"We eat out of the air, the sea, and the earth."
- Robert P. Tristam Coffin
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  A Hands-on Skill Sharing Event

Saturday, June 14, 2014

MOFGA's Common Ground Education Center

Unity, Maine

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Gates will be open at 7:00 a.m. for scything.

Event is FREE


Thinking of alternative ways to cook?

Want to build a solar cooker or a bake oven?

Thinking of sharpening your own tools?

Farm & Homestead Day, a free event, offers hands-on and interactive sessions on farming and homesteading skills. It will be held on Saturday, June 14, at the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association's Common Ground Education Center on Crosby Brook Road in Unity.

Learn how to

  • weave, spin and nalbind (sometimes called “single needle knitting”)
  • make your own cording with a lucet or learn applique quilting
  • operate a treadle sewing machine to make an apron
  • sharpen your own tools
  • make cheese, ice cream, bean hole beans, and kimchi
  • bake bread in a earthen bake oven, cook on a rocket stove
  • manage your herbs for a long season harvest
  • prune and mulch orchard trees
  • build a garden cart, a bike trailer
  • make paper pots
  • build really raised beds
  • make a pollinator bee box
  • make a coffin
  • build a solar cooker, or a rocket stove for cooking with wood
  • make basic leather shoes
  • handle rabbits and trim their nails

Children of all ages are invited to learn how to

  • build bluebird nesting boxes
  • make paper
  • make paper pots, sow seeds and transplant seedlings
  • plant the really raised beds

Participants are welcome to bring any extra transplants and seeds
for a Plant and Seed Exchange.

These workshops take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Those who would like to help continue the long tradition of mowing MOFGA's berm and amphitheater with scythes are welcome to join the Sunrise Mowers at 7 a.m. Scythe Supply will bring tools of the trade, help mowers in fitting a scythe and mowing, and teach blade maintenance. Learn to make hay using horse power.

Dress appropriately for this rain or shine event. We will be sampling the morning's food preparation efforts, but bring a dish to share or bring a picnic lunch and enjoy MOFGA’s beautiful grounds.

Volunteers are welcomed. To help during, before or after the event, please contact Anna Libby at alibby@mofga.org or 207-568-4142, or the Farm & Homestead Day Rabble Rousing Committee at

The 2013 schedule featured:

Assessing farm animals for purchase:
9 am-noon: Connie Tuller: 4H Poultry Show
10 am: Rhonda Welcome: Buying a goat at auction
10 am: Robin Fowler: Alpacas
11 am: Laurie Lundgren: Dairy goats
1 pm: Anna Barber: Angora rabbits
2 pm: Jennifer, Kara, Justin Day: Chickens
2 pm: Pogo Pogoreic: Meat & fiber goats

Other animal workshops:
9 am: Genio Bertin: Before you buy a draft horse
9 am: Shana Hanson: Goat browse walk 1
10 am: Shana Hanson: Goat browse walk 2
10:30 am: Genio Bertin: Harnessing a draft horse
1 pm: Genio Bertin: Driving a draft horse
1 pm: Shana Hanson: Milking a goat
11 am-1pm: Dick Brzozowski: FAMACHA

9 am: CJ Walke: Orchard pest management
10 am: CJ Walke: Fruit thinning
1-3 pm: CJ Walke: Understory management

Low Tech:
9-noon: Bob Curry: Solar hot water heater
1-3 pm: Tristan Plumb: Rocket stoves

Low Impact Forestry:
9 am: Sam Brown: Tree ID & species utilization
10 am: Barrie Brusila: Invasive plant ID & maintenance
1 pm: Eli Berry: Woodlot thinning for forest health & farm profit
2 pm: Tim Libby: Directional tree felling

Children-of-all-ages Area:
9-noon: Connie Tuller: 4H Poultry Show
9 am: Kate Garland: Kids Can Grow
10 am: Emma Grace Nelson: Paper making
11 am: Jeff Wing: Make paper pots, mix soil, plant
1-2:30 pm: John Twomey: Bluebird boxes
2 pm: Jennifer, Kara, Justin Day: Chickens

9 am: Peter & Julie Beckford: Growing native plants in Maine
10 am: Linda Tisdale: Plants to Medicine
11 am: Angel Putney: Holistic mental health
1 pm: August Sender: Herbal First Aid
2 pm: Mischa Schuler: Herbs for Kids

Fiber Arts:
All day: Susan Watson: Wet felting for a yurt
9 am: Rose Whitehead: Spinning with a wheel
11 am: Diane Jude: Nalbinding
1 pm: Diane Jude: Drop spinning on a spindle
2 pm: Jenny Johnson: Weaving

9 am: Kate Garland: Kids Can Grow
10 am: Amy LeBlanc: Managing herbs for season-long harvest
10 am: Jack Kertesz: Forage in gardens for salad
11 am: Jeff Wing: Make pots, mix soil, plant
11 am: Ellen Gibson: Gardening & Ergonomics: Health & Safety on the Farm
1-3 pm: Jim Doyle: Accessible gardening: Build a raised garden bed; tools and clothing

Fence building:
9 am: Bill Whitman: Zigzag
10 am: Eli Berry: Jack & rider
11 am: Joe Dupere: Stump fence
1 pm: Bill Whitman: Post & rail
2 pm: Bill Whitman: Stacked poles

Mowing with scythes:
7 am: Early morning mowing
9 am: Carol Bryan: Mowing with scythes
10-noon: Nancy Rosalie: Making hay
10 am: Richard Scott: Blade maintenance
1 pm: Nancy Rosalie: Making hay ricks
2 pm: Nancy Rosalie: Continue making hay

Treadle Sewing Machines:
9 am: Laurah Brown: Basics & maintenance
11 am: Rose Whitehead & Susan Jane: Sew a hanging tomato bag
1 pm: Rose Whitehead & Susan Jane: Sew a drawstring bag

Lunchtime panel:
Noon: Brown Bag Lunch: Sidney Mitchell: Landless Farmers joining Homestead Elders

Last hour discussion:
2 pm: Ali Palm & Laurie Lundgren: Nurturing our homesteading community

9 am-noon: Mike Beaudry: Splitting shakes
10 am: Bill Whitman: Build a garden cart
1 pm: Dave Andrews: Churning ice cream
1 pm: Don Kauber: Massage is more than a luxury
– Plant & Seed Exchange



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