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June 11, 2016

Get involved and learn with us at Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA

Get Ready to Get Dirty!


2016 Workshops and Demonstrations

Don't forget your spare transplants (labeled) for the PLANT SHARE

Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA welcomes people of all ages to join together in sharing and learning new skills through hands-on, participatory workshops. This year, on Saturday, June 11, Farm & Homestead Day will begin at 9 a.m. with tea and crumpets (and at 7 a.m. for those who want to help scythe a berm) followed by more than 40 unique, skill-sharing workshops from 9:30 to 4:30.

Put together a worm bin to take home and begin composting. Help construct a methane digester, get it started with waste from our F&HD potluck, and come back in September to see its progress at the Common Ground Country Fair. Explore permaculture in the orchard by sowing a variety of companion plants. Forage for herbs and craft your own herbal salves. Put together ingredients to take home your very own sourdough starter. Learn to sew a deerskin pouch or weave a basket. Work together to design and erect the perfect garden scarecrow. Slaughter, skin and butcher a rabbit, tan the hide, and we will cook the meat in our stone soup.

Join together for our potluck picnic at noon. Enjoy freshly baked bread and butter, made from flour ground and cream churned in our children-of-all-ages area, along with bean hole beans and scrumptious stone soup. Bring a dish from home to share – something that does not need to be heated or refrigerated.

Farm & Homestead Day at MOFGA would not be possible without the invaluable support of its volunteers. To join the F&HD team, please contact volunteer coordinator Anna Libby at alibby@mofga.org.

Gates open at 7 a.m. for sunrise mowing. No pre-registration necessary.

Remember . . . Pack it In, Pack it Out! Thank you!


For more information,
contact the Farm & Homestead Day Committee at



2016 Workshops and Hands-On Demonstrations

Dairy Goats: Homesteaders Guide to Health and Rearing: Meg Anderson
Making and Using Hay Bags: Shana Hanson
Ladders to Harvest Stripped-Leaf Tree Fodder and Feed Happy
Animals: Shana Hanson
Working With Your Animals’ Natural Behavior: Clare Thomas-Pino
Processing (Butchering) Rabbits: Makenzie Tessier
Tanning Rabbit Hides: Kelly Tessier
Working with a Mini Horse: Rhonda Welcome

Children of All Ages
Wool Buddies (needle felting): Emma-Elizabeth Burgess    
Making Flower Crowns: Elaine Frost
Herbal Play Dough: Sage Whitehead    
Paper Making: Emma Grace Nelson
Bluebird House Building: John Twomey and Leigh Norcutt
Garden Friends (Scarecrows): Mary Wilson
Nothing Better than Bread and Butter: Elizabeth Siegel

Construct an Accessible Garden Bed: Ellen Gibson
Build a Shaving Horse: Sam Brown
Charring Fence Posts: Ellis Percy
Build a Farm & Homestead Methane Digester: Lisa Willey
Construct a Cedar Box for In-house Humanure Collection: Sam and Alexander May

Fiber Arts
Rug Hooking: Barbara Brown and Lois Hacik
Make a Deerskin Pouch: Patty Dowse
Beginning Weaving on a Small Journey Loom: Jenny Johnson        
Learn to Spin on Spinning Wheels: Kim Morris and La Grange Spinners
Hot Pads and Pot Holders: Laurie Sims
Learn to Wet Felt: Rose Whitehead
Crochet and Lucets: Laurie Sims
Make a Basket: Rose Whitehead





Baking Pita with Live Fire in a Mason Oven: Dusty Dowse
Pressing Your Own Vegetable Oil in Your Own Kitchen: Will Bonsall
Bean Hole Beans: Boy Scot Troop 233 and Jon Wadick
Bring Seaweeds into Your life (Chopstick Not Required): David E. Myslabodski
Make Your Own Spice Blends: Frank Giglio
Kitchen Knives – Keep Them Sharp: Neill Peterson
Hand Cranked Ice Cream: Woody Proctor   
Sourdough Bread: Galen Young
Make Stone Soup: Betsy Garrold

Grass-Fed Vegetables: Jim Kovaleski
Gardening Through the Ages: 2nd Year Accessible Garden Bed and Ergonomic Tools: Ellen Gibson
Planting Flowers – Rejuvenating the Children's Area: Mark Guzzi Companion Planting for Fruit Trees: Karin Wittman and Susie Dexter
Easy Perennial Vegetables – Meet Them, Dig Them and Take Them Home: Nancy Rosalie
Propagating Woody Plants: Jean English
Medicinal Herb Garden Tour: Carol Gardener

Herbal Salve Making: Autumn Jackson
Flower Essences: What They Are, How to Make Them: Jenn Brown
Finding Food and Medicine from Wild Plants: Colby Smith
Dandelion Coffee Anyone? Susan Cutting and Jim Merkel

Et cetera
Bow Drill – Making Primitive Friction Fire: Colby Smith     
Blacksmithing: John Phelan and Jason Tessier
Plant Swap: Bill Whitman



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