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** Please note **
Due to the low response rate (barely 5% of MOFGA Certification Services certified farms submitted prices for the most recent report) from certified organic farms regarding price data for the price reports, we are considering charging a fee for access to future price reports. Farms that submitted their information would receive free access, while anyone else would have to pay. This is not our first choice, so if you have feedback you feel would be helpful in increasing the number of farms reporting price information please do contact Heather Omand at homand@mofga.org. However, we wanted to give notice that if response rates do not improve in 2014, charging a fee for access could be a likely outcome for 2015.

Our goal is to have at least 10% of the farms we certify respond in order to achieve a representative price report that is both robust and useful, and informs our organization and members about year to year trends. To see what we can do with past data, check out this article written by my predecessor, Melissa White Pillsbury. When evaluating the marketing impacts of pricing choices (and using that information to advise certified farmers), this data is incredibly useful.

In 2006, MOFGA began regular surveys of prices charged by MOFGA certified organic farmers in Maine for both direct sales and wholesale sales. Because we are collecting data from a relatively small sample size, there are often products with only a few prices listed, if any. It should also be noted that MOFGA farmers sell to a wide range of customers, which can sometimes result in a wide range in prices listed for a particular item in one report, or from one report to the next. These reports are published as a service to the organic farming community to expose farmers to the range of prices that are being paid for their products. Links to past reports appear below. Historic price information on some organic crops is available from the USDA.


2007 Retail Summary Price Report (PDF 292K)
2007 Wholesale Summary Price Report (PDF 272K)
2007 Pick-Your-Own Summary Price Report (PDF 236K)

2006 Retail Summary Price Report (PDF 124K)
2006 Wholesale Summary Price Report (PDF 120K)



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