"Perhaps the most radical thing you can do in our time is to start turning over the soil, loosening it up for the crops to settle in, and then stay home and tend them."
- Rebecca Solnit



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Saturday, March 5, 2016

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Common Ground Education Center, Unity


Registration (includes lunch):
$75 individual / $100 couples

Thank you to all participants!

9:30 - Registration
10:00 - David Rocque:
Digging Deeper into Maine Soils
11:00 - Tim Bowles:
Soil Organic Matter

12:00 - Lunch break
1:00 - Farmer Panel
2:00 - Ray Weil, Keynote:
Managing Plants for Better Soils

3:00 - Wrap up Q & A / discussion

3:30 - End

Ray Weil

Keynote: Ray Weil, University of Maryland

Ray Weil has taught soil science to over 6,000 students at the University of Maryland and abroad, and has been a pioneer in sustainable agriculture for over 40 years. Working in collaboration with farmers, he has been a leader in cover cropping systems and soil health. Ray has also brought an ecological approach to teaching soil science with his textbook "The Nature and Properties of Soils."

David Rocque
Speaker: David Rocque, Maine State Soil Scientist

Maine farmers grow diverse crops on a broad range of Maine soils. Maine State Soil Scientist will discuss some of the basic soil types encountered in the state and their unique features as well as soil characteristics that are a result of past land use. While soil maps and soil tests are valuable references, hands-on investigation of your farm's soils can help guide management decisions for maximum long-term productivity.

Tim Bowles

Speaker: Tim Bowles,
University of New Hampshire

Tim Bowles gets excited about how managing to improve soil organic matter can create productive, healthy, and resilient farms. Before his recent move to the Northeast, Tim worked with organic vegetable farmers in California on the role of high quality soil organic matter in supporting high yields with low potential for nutrient losses. He earned his Ph.D. in agricultural ecology from the University of California Davis and is currently a postdoc at the University of New Hampshire.

Farmer Panel: Farmer panelists will discuss their farms' soils, the opportunities and limitations they face as a result of specific soil characteristics, and how they make management decisions with soil and crop health in mind.
Seth Kroeck
• Seth Kroeck, Crystal Spring Farm – Seth Kroeck and his wife Maura have run Crystal Spring Farm in Brunswick since 2004. Primarily a CSA they grow just under 15 acres of MOFGA-certified vegetables on sandy Windsor soils. Seth and Maura have a long-term lease for their farm from a local land trust. They also lease 70 acres of wild blueberries and have raised sheep, pork and beef on certified pasture. Seth has been growing for the past twenty years on a diversity of farms in California, Massachusetts and New York.
Adrienne Lee
• Adrienne Lee, New Beat Farm – Adrienne Lee has been working her way from apprentice to farmer in Maine over the past twelve years. Coming home to Maine after studying Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture at the University of California at Santa Cruz she apprenticed and worked on farms across Maine before starting New Beat Farm with her husband, Ken, in 2008. Through their diversified farm model, draft animal power, cover crop rotations and tailoring their production to the abilities of their soil, they work to build a self-sustaining agroecosystem, producing nutrient-rich crops, healthy animals and vibrant soils.
Mark Guzzi. Gabor Degre photo, Bangor Daily News
• Mark Guzzi, Peacemeal Farm – Mark Guzzi with his partner Marcia Ferry own Peacemeal Farm in Dixmont. They grow 18 acres of vegetables which are sold at farmers' markets in central and midcoast Maine. Mark has a degree in Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Maine.


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