Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association

Volunteers prep food in the Common Kitchen.
English photo.
The Common Kitchen is a busy place at the Fair and has one of the largest needs for volunteers. Shifts run from early in the morning until the wee hours. Volunteers serve approximately 4,000 meals and feed over 1000 volunteers and roughly 200 planning team, MOFGA board and staff members. Not only are the meals organic but they also provide food for all kinds of diets: vegetarian, vegan and meat lovers.

The Fair appreciates “our kitchen” and its coordinators feeding all the hard working people of the Fair. For some volunteers and workers, this is their introduction to organic and Maine-grown foods! Thanks to all the Common Kitchen workers for all your hard work!

The Common Kitchen volunteer staff and the donation team of Patti Hamilton and Bill Whitman managed to get almost all of the Kitchen food donated from individuals and businesses. These exceptional businesses are listed below; please support them and let them know how much you appreciate their support of our own Common Ground Country Fair!
Common Kitchen co-coordinators Tom Kemp, Patty Hamilton, Bill Whitman, Kim Bolshaw, Madeline Cantwell and (missing from photo)  Barbara McLennan solicit food, come up with recipes to use whatever ingredients are available, and put volunteers to their best use – and feed thousands of Fair volunteers.
English photo.

A hardy thanks to all our Kitchen donors; you are a big part of the Common Ground community!

4M Productions
New Leaf Farm
Checkerberry Farm
Kinney’s Sugarhouse
End of the Rainbow
Mooar Hill Farm
Fiddler’s Green
WoodPrairie Farm
Uncas Farm
Horsepower Farm
Fishbowl Farm
Happytown Farm
John Edwards Natural Foods
Maine Coast Sea Vegetables
Borealis Breads
Spruce Bush Farm
Common Folk Farm
Shaker Community
Adam Tomash
Broken Acres
Squire Tarbox Inn
Hidden Valley Farm
Willow Pond Farm
Liz Lauer and Chris Blanchard
Oyster Creek Farm
Endless Herbs Natural Foods
Patchwork Farm
Darthia Farm
The Harry Brown Farm
Omar Dionne
Little Falls Farm
Wintergreen Farm
Eagle Nook Farm
Axis Natural Foods
Maria Corkery
Bluebird Hill Farm
Hoof n’ Paw Farm
Pat n’ Mikes Farm
Mineral Springs Farm
Treble Ridge Farm
Red Hill Farm
Avant Gardens
Shore Road Gardens
Johnny’s Selected Seeds
Elaine Briggs
Steve Hall
Luce’s Pure Maine Maple Syrup
Two in the Bush
Bud Farm
Neverdun Farm
Grandy Oats Granola
Whitehill Farm
Fisher Farm
Diana Prizio
Beech Hill Farm
David and Penny Hilton
Tin and Jane Smith
Martha Gottlieb
Avena Botanicals
Laughing Stock Farm
Curra Family Farm
King Hill Farm
Polly Shyka
White’s Farm
O’Donnell’s Farm
Barnes & Barnes Organic Dairy
Beau Chemin Farm
The Boardworks
Highland Blueberry Farm
The Red Farm
Caldwell Farm
Carding Brook Farm
Androscoggin Apple Farm
Watershed Farm
Brae Maple Farm
Meadowsweet Farm
Nezinscot Farm
Ricker Hill Orchards
Hatchet Cove Farm
Little Garlic Girl
Sand Hill Farm
Greensweet Orchard
New Elm Farm
Phoenix Farm