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As the organic movement gathers speed, we get more and more amazing donations to the kitchen from our generous farmers, gardeners, natural food stores and small businesses. The only bump in the road this year was eggs. The kitchen uses close to 200 dozen eggs, and no Maine donors are large enough to handle that amount, so we rely on several donors. This year we were short on egg donations and had to purchase many. While many Maine farmers do produce organic eggs, driving around the state to get 200 dozen in small amounts is not feasible. If any organic egg farmers want to donate 10 or more dozen for 2009, please let me know. Through the generous donations of so many and the efforts of Patti Hamilton (Wonder Woman) and your humble reporter, we limited expenditures to cider, eggs and transportation to pick up donations. Many thanks to our Common Kitchen donors – and to Barbara McClennan, Madeline Cantwell, Kim Bolshaw, Patti Hamilton, Cheryl Wixson and your humble reporter who handled cooking and meal planning. We are also grateful to the many kitchen volunteers who gave generously of their time, talents, enthusiasm and humor; and to April Boucher, Jim Ahearne and other office staff who handled calls and deliveries. Apologies and deepest thanks to anyone we missed (including Rufus Percy of Treble Ridge Farm, who donated meat from his pigs two years ago).

If anyone wishes to donate to the Common Kitchen in 2009, please let us know anytime before the Fair. Contact April, 568-4142 or; or Bill Whitman, 225-3915 or

– Bill Whitman

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