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- Li Zhaoxing
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The opportunities listed on this page are intended to help make connections between growers and the markets available for your products. This is an ongoing service that hopefully will grow to become a clearinghouse of marketing opportunities for farmers. New marketing opportunities will be posted as they are received. Contact Heather Omand to submit content or feedback: homand@mofga.org or (207) 568-4142.

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New natural foods store in Poland seeks products
Monday farmers' market in Portland seeks vendors
Windham farmers' market seeks vendors
Maine Lamb from Maine Land buys lamb/sheep
Lewiston-Auburn area markets seek vendors
Maine cheese producers sought
New farmers' market in New Gloucester
Fairfield Farmers' Market
E. Vassalboro FM and buying club seeks producers
Lois' Natural in Scarborough wants berries, flower
Acadia Farmers' Market seeks food vendors
Organic Long Pie pumpkins needed this season
North Berwick Farmers' Market needs vendors
Organic, high quality dried bulk herbs sought
Bar Harbor market seeks vendors
Camden Farmers' Market seeks meat vendors
Unity Winery seeks fruits
Eddington Market seeks vendors
Rockland Market seeks fruit
Milbridge and Southwest Harbor Markets seek produc
Scarborough Market seeks new vendors for 2010
Ellsworth Market Seeks New Vendors for 2010
Exhibit Your Products at Maine Fare 9/12-13
Crops needed (7/1/09)
Lovell store seeks farm products (5/20/09)
Winthrop Market seeks applicants (5/18/09)
Infinite Herbs seeks growers (5/6/09)
Farmers Fare, Rockport seeks dairy products 5/5/09
Bangor Outdoor Market accepting apps (4/13/09)
Vendors needed for North Berwick FM (4/11/09)
Primo seeks rabbit, duck, chicken, dairy (4/9/09)
Back Bay Grill seeks chicken, rabbit (4/9/09)
Foods at Risk in New England sought (4/6/09)
Tinder Hearth Bakery seeks Maine flours
Treble Ridge Farm seeks grain for animal feed
Spelt Right Bakery seeks spelt
Johnny's seeks seed quality organic small grains
Grandy Oats seeks raw oats
Barkwheats seeks koto buckwheat
Aurora Mills seeks multiple food grade grains
Somerset Grist Mill in Skowhegan seeks wheat
Castine FM seeks vendors (3/13/09)
East Vassalboro FM seeks vendors (3/9/09)
Farmers Fare in Rockport seeks product (3/6/09)
Gardiner FM seeks new vendors (3/2/09)
Value added products for specialty store (2/26/09)
Canaan FM seeks vendors (2/21/09)
Newport FM seeks vendors (2/20/09)
Monroe FM seeks vendors (2/18/09)
Blue Hill Farmers' Market seeks vendors (2/16/09)
Brunswick Winter Market seeks vendors NOW (2/12/09
Bowdoin College seeks Garden Manager (2/12/09)
Old Port store seeks Maine product (2/12/09)
Pasteurized milk & ice cream ingredients (2/10/09)
Belgrade inn seeks meat, dairy & produce (2/10/09)
Rising Tide supports Maine businesses (2/9/09)
Monhegan grocer seeks Maine products (2/8/09)
Thomaston Cafe seeks more local food (2/7/09)
Islesford restaurant seeks local produce (2/7/09)
Aurora Provisions sourcing from new farms (2/7/09)
Bowdoinham FM seeks vendors (2/4/09)
Cumberland Cty FMs seek vendors (2/3/09)
Crown O’Maine seeks add'l produce supply (2/3/09)
Augusta FM seeks vendors (2/1/09)
Skowhegan FM seeks vendors (1/31/09)
Scarborough FM seeks vendors (1/30/09)
Windham FM seeks vendors (1/29/09)
Machias FM seeks vendors (1/29/09)
new Rockport market seeks local product (1/29/09)
Fedco seeks seed quality grain and potato (1/29/09
Farm Fresh seeks add'l product supply (1/29/09)
Tables For Rent in Monument Sq, Portland (1/29/09)
Rockland FM seeks vendors (1/26/09)
Liberty FM seeks vendors (1/26/09)
Bar Harbor FM seeks vendors (1/26/09)
Hain Celestial: 150k lbs onions (1/12/08)
2/14/2010--  Square Root Natural Foods is opening up in Poland, ME February 22. We will enjoy a slow opening with friends and community members at the Poland Crossing Plaza. We have prepared a wonderful 1800 square foot space in which we will provide the community with produce, milk, eggs, cheese,meat, fish, baked goods, health-ier snacks, bulk foods & herbs, beautyproducts, and regular grocery products.

Our goal is to provide the community with as much locally produced food as we can, choosing quality, environment, and health over low prices and lesser quality. We are happy to create relationships with, and opportunities for, local farmers as well as local distributors.

If you are interested in supplying us, please be in touch!

Emmy Andersson
Square Root Natural Foods
1399 Maine St.
Poland, ME 04274
Phone: 207 576 8688
e-mail: emmy@squarerootnaturalfoods.com
2/15/2010-  Portland Farmers' Market seeking vendors for MONDAY market.  Monday market will be in Monument Square and likely run from June 1 - end of November (exact dates/time TBD).  Please contact Stephanie for more information at stephanieoneil22@gmail.com.  Thank you for your interest and happy farming!
2/11/2010-  Lakes Region Farmers’ Market in Windham, Maine is looking for new vendors.  We would like to get seafood, vegetable growers, and soap.  Our market is on Saturdays from 8a-noon, starts May 1 and goes through mid-October.  

Contact Karen:
Karen@motherherbmaine.com, or go to the market site: http://www.lrfm.org.

2/11/2010-  Ellsfarm is actively looking to buy lambs and cull/adult sheep, year-round. Amount paid to the farmer is based on third party, or hanging weight at the butcher.   The bigger the lamb the higher the price paid to the farmer. Culls are a flat rate.   Benefits of selling to Ellsfarm are: sheep can be dropped off at the Butcher any week of the year, Ellsfarm pays the butcher fees, schedules dates and cutting directions, Ellsfarm handles labeling requirements, costs and deliveries.   Veterinary services, weighing equipment and trucking can also be arranged to assist farmers in meeting their flock and revenue goals.   Call Perry on the farm cell 542-3941 anytime if you would like to join the Maine Lamb from Maine Land program. 

2/10/2010-  The Great Falls Farmers & Artisans Market Association (GFFAMA) is looking for farmers market vendors in preparation for the 2010 season. You are invited to attend an informational meeting and dialogue on Thursday, March 4th  at 6pm at the St. Mary's Nutrition Center on 208 Bates Street in Lewiston, to learn more about selling with us and discuss ways to make markets in L-A more vendor friendly. 

For the 2009 season, GFFAMA partnered with the Lewiston Farmers Market, St. Mary's Health System, Central Maine Medical Center, and the City of Auburn to host four markets in L-A.  We promoted ourselves as the Great Falls Farmers & Artisans Market throughout the area. While we had successes with these markets we feel there is still room for growth and improvement to ensure an even more successful Market season this year. We believe that to create a Market that meets the needs of both shoppers and vendors we need to hear the ideas of both groups.

For more information about the Great Fall Farmers & Artisans Market Association please contact Sherie: greatfallsmarket@gmail.com or call 207 513 3848.

2/10/2010- We are looking for cheese producers in the state who might be interested in selling their product out our shop (Little Alaska Farm Market). We specialize in grassfed beef, pasture pork, and range poultry, but are hoping to diversify our product selection. We are very interested in supporting small diversified farms throughout the state.

If you are interested, please contact Ben:  749-5544

2/6/2010-- New Gloucester seeks vendors for the 2010 farmers' market season.
Interested persons should contact Laura Campbell at Sweethollowsfarm@gmail.com

2/4/2010-- The Fairfield Farmers' Market is looking for vendors who can supply eggs, strawberries, apples and other fruits, corn, and meats.

Contact Joyce Benson:  joyce.benson@yahoo.com

2/2/2010--  This will be the East Vassalboro Farmers' Market's second year as a fledgling, small town farmers'
market and we want to expand into a buying coop. We are creating a group of members who are interested in buying bulk produce (e.g. 30# of berries, 5# of fresh basil, 30# of broccoli) who will process them for home storage and consumption for the year (not for resale).
We are looking for farmers to join the market and/or who may be interested in selling quantities of produce to our buying coop.

Please contact the East Vassalboro Farmers' Market organizer:  Holly Weidner, hollyw@fairpoint.net

1/29/2010-- My name is Luke and I am the produce manager over at Lois' Natural in Scarborough Maine.  We pride ourselves in carrying as many 100% MOFGA certified organic Maine produced items as possible.  We are always interested to hear what you may have available but what we need a steady "seasonal" supply of currently is Strawberries, Blueberries and Wild Flower Bouquets !

Please feel free to contact Lois' Natural with what you may have available by emailing me
lukaduke@gmail.com or calling the store Monday - Friday and asking for Luke @ (207) 885-0602

1/25/10-- Attention Hancock County Farmers: the Acadia Farmers' Market is now accepting applications for the 2010 season.

Join our returning vendors for our second season at the new Acadia Farmers Market in Town Hill, central MDI. Great location, busy time, next to bank and fire station, with plenty of space right next to the playground. Set up indoors in fire station in the event of rain. Farm and food products only please. Most of our vendors are returning and looking forward to another great season. Currently we have vendors selling milk, meats, berries, baked goods, plants, produce and cut flowers. We'd love to have more produce vendors and anyone who sells berries, jam, jelly, syrup, pickles, fermented foods, seafood, goat milk products, honey, local fiber, or other farm products.
The market meets on Fridays from 3-6pm, July - October, with eventual possibility of going year round.

Contact Rachel 288-0067 or rmoses77@gmail.com

1/23/2010-- Barkwheats Dog Biscuits is looking for MOFGA farmers to grow 6-8k pounds of Long Pie Pumpkin this coming season.

Contact Chris Roberts: mainedog@barkwheats.com, www.barkwheats.com

1/13/2010-- The 2010 North Berwick Farmers Market needs some additional farmers/vendors...particularly early lettuces and other vegetables. The market will be held on Fridays from 3-6pm. Last year our market season opened on June 12th and ran thru the end of October. We will decide market dates at our Annual Association meeting which is scheduled for 6 pm on Friday March 19th at the North Berwick Town Hall.

For more information please contact Market Manager, Rebekah Yonan @ ph # 207-676-3356 and check out our website: www.northberwickfarmersmarket.org

1/8/2010--  Restorative Medicine (previously known as WTS Med - www.restorativemedicine.com) is looking for growers that our company can source organic, high quality dried bulk herbs from, on a yearly basis. Currently we are reaching out to farms across the United States to transition our supply of plant material to domestically grown. We wish to support our local farms in the Northeast as much as possible. Several of the herbs we use could be grown here but are imported mainly from Europe and Asia right now. Dandelion, for heaven's sake!
This is a starter list of Northeastern thriving herbs we need in 2010. The amounts range from 20-200#, dried, annually:
Lily of the Valley root~ Convallaria majalis, Pulsatilla root and/or herb~ Pulsatilla vulgaris, Eleutherococcus senticoccus root, Iris Versicolor  (or spp.) rhizome, Gingko Biloba leaves,Rosehip fruit ~ Rosa canina, laevigata, St Johns Wort ~ Hyperium perforatum flowering tops, Alfalfa leaf ~ Medicago sativa, Astragalus membranaceous root, Black Cohosh root~ Cimicifuga Racemosa, Hawthorn Berry ~ Cratageus oxycantha, Blue Vervain herb~ Verbena hostata, Boneset leaf~ Eupatorium perfoliatum, Dandelion Root ~ Taraxacum officinale

Information I will need from you as a farm source:
 Contact name and business name, Address and phone number, Total acreage of the Farm, # years in business, Organic Certified?, # of years growing this herb, if none, list other herbs grown, current yield of herbs (dried), do you have a professional drying facility? If not, where will you dry herbs?, Date herbs will be available, wholesale price per pound  (refer to Mountain Rose herbs and other growers online)
If you can commit to growing for us in the near future (but not this year) also let me know, WITH THE SPECIFICS OF THE ABOVE INFORMATION so we can keep you on file.

We hope you will consider integrating medicinal plants into your vegetable fields or expand your current herb crop selection, it is a rapidly expanding market. The herbal agriculture network is on the brink of exciting opportunities this next decade.

If you are interested in growing for us contact me as soon as possible, and again please be prepared to answer the above listed grower info questions for my records. I’ll do what I can to answer your questions and possibly refer you to seed/stock etc. resources if you are not already a qualified (3-5 years +) herb farm.

Sandra Lory (802) 479-1925 or email mandalabotanicals@gmail.com.

1/4/10-- The Bar Harbor Green Market is accepting applications for new vendors (crafters need not apply).  The market meets on Wednesdays from 9-1 in the Reel Pizza Parking Lot from the end of May through October.  For more information, contact Daniel or Ginger, 382-6007, freedomfarm@fairpoint.net.

12/30/09-- Camden Farmers' Market is seeking applicants for vendors of beef, pork and other meats (no chicken or lamb). CFM is a well-established market in midcoast Maine with a loyal clientele and excellent reputation. Please visit our website, read the guidelines and download application for submittal. Thank you.  http://www.camdenfarmersmarket.org/

12/22/09-- Unity Winery, right here in Unity, ME; is now a fully Federal & state licensed winery. We are looking for anyone who would like to sell their fruits & flowers to contact or call us. Currently we are in need of apples and pears for base blending batches. Early spring of 2010, we’ll be needing Rhubarb & spring eatable flowers. We can be reached at the store 948-7777 or in person (call first) 317 Albion Rd. Unity, ME 04988

Thank you, Clem Blakney

12/19/09-- Eddington Farmers' market is looking for more vendors.  Bakers and vegetable farmers, meat vendors, fish vendors.  This is our second year.  Low annual fees and weekly fees.  Market starts approximately mid May and goes through September maybe October depending on weather and summer harvest.
Contact Lore Lipkvich at
12/18/09-- The Rockland market is in need of fruit! Apples, berries, small fruit, cider.
An application can be downloaded from our website, and applicants will be expected to make a presentation at the February meeting. Please read the guidelines ahead of the meeting.  www.rocklandfarmersmarket.org

12/18/09--We are looking for a produce vendor for two different farmers' markets:  Milbridge (Washington County) and Southwest Harbor (Hancock County).   Anyone interested can e-mail me for additional info/application: Christine Alexander, uddervu@yahoo.com
12/17/09--The 2010 Farmers’ Market in Scarborough is currently seeking additional farmers/vendors.  The market will most likely be held on Sunday mornings/afternoons, June-October.  For more information, please contact: ScarbFarmersMarket@maine.rr.com.  The next 2010 planning meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 @ Scarborough Town Hall @7pm if you’re interested in attending.  Thank you for your interest.

10/14/09--The Ellsworth Farmers' Market is seeking vendors for our markets for the 2010 season. Saturday 9:30am to 12:30pm at the Hancock Oil parking lot and Mondays and Thursdays afternoon 2pm to 5:30pm, at the Maine Community Foundation parking lot. All are welcome to apply.

Please contact Gunjan Gilbert at gunjanj2002@yahoo.com or 565-3598.

Maine Fare takes place Sept. 11,12,13 in Camden at the Knox Mill. On Friday there will be a fundraiser for MOFGA at the Yacht Club called "Tastings" where about 15 Maine chefs are cooking up hearty samples of their menu items.

Maine food producers and growers are invited to participate as exhibitors in the Marketplace on Sat. and Sun. There will also be opportunities for folks to take part in organized tastings and demos. The Maine Fare web site is up and running    http://www.mainefare.com and applications can be downloaded from the site.

Crown of Maine Organic Coop is looking for supplies of most crops coming in-- we can use good quality supplies of almost anything (except lettuce).  Looking for volumes of 50-100 lbs.

Call Marada:  207-316-5321
Our family owns the Wicked Good Store in Lovell, ME (near Fryeburg and Kezar Lake). We are looking for anyone who would like to sell their produce, flowers, cheeses, hand crafted items etc. to come see us or call us. We can be reached at the store 925-3090 or in person 360 Main Street - Route 5 in Lovell.

Thank you, Karen and John Pendergast

Winthrop Market on the Green is open Saturdays from 9-1
We are located at the corner of Main Street and Bowdoin in Winthrop.
We're looking for friendly people who are committed to pesticide-free gardening and farming.
We welcome a wide variety of products: dairy, baked goods, fresh produce, etc.
Market opens May 23.

For more info contact Monika Riney of Wildermirth Farm.

Seeking growers to supply us with a wide assortment of certified organic culinary herbs.  See our product line at  www.infiniteherbs.com.

Contact:  Camilo Peñalosa, Ph.  (617) 387-5999 ext 6, cpenalosa@infiniteherbs.com

Farmers Fare in Rockport is sourcing producers of dairy products. We are looking for raw milk, pasteurized milk, cream, buttermilk, sour cream, butter, frozen dairy and of course all manner of cheese. Cow, sheep, goat etc. Farmers Fare is scheduled to open late August. Please email Sarah Greer:  sarah@farmersfaremaine.com or call 207-701-9912.

Bangor Outdoor Market dates:  June 11, June 18, June 25, July 2, July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30
Market Hours: 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.  (Setup time: between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.)
NEW Location:  West Market Square

Applications and Payment must be received by Bangor Center before May 15th.

For an application, contact:  Tel # 992-4491 or 992-4490  email: parks.rec@bangormaine.gov

Vendors needed for the new North Berwick Farmers' Market.
Our market day (unless vendors decide on another time at our association meeting) will be on Friday afternoon from 3-6pm, with the first market day on June 12th.  To be located in the millfield right off of route 9.

Our first North Berwick Farmers' Market association meeting is on May 15th where we will make final decisions on rules, fees and market day/times.  

We put together a survey that went out with town meeting info and have had a huge and positive response to this.  We just need vendors!
Interested vendors should contact Rebekah:  pkellman@psouth.net

Primo restaurant in Rockland is looking for local Rabbit, Chicken, Duck…
Also Dairy at a reasonable price for a restaurant.

Contact Chef Melissa Kelly:  chefmk@roadrunner.com, 207-596-0770.

Back Bay Grill in Portland is looking for a source for chicken and rabbit.

Contact Larry, 772-8833

The Mid-coast Maine Slow Foods Convivium is having a picnic Oct 3  to promote locally grown heirloom fruits, vegetables, and meats. These ingredients will be used by local chefs to prepare and serve dishes that will re-introduce these traditional foods to the public. The Slow Foods USA organization has cataloged our regional foods that are at risk of being lost and is available on their website or thru this link: "Foods at Risk in New England" <http://www.slowfoodusa.org/downloads/raft-new_england_risk.pdf>

We are looking for farmers who grow any of these heirloom fruits, vegetables, or meats and can supply our event this fall. If you are interested, please email us at  lolalea@lslea.com  tell us what heirloom foods you grow and when they are available.

Tinder Hearth Bakery seeks whole spelt flour (3,500lbs/yr), whole wheat bread flour (2,000lbs/yr), whole rye flour (700lbs/yr), wheat berries and rolled oats.  We are seeing a growing demand for spelt products on the Blue Hill peninsula and we're buying half the year from Quebec.  We would like to see more Maine grown spelt.

Contact:  Lydia Moffet & Tim Semler, 326-9266, tinderhearth@gmail.com
Treble Ridge Farm seeks locally grown sources of any small grain for animal feed, but we prefer barley or wheat.  We would also buy oats, oilseed meals, field peas, roasted soy products (whole soy or oilmeal).  We sometimes buy whole or cracked corn if the price is right.  We buy about 30 tons/year total.  We can buy non-food-grade grain products from those attempting to grow food-grade products.  We can accept grain with moderate quantities of soil, straw, or weed contamination.  We CANNOT accept grain with mold.  We could accept small quantities (1-2 tons) of grain with high moisture content immediately after harvest, before mold develops, if price is adjusted to compensate for lower dry matter.  We can pick up 1-5 tons at a time (bagged or in one-ton sacks) or accept deliveries of up to 12 tons (but a delivery this large would have to be on a payment schedule).  We can take grain deliveries by auger, blower, in one-ton tote sacks, or bagged.

Contact:  Alice & Rufus Percy, 441-2098 (Alice) or 441-2028 (Rufus).
Spelt Right Inc /Sparhawk Mill seeks 100-150 pounds of organic whole spelt flour (already milled) per week.  Also 200-300 pounds of organic white spelt.

Contact:  Beth George, 846-5300, info@speltrightbakery.com
Johnny's Selected Seeds seeks seed quality, local organic small grains.

Contact:  Mike Brown, mbrown@johnnyseeds.com
Grandy Oats seeks Raw Oats.  Can use 10,000 lbs a month during the winter and fall months 5,000 in warmer months.

Contact:  Aaron Anker, 935-7415, anker@grandyoats.com
Barkwheats is looking for a source of koto buckwheat for use in our dog biscuits.  No minimum volume.  Would not need more than 5 or 6 thousands lbs/year.  The cleaned & dried grain would be delivered to Richard Morgan for milling.  We are willing to do a contract, contact us by May 1st.

Contact:  Chris Roberts, 449-1214, mainedog@barkwheats.com
Aurora Mills & Farm LLC seeks:
Hard Spring Red Wheat, AC Barrie
Hard Winter Red Wheat, AC Maxine
Oats AC Alymer. 
No minimum quantities.  Payment within 30 days of passing food grade testing (lab analysis approximately $70/sample).
Varieties listed accepted into storage, other varieties accepted only on basis of storage space.

Contact:  Matt Williams, cell- 694-0014, auroramills@pwless.net
Somerset Grist Mill, LLC seeks hard red winter wheat & hard red spring wheat to mill into stone ground flour.

Contact:  Amber Lambke, 858-0842, lambke@myfairpoint.net or Mike Scholz, 692-2406
Opening June 4 and running every Thursday from 9a-12p until mid-
October, the market in Castine is now looking for vendors. Please 
register at our website: http://castinefarmersmarket.org, or contact 
Colin at 207-326-1014 or colin@castinefm.org.

Limited space is available and we will be accepting vendors on a first-
come, first-serve basis.

Vendors sought for a new farmers' market in East Vassalboro to be held on Fridays from 2:00-6:00 at the Grange Hall on Rt 32.

Go to our website for market application and rules:  http://www.eastvassalborofarmersmarket.weebly.com
Interested producers can also contact Becky Morse at 207-651-9390 or eastvassalborofarmersmarket@yahoo.com

Farmers Fare in Rockport is on schedule to open August 2009. Great opportunities to feature Maine grown produce, meats, dairy and value added in our retail store and adjacent cafe.

Farmers Fare is currently sourcing fruits and vegetables suited for cold season and/or winter storage. Will assist in providing cold storage space.

If you are interested please contact Sarah at 207-701-9912

Gardiner Farmers' Market, now going into its second year of operation, would like to expand our market to include new vendors. Thanks to a great location in the center of town in a beautiful parklike area with large shade trees and walkways throughout, we had a very successful first year.  We will be having a new vendor signup until our last official meeting on 3/26 at which time we will vote in those new vendors per our rules, etc.

Contact Gardiner Main St. at 582-3100 for information and an application.

Dave's Fresh Pasta  is a popular and established specialty food store in Somerville, MA that is doubling in size this spring.  We are looking for wholesale arrangements to stock our new "Made in New England" section.  We are interested in value-added products (honey, maple, jams and jellies, grain products, wha'dya have?!), cheeses, pretty much anything might be given a try.  Transportation of product MAY be able to be provided, based on your location.  Please check us out at davesfreshpasta.com.

Send inquiries, wholesale price lists and links to websites, or just a description of you product to Anne Saggese at nunu12@earthlink.net

We are looking for new members for our farmers' market in Canaan, meeting on Saturdays.  We need a fish vendor, a maple product vendor and a mushroom producer vendor.

Contact Mary McCaslin: valleygardenlodging@yahoo.com or 207-431-2118.

The Newport Farmers' & Artisans' Market is seeking new applicants, especially dairy (both cow or goat) and seafood.  We are a growing market that meets every Saturday, 9-2 at the Paris Farmers Union near the junction of Rtes. 2 and 11 in Newport, May to October.

For information contact Courtney Page, coco@snakeroot.net.  Our application and rules are available at our website: www.newportfarmersandartisansmarket.org, in 'Market Documents', deadline April 15.

At the Monroe Farmers' Market we are looking for vendors of cheeses, maple syrup, hummus, or other specialty products.  Our general produce is well covered. 

Contact Martha Goodale: goodwight@gmail.com or 207-525-3532.
The Blue Hill Farmers' Market is seeking vendors for our markets. Saturday 9:00 to 11:30 am, at the BH Fairgrounds and Tuesday afternoon 3 to 5:30, at the Congregational Church parking lot. Looking for fruits, seafood, cow cheeses, maple syrup, honey, and eggs. Though all are welcome to apply.

Please contact Donna Birdsall to receive an application, at horsepowerfarm@peoplepc.com or 374-5273.

The Brunswick Winter Farmers' Market is held every Saturday through April from 9-12:30 at the Fort Andross building.  We are looking for vendors to fill gaps in supply immediately.  Among the products we would like represented are: seafood, organic chicken & pork, eggs and storage vegetables.

Contact Dean:  666-3994

Bowdoin College Garden Manager position.  Starting pay is in the $10-$11 range from April - October, and the position is benefits-eligible.

Please contact Jon Wiley at jwiley@bowdoin.edu for more info.

Maine's Pantry on Commercial Street in Portland is always looking for new and interesting Maine products to sell in the store.  We are especially looking for Mustard pickles right now, because Stanchfield Farm is going out of business and I have a devoted group of customers who like their pickled products.  I would also be interested in packaged cheese (goat cheese especially) and other items that are being made in Maine. 

Contact Owner Elena Morrow-Spitzer:  (207) 228-2028, elena@mainespantry.com

Maple's Organic Desserts is always looking for anything we can potentially use in ice cream... fruit, nuts, dairy, eggs, whatever.

We would love to be a sizable customer for any organic dairy that wanted to look into pasteurization and separation.

Contact Kristie Green:  info@maplesorganics.com or call 207-210-6051, the Maple's facility.

Wings Hill Inn & Restaurant in Belgrade is always looking for more suppliers of produce, dairy and animal products, i.e. rabbit, duck, chicken, pork, lamb, veal and beef.  Also those that deliver are nice to know. 

Contact Chris at 242.5524 or at the inn 495.2400. 

Rising Tide and the other Maine co-ops pride ourselves on our support of local Maine businesses.  I know that we have helped a couple of small farms start up here in Lincoln County and purchases from Maine based businesses account for just more 30% of all of our purchases.

We certainly are interested in supporting more Maine based businesses.  Our contacts are:

Seth Murley -Grocery Manager(packaged, frozen and refrigerated)
Lisa Tichy - Beer and Wine, Bread, Cheese, General Merchandise
Laurie Hacklander - Produce
Kim Michel - Fresh and Frozen Meat

All can be reached at 563-5556 and I am happy to talk anytime.


Scott Cooper
Rising Tide Community Market
Natural Foods Cooperative
Damariscotta, ME

Carina, a small organic grocery and specialty items store on Monhegan Island, is very interested in providing made in Maine and organic food and food products.  We already have a supply of produce, so we are especially interested in sourcing other products. 

Contact Owner Tara Hire:  207-596-0606 (home), 207-594-0837 (Carina), t_hire@yahoo.com

Thomaston Cafe has for the past 15 years used local farms to supply us with produce, eggs, meats and poultry.  We are especially interested in winter produce.  We need to buy at wholesale prices.

Contact Chef/Owner Herbert Peters:  tcafe@adelphia.net

The Islesford Dock restaurant on Islesford/Little Cranberry in The Cranberry Isles will open for our 17th summer season on June 20.  We are always looking for good local produce during the summer. 

Contact Cynthia Lief:  (207) 244-7494 or (207)266-5464 (cell).  E-mail:  cynthia@ubuntufund.org  Web:  www.islesford.com

We are also looking for a garden director for our restaurant garden this summer.  We provide housing and meals while working.  Although it is not certified organic, the garden is run using organic principles. 

Aurora Provisions in Portland is always eager to source out and support more farmers!!!

Contact Leslie:  AuroraProv@aol.com, 207.871.9060

Applications to the Bowdoinham Farmers' Market are welcome from interested farmers.  The market will start the end of May and go until the end of October, held every Saturday 9am-1pm at the Merrymeeting Grange on Main Street in Bowdoinham.  Inside and outside spots available. 

Contact for interested farmers:  Chas Gill, Kennebec Flower Farm 666-3116, kffn@suscom-maine.net

The Cumberland Farmers' Market hosts markets in four towns:   Wednesdays: Falmouth noon -4pm.  Thursdays: Yarmouth, 2:30-5:30pm.  Fridays: Freeport, 2pm-6pm.  Saturdays: Cumberland, 8:30am-12noon.  Our season will run May 6th through October 17th.  Membership covers all 4 standard markets whether a person participates in each maket or not.  It is not necessary to attend markets in all four towns.  Vendors generally sign up for 2-3 markets though some attend all four and 1 or 2 vendors only attend one market weekly.
In addition to the above markets, there are two specialty markets.  They include our annual Harvest Market held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 21st 2009) and the annual Yule Market, held on the Sunday evening before Christmas, (in the tradition of the European Christmas markets).  This years' date for the Yule Market is December 20th.  Both specialty markets are held in Cumberland.  Note: The specialty markets are open to non-market members for a nominal fee, and must be applied for through the market manager.
As the 2009 season approaches, we are primarily looking for vegetable vendors.  However we have some openings for other specialty foods and products.  All inquiries should be sent to market.gal09@gmail.com

Crown O’Maine Organic Cooperative is currently seeking to increase our supply of organic produce by 50-75% for 2009-2010.  The exciting growth of our in-state distribution has resulted in great opportunity for Maine organic farmers.  While we currently have ample supply of potatoes, turnips, and rutabagas, we are looking for a number of other crops such as cabbage, onions, squash, dry beans, frozen organic fruits (or fresh on a wholesale basis), Chioggia and yellow beets, garlic, and many other specialty crops as well.   For grains, we are seeking organic wheat (both winter and spring), spelt, rye, canola, sunflower seed, soybeans and oats for food grade purposes, and feed oats, soybeans, canola, and barley.  We are committed to reasonable wholesale prices and high quality products.  We actively support ‘hyper-local’ production and do not interfere with local farmer-direct market efforts.   If you have a product you’d like to carry to a larger market or outside of your own distribution area, feel free to contact us.  We sell to retail stores, restaurants, buying clubs, institutions, CSA’s, wholesalers, value-added producers, bakeries, and individuals on a wholesale level.   We purchase Maine grown and organic food from 47 suppliers statewide.   We also distribute affordable organic fertilizers in bulk (fish meal, poultry manure, mustard seed meal) and offer reasonable custom transportation services on our frozen/refrigerated trucks.  We are a proud supporter of MOFGA, the organic and local food movements, and community enrichment/revitalization efforts.
Please contact Marada with any plans you make regarding crop production before you plant a crop for Crown O’Maine Organic Cooperative!  Marada Cook,  207-316-5321 (cell), marada@crownofmainecoop.com

The Augusta Farmers Market is looking for new vendors.  We need people selling vegetables, jam & jellies, fruits of all kinds, seafood, cheeses, flowers, and a pie maker.  The market meets Wednesdays and Saturdays 10 am to 1 pm.  You need to have
proof of liability and any needed licenses.  The cost of our Market is $65 for the year, plus a stall fee of $5.00 each time you set up.  You will also have an opportunity to participate in our Market CSA, which will bring in extra income at a time when you need it---June.

Contact Terry Johnston, broacres@roadrunner.com.

The Skowhegan Farmers' Market is now accepting applications for the 2009 summer season.  We are looking for new members of all sorts, but are especially interested in lamb, value-added foods, cow cheese, specialty vegetables, and seafood.  Priority is given to certified organic and naturally grown products for acceptance into the market.  The market is held every Saturday from May 9th to October 31st from 9-1 pm on Rt. 201 in Skowhegan. 

Applications are due by February 28th and can be obtained by contacting Sarah at grasslandfarm@hotmail.com or 474-6864.

The Farmers’ Market in Scarborough is seeking additional farmers/vendors.  It will be held Sunday mornings, beginning June 21, 2009 through September 13, 2009, 9am-12pm.  The market will be located behind Scarborough Town Hall and Scarborough High School, off Route One. 

For more information, please contact: ScarbFarmersMarket@maine.rr.com or call 883-4893.

The Lakes Region Farmers' Market welcomes new members to the market.  Our web site  http://www.lrfm.org contains information about the market and becoming a vendor.
We are a welcoming and supportive group so anyone who has an interest is invited to contact market manager Allen Pollock, 318-9106, polloa@mmc.org, or anyone listed on our site.

The Machias Valley Farmers' Market is currently looking for new members.  It's an established 20 year old farmers' market in a great location.  Our major vegetable grower member passed away this fall leaving a large void to fill.  We need vegetable producers.  Fruits, eggs, baked goods and all kinds of value added farm products would also be welcome. 

Please call or email Carol Varin at 207-638-2664, rcvarin@rivah.net

Farmers Fare in Rockport will provide a steady market, both retail and in our cafe.  We will be spending much effort on promoting "eating with the seasons" and showcasing underutilized local fruits and vegetables.  We want to have as much variety as possible, including a range of colors, shapes and sizes.  If you are interested in custom growing, let’s talk.  We are willing to make commitments.

Farmers Fare would like to know about anyone who is farming "the back side of the calendar" and anyone who isn't yet but would like to try.  We are also looking for: ethnic and heirloom herbs, veggies, fruits & meat varieties; Slow Food’s Ark of Taste varieties; edible flowers and other decorative varieties; off-grade produce for use in our kitchen; any locally made value added products, including cheese, dairy, canned goods and frozen goods; nuts like black walnuts, hazelnuts, butternuts; non-traditional fruits including plums, pears, peaches, grapes, cherries, nectarine, quince, apricot; and all the small berries - blackberries, raspberries, lingonberries, mulberries, elderberries, everbearing strawberries etc.

Contact: Sarah Greer, 207-701-9912, sarah@farmersfaremaine.com
The Organic Growers Supply division of Fedco is looking for growers to supply seed quality local organic small grains and corn.
Moose Tubers is looking for local seed potato growers.

Organic Growers Supply contact:  Ed Hamel, edfedco@gmail.com, 207-873-7333
Moose Tubers contact:  Nancy Reitze moosetubers@fedcoseeds.com, 207-873-7333
Farm Fresh LLC markets and distributes Maine grown food to restaurant, retail, school, hospital, farm stand, and CSA operations.  Last year we were short on the following product.  If you are interested in growing any of the following for a wholesale market or have any questions regarding the Maine wholesale marketplace, please call Martha at 939-4748. 

VEGETABLES-  beets (chioggia & gold), broccoli raab, carrots (bolero & chantenay), cauliflower, fennel, garlic, horseradish, Jerusalem artichoke, kale (toscano), kohlrabi, leeks, onion (red, sweet & yellow), pea (English & sugar snap), radish (watermelon), shallots, squash (winter storage, summer & zucchini), turnip (gold & hakurei).
FRUIT-  peaches, grapes, plums, cherries, rhubarb
WILD-  ramps, mushrooms
OTHER-  honey

Contact:  Martha Putnam, 207-939-4748
We have space outside the Public Market House on Monument Square in Portland to rent day tables 7 days a week. We are looking for anyone who lives in Maine who would like to sell something they have made, grown, harvested or added value to products. Event and Farmers' Market (Wed.) Days price is $25. All other days are $15. The application can be found on line at www.publicmarkethouse.com. 

We also have a very active Community Kitchen for production that is available at the Public Market House.  The application is also on line and prices vary from $10- $17 per hour depending on use. There is also a space that accommodates 50 people in the lower level which is available to rent at $25 per hour.

For any other specific questions please contact:  Kris Horton, President of the Public Market House and owner of K.Horton Specialty Foods, khortonspecialtyfoods@earthlink.net.

The Rockland Farmers' Market especially needs an apple/cider vendor, but is also looking for any fruit, perennials, annuals, flowering baskets, and prepared foods.

The application and bylaws can be found on their website, www.rocklandfarmersmarket.org.

The Davistown Commons Market on Rt. 3 in Liberty meets on Tuesdays from 3-6.

For more information, contact Daniel or Ginger at 382-6007 or freedomfarm@fairpoint.net.
The Bar Harbor Green Market in Bar Harbor meets on Wednesdays from 9-1.

For more information, contact Daniel or Ginger at 382-6007 or freedomfarm@fairpoint.net.

Seeking Whole Organic Onions for upcoming East Coast production for our Bistro Soup Line.   I generally purchase 150K lbs annually.

Contact:  Tina Colandro, Senior Buyer, Hain Celestial Group   (P) 631 730 2584,   tina.colandro@hain-celestial.com

The Hain Celestial Group (Nasdaq: HAIN), headquartered in Melville, NY, is a leading natural and organic food and personal care products company in North America and Europe. Hain Celestial participates in almost all natural/organic food categories with well-known brands that include Celestial Seasonings, Terra, Garden of Eatin’, Health Valley, WestSoy, Earth’s Best, Arrowhead Mills, DeBoles, Hain Pure Foods, FreeBird™, Hollywood®, Spectrum Naturals, Spectrum Essentials, Walnut Acres Organic™, Imagine Foods™, Rice Dream, Soy Dream®, Rosetto®, Ethnic Gourmet, Yves Veggie Cuisine, Linda McCartney, Realeat, Lima,  JASON,  Avalon Organics, Alba Botanica and Queen Helene.
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