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Educational Programs Director

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) is searching for a dynamic, organized and motivated individual to serve as Educational Programs Director.

Andrew Marshall has served as MOFGA's Educational Programs Director since 2003 and will be shifting his focus to his own farm in early July. We are so grateful for the leadership and vision that Andrew has provided over the years. He has developed our new farmer training programs and our educational events into vibrant models for many organizations across the country, and has helped more than 150 beginning farmers establish farms of their own in Maine and beyond. We wish Andrew all the best in the next chapter of his life.

This job opening creates an outstanding opportunity to build on the success of MOFGA's educational programs, and work with a fast growing environmental organization focusing on ecologically sound farming and gardening practices.

Primary Responsibility: to support MOFGA’s mission and values through educational programs and events.

Supervisor: MOFGA Executive Director

Position: Salaried, Federal Fair Labor Standards Act Exempt

Work Week: 40 hours per week, with weekend and evening functions as needed.

Additional Work Hours: Extended hours during the Common Ground Country Fair in September.

Required Abilities and Knowledge:

  • Understanding issues related to organic farming and sustainable living in Maine
  • Working creatively and independently
  • Planning, promoting, organizing, coordinating and evaluating large events
  • Managing personnel and volunteers
  • Communicating verbally and in writing with Staff, Board, committee members, other volunteers, and the public
  • Managing a large budget
  • Understanding, writing, reviewing and tracking grant proposals
  • Understanding computer systems including word processing, databases and spreadsheets
  • Handling many projects simultaneously
  • Recognizing operational needs and delegating accordingly
  • Working well with Staff, Board, committee members, other volunteers, and the public


  • Working closely with Staff and program committees to develop, evaluate, and improve MOFGA’s Educational Programs, events and materials
  • Participating as a team member with other Departmental Directors
  • Overseeing coordination of MOFGA’s Beginning Farmer support programs
  • Overseeing production of promotional and educational literature in support of MOFGA’s broader publications, communications, and fundraising efforts
  • Managing budget and fiscal planning and overseeing fundraising efforts related to Educational Programs
  • Supervising Events Coordinator and New Farmer Programs Coordinator
  • Ensuring that Educational Programs are congruent with MOFGA’s mission
  • Working with Publications staff and the media to promote Educational Programs
  • Facilitating and managing communication about Educational Programs among Educational Programs Staff, the Board, Departmental Directors and related volunteer committees
  • Serving on internal and external committees and task forces related to Agricultural Education
  • Assisting with Buildings & Grounds work as it relates to MOFGA’s Educational Programs and the Director’s relationship to the Farmer-in-Residence program
  • Assisting with Fair set-up, clean-up, and related meetings as needed
  • Carrying out all of the responsibilities listed above in accordance with MOFGA’s mission statement, philosophy and strategic plan

MOFGA’s success is dependent upon the collaborative spirit among its staff members and volunteers. Employees are expected to be ready and willing to assist colleagues in all program areas when directed to do so by their supervisors.

This position is based at MOFGA’s headquarters in the town of Unity, Maine. Attendance at occasional evening and weekend events and committee meetings is required.

A commitment to the goals and ideals of MOFGA is essential to this position.

To Apply: By July 11, 2014, please submit a cover letter, resume, two writing samples (one should be an article or promotional piece, the other should be a grant writing sample), and three references (two professional and one personal).

Materials shall be submitted electronically as attachments in PDF format, addressed to epdsearch@mofga.org, subject line: “<candidate’s name> – MOFGA Educational Programs Director Application.” Review of candidates will begin on July 11th. We are anxious to fill this position soon but will keep the hiring process open until we find the appropriate candidate.

Questions regarding this announcement may be submitted by email to epdsearch@mofga.org; subject line: “<your name> – MOFGA Educational Programs Director Inquiry.” Please include your full name and contact information (email address and phone number) in the body of the email.

Please encourage potential candidates to apply.


Title: Buildings & Grounds Director

MOFGA will begin reviewing applications for this position on October 14, and will fill the position as soon as possible. Applicants should email a pdf including a cover letter, resume, and list of three professional references to the attention of MOFGA’s Deputy Director Heather Spalding at heathers@mofga.org.

Primary Responsibilities: Management of all work on MOFGA’s buildings, grounds and related systems and utilities.

Supervisor: Deputy Director

Work Week: 40 hours – Monday through Friday.

Additional Work Hours: Evening and weekend meetings and work as needed. Regular hours of operation during the Fair weekend.

Position: Salaried. Federal Fair Labor Standards Act Exempt. The employee is not eligible for overtime payment.

Required Abilities and Knowledge:

  • working well with staff, volunteers and the public. Individual must have sufficient management and organizational skills to provide training and oversight to volunteers and participants of various ages and abilities
  • hiring and supervising contracted laborers
  • understanding building design and construction techniques
  • managing or working directly on the following systems: electrical; plumbing and related appliances; septic; heating and ventilation; propane
  • working within a non-profit structure
  • understanding MOFGA’s mission and direction
  • handling many projects simultaneously


  • working closely with the MOFGA Deputy Director and Buildings and Grounds Committee to prioritize projects within constraints of the Buildings & Grounds budget
  • keeping MOFGA’s facilities functioning, through direct work and coordination of work done by contractors and/or volunteers, as appropriate
  • coordinating ongoing buildings and grounds activities on site, including the MOFGA Shop & Equipment Manager, MOFGA Landscape Coordinator, and contractors hired for cleaning, mowing, and snowplowing, within approved budgets
  • coordinating major capital projects, including hiring contractors and procuring goods and services, as needed, within approved budgets
  • working with Educational Programs Director to coordinate the MOFGA work commitment of the organization’s Farmhouse Journeypersons
  • working with volunteers to complete projects, and with administrative staff to coordinate volunteer work days
  • working closely with Staff to facilitate set-up and clean-up as needed for events
  • working with Educational Programs Director to maintain “certified organic” status of the site
  • working closely with Common Ground Country Fair Director and Fairgrounds Logistics Coordinator from Fair set-up through clean-up to ensure that MOFGA facilities serve the Fair infrastructure
  • managing on-site composting systems, especially composting of materials from Common Ground Country Fair
  • maintaining a systems maintenance and repair calendar and log
  • assessing needs for future budget years and help estimate costs to achieve them; and
  • carrying out all of the responsibilities listed above in accordance with the mission statement, goals, and philosophy of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association.

MOFGA’s success is dependent upon the collaborative spirit among its staff members and volunteers. Employees are expected to be ready and willing to assist colleagues in all program areas when directed to do so by their supervisors.


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