer; Best Colored - Elaine Cloutier Best Of Show - Joe Miller

Harry S Truman Manure Pitch

Saturday - Children Under 12: Weight- lst: Amber Toothaker - 8-3/4 lbs; 2nd: Katie Reed - 7-1/4 lbs; 3rd: Jenny Monzo - 5-1/2 lbs; Distance- 1st: Jenny Monzo - 31'6"

Women: Weight – 1st: Sandy Stenquist - 19-1/4 lbs; 2nd: Susie Arnold -16-1/4 lbs; 3rd: Kathleen Perry - 14-3/4 lbs; Distance – 1st: Abigale Akers - 45'; 2nd: Susie Arnold - 37'; 2nd: Kristen McGovern - 37'; 3rd: Sarah Hall - 36'4"

Men: Weight – 1st: Jim Shiminski - 21 lbs; 2nd: Tom Butcher -19-1/2 lbs; 3rd: Randy Perry -19 lbs; 3rd: Brook Millington -19 lbs; Distance – 1st: Lloyd Akers - 78'; 2nd: Mark Kurts - 71'4"; 3rd: Ted Millinton - 70'6"

Sunday - Children Under 12: Weight- lst: Sonja Bjelic -10 lbs; 2nd: Luke Monroe - 9-1/2 lbs; 3rd: Addie Cleary - 6 lbs; 3rd: Ruthie Cleary - 6 lbs; Distance – 1st: Luke Monroe -14’; 2nd: Addie Cleary -12’9”; 3rd: Gen Bussiere -10’5”

Women: Weight – 1st: Shelley Schweizer -11-3/4 lbs; 2nd: Heather Candon - 11-1/2 lbs; 3rd: Carol Butcher -11 lbs; Distance – 1st: Shelley Schweizer - 35’11”; 2nd: Wendy Dolliver - 31”; 3rd: Charlie Martin - 28’2”

Men: Weight – 1st: Tom Proulx - 21-1/4 lbs; 2nd: Bob Salesi - 20 lbs; 2nd: Zack Steele - 20 lbs; 2nd: Milos Blagojevic - 20 lbs; 3rd: Rick Hasslein 19-1/4 lbs; Distance – 1st: Tom Butcher - 62'; 2nd: Bob Salesi - 60'5"; 3rd: Erin Chalmers - 58'5"

Best of the Fair 1999: Weight- Children: Sonja Bjelie -10 lbs; Women: Sandy Stenquist -19-1/4 lbs; Men: Tom Proulx - 21-1/4 lbs; Distance Children: Jenny Monzo - 31'6"; Women: Abigale Akers - 45'; Men: Lloyd Akers - 78'

1999 Common Ground 5K Race

Overall Winners - Women’s Division: 1st - Juliet Shagoury, Hallowell (18:34); 2nd -Julianna Legin-Nasse (19:13); Men’s Division: 1st - Todd Coffin, Bath (15:51); 2nd - Ludo Bruyere (17:15);

MOFGA Member Winners: Female - Benji Kinsley (36:41); Male - Shaun Keenan- (17:16)

Age Group Winners

19 And Under - Female: 1st - Sarah Johnson, Bangor (23:36); 2nd - Kalina Johnson, Bangor (27:48); Male: 1st - Ben Naumann, Gouldsboro (18:42); 2nd - Caleb Canders, Bangor (21:43)

20 - 29 Female: 1st - Catherine Kropp, Bangor (22:15); 2nd - Libbey Moores, Winslow (29:12); Male: 1st - Erikjaniki, Bethel (18:33); 2nd - Erin Chalmers, Lubec (18:59)

30 - 39 Female: 1st - Patti Bowman, Orono (30:54); 2nd - Kim Bolshaw, Freeport (44:17); Male: 1st - Shaun Keenan, Somerville (17:16); 2nd - Gary LaFreniere, Belgrade (17:59)

40 - 49 Female: 1st - Carol Manley (21:05); 2nd - Loretta Wilber, Pittsfield (24:50); Male: 1st - Tom Menendez, Lewiston (17:57); 2nd - Alan Clemence (20:36)

50 - 59 Female: 1st - Louisa Dunlap, Belfast (25:21); 2nd -Joan Goldfine, Swanville (30:55); Male: 1st - Larry Fortin, Farmingdale (20:52); 2nd - Tom McGuire (21:08)

60 + Male: 1st - Dick Cummings, Augusta (22:18); 2nd - Bob Gillespie (23:09)

Draft Horse Show

Judge - Jim Bunn, Garland

Results and Photos - Ellen Stevens, Unity

Ribbon Presenter - Galen Whited, Unity

Announcer - Hope Ricker, Gardiner

Class 1 - Jr. Showmanship 1st - Missy Ricker (May); 2nd - Ben Stratton (Misty)

Class 2 - Gelding under 1700 lbs 1st - Cathy Stratton (Prince); 2nd - Bre Gullickson (Nor)

Class 3 - Geldings over 1700 lbs 1st - Sandy Taylor-Coughlin (Mike); 2nd - Keith Worth (Justin)

Class 4 - Grand Champion Gelding Sandy Taylor-Coughlin (Mike); Reserve Champion Gelding Cathy Stratton (Prince)

Class 5 - Stallions (all ages) 1st - Bonnie Spicer (Lord Leonett Don); 2nd - Keith Worth (Kirk)

Class 6 - Grand Champion Stallion Bonnie Spicer (Lord Leonett Don); Reserve Champion Stallion Keith Worth (Kirk)

Class 7 - Brood Mare & Foal 1st - Bre & Joanne Gullickson (Mandy & Gala)

Class 8 - Mares 2yrs & Under 1st - Jeff Rayser (Sequoia); 2nd - Cathy Stratton (Princess); 3rd - Bre Gullickson (Nessie)

Class 9 - Mares 3 yrs & Over 1st - Bre Gullickson (Mandy); 2nd - Pete Stratton (Misty); 3rd - Missy Ricker (May); 4th - Bruce Alexander (April)

Class 10 - Grand Champion Mare Bre Gullickson (Mandy); Reserve Champion Mare Jeff Rayser (Sequoia)

Class 11 - Bred, Raised & Owned By Exhibitor 1st - Bre Gullickson (Mandy); 2nd - Pete Stratton (Princess); 3rd - Cathy Stratton (Prince); 4th - Don Gullickson (Nor); 5th- Ben Stratton (Misty); 6th - Joanne Gullickson (Gala)

Class 12 - Best Footed Horse Bonnie Spicer (Lord Leonett Don)

Class 13 - Best Horse Of Show Bre Gullickson (Mandy)

Class 14 - Mules 1st - Amanda Wallace (Molasses); 2nd - Claire Wallace (Brown Sugar)

Class 15 - Donkeys 1st - Tanya Rudy (Brandy Whine); 2nd - Amanda Rudy (Prince Caspian); 3rd - Jan Rowe (Earl); 4th - Amanda Wallace (Chocolate Moose)

Class 16 - Bareback Riding - Draft Horses 1st - Cathy Stratton (Pete); 2nd - Pete Stratton (Sonny); 3rd - Ben Stratton (Misty); 4th - Bonnie Spicer (Lord Leonett Don); 5th - Keith Worth (Mike)

Class 16 - Bareback Riding - All Other Entries 1st - Elizabeth Manter (Danny); 2nd - Roberta Manter (Comanche); 3rd - Jan Rowe (Woody); 4th - Tanya Rudy (Brandy Whine)

Class 17 - Cart - Mules & Donkeys 1st - Jan Shute (Suzy); 2nd - Claire Wallace (Molasses); 3rd - Jan Rowe (Woody)

Class 18 - Cart - Draft Horses 1st - Don Gullickson (Mandy); 2nd - Keith Worth (Mike); 3rd - Cathy Stratton (Misty); 4th - Bruce Alexander (May)

Class 19 - Pair In Harness 1st - Keith Worth (Mike & Justin); 2nd - Pete Stratton (Tony & Sonny); 3rd - Bruce Alexander (April & May); 4th - Cathy Stratton (Prince & Misty); 5th - Don Gullickson (Mandy & Nor)

Class 20 - Pair of Horses Scooting 1st - Pete Stratton (Sonny & Misty); 2nd - Bruce Alexander (April & May); 3rd - Keith Worth (Mike & Justin); 4th - Don Gullickson (Mandy & Nor); 5th - Cathy Stratton (Prince & Tony); 6th - Ben Stratton (Sonny & Tony)

Class 21 - Single Horse Twitching 1st - Pete Stratton (Sonny); 2nd - Ben Stratton (Misty); 3rd - Donald Nickerson (Rex); 4th - Don Gullickson (Nor); 5th - Bruce Alexander (May); 6th - Bre Gullickson (Mandy); 7th - Keith Worth (Justin); 8th - Cathy Stratton (Prince)

Class 22 - Teamster of the Day Pete Stratton

Area Awards

Environmental Concerns Area: Most Attractive - National Audubon Society; Department of Environmental Protection; Most Educational - American Chestnut Foundation; Friends of the Coast

Food Area: Most Attractive - Alejandro’s Fajitas; Most Educational - Acorn Farms; Special Friend - Maine’s Finest Fried Seafood

Greening of Technology: Most Attractive - R H Krouse; Most Educational- Clay Builders; Special Friend - Maine Wood Heat

Livestock Area: Most Attractive - Flatstretch Farm; Ladyluck Farm; Most Educational - Oak Hill Farm; Royal Haven Farm

Maine Businesses Area: Most Attractive - Igas Island; Most Educational - Babe’s Shoe Repair; Special Friend - Tom’s Of Maine; Borealis Breads

Social and Political Action Area Awards

Most Attractive Display: Birth Workers Alliance; Most Educational Display: Mainers for Medical Rights; Maine Support Network for Mumia Abu- Jamal; Special Friend of the Fair: Maine Massage Guild; Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp

Exhibition Hall Awards

Judge’s Awards

(Vegetables) Dry Beans: Mrociumere, by Herbert Birch, Cooper’s Mills; Garlic: Bogatyr, by Nicholas Lindholm, Penobscot; Garlic: Georgian Crystal, by Susan Kiralis, S. China; Tomatoes: Principe Borghese, by Amy LeBlanc, E. Wilton; Peppers: Cayenne Ristra, by Kathie Jannicelli, Monhegan; Herbs: Herb Collection, by Bert and Celia Leber, Vienna; Pumpkins: Jack Be Little, by Edith Vose; Efram, Leigh Wiley; Onions: Copra, by Nicholas Lindholm, Penobscot; Onions: Stuttgarter, by Bert and Celia Leber, Vienna; Dried Foods: Dried Tomatoes, by Valerie Jackson, Washington

Painting: “Surreal,” by Annya Tisher, Orono; Photography: “Autumn Fiddle,” by Charlie Mitchell, Richmond; Photography - Best of Show - “Crookneck Squash” and “Garlic Heads/’ both by Gian-Carlo Gallace of Camden

First Prizes (in a few categories) Eggs: Susan and Joseph La Chance, Lyman; Honey: Edith Vose, Ethan, Leigh Wiley Soap: Susan and Joseph LaChance, Lyman

Children’s Apple Pie: Jaid Cherlis, Lewiston; Natural Dessert: Rebecca Hamilton, Phippsburg

Giant Pumpkin: 60” girth by 27" high, by Richard Tasker, Dixmont; Giant Squash: 66-1/2" girth by 33" high, by Richard Tasker, Dixmont; Largest Zucchini: 21" girth by 35" long


Donations to the Common Kitchen

The following people, families and farms very generously donated food to the Common Kitchen at the Fair. We know that this list represents roughly half the donors, but some of the contributors forgot to write down their names and donations when they stopped by the Kitchen. If we missed your name, please let us know and we’ll print another list in the next issue of The MOF&G.

The Common Kitchen serves break- fast, lunch, dinner and snacks to over a thousand Fair volunteers. We depend on the support of the MOFGA farming community to make sure all the Fair volunteers are healthy, happy and well-fed during set-up, the big event and clean-up. Thanks very much for your delicious food!

Gretchen & Bunny, Yellow Bird Farm - tomatoes, garlic, Swiss chard, cukes, peppers, herbs

Peter Wotowiec - tomatoes

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables - sea veggies, sea chips, sea pickles, sea- seasoning, sushi

Wendy Karush - many veggies, split peas, rice, walnuts, noodles, umeboshi, mustard

Jackson 5 - turkey, basket o’ squash

Steve Page - 2 boxes of apples

Sue and George Sargeant, Betty Weir, William and N. Blaiklock - leeks, organic beef soup and organic chicken soup

JoAnn Tribby - 3 bags of celery, 1 quart of grape jelly

Bud Wallace - rhubarb, tomatoes, Swiss chard

Eric Sideman - tomatoes

Judy Schuppien - basil and tomatoes

Gail Edwards - assorted teas Bill Paradis - root crops and beans

Jensi Albright - bread

Sagadahoc MOFGA - cabbage, squash, cauliflower

King Hill Farm - lettuce, Chinese cabbage, carrots, beets, chard

Sand Hill Farm - tomatoes, onions, bread flour, potatoes, garlic

Oyster Creek Farm - mushrooms

Four Season Farm - scallions, parsley, squash, peppers and apples

Good Food Store - canola oil

Grandy Oats - granola

Horsepower Farm - lamb ribs, lettuce, spinach, cukes, potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, beets

Hedgehog Hill Farm - cabbage

New Leaf Farm - tomatoes, peppers, kale, winter squash, hot peppers, carrots, scallions, zucchini

Under the Sun Farm - celery, cabbage, beets, garlic

Hoof ‘n Paw Farm - tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers

Peacemeal Farm - Spinach Unity Coop - assorted groceries


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