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The opportunities listed on this page are intended to help make connections between growers and the markets available for your products. This is an ongoing service that hopefully will grow to become a clearinghouse of marketing opportunities for farmers. New marketing opportunities will be posted as they are received. Contact Heather Omand to submit content or feedback: homand@mofga.org or (207) 568-4142.

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New natural foods store in Poland seeks products
Monday farmers' market in Portland seeks vendors
Windham farmers' market seeks vendors
Maine Lamb from Maine Land buys lamb/sheep
Lewiston-Auburn area markets seek vendors
Maine cheese producers sought
New farmers' market in New Gloucester
Fairfield Farmers' Market
E. Vassalboro FM and buying club seeks producers
Lois' Natural in Scarborough wants berries, flower
Acadia Farmers' Market seeks food vendors
Organic Long Pie pumpkins needed this season
North Berwick Farmers' Market needs vendors
Organic, high quality dried bulk herbs sought
Bar Harbor market seeks vendors
Camden Farmers' Market seeks meat vendors
Unity Winery seeks fruits
Eddington Market seeks vendors
Rockland Market seeks fruit
Milbridge and Southwest Harbor Markets seek produc
Scarborough Market seeks new vendors for 2010
Ellsworth Market Seeks New Vendors for 2010
Exhibit Your Products at Maine Fare 9/12-13
Crops needed (7/1/09)
Lovell store seeks farm products (5/20/09)
Winthrop Market seeks applicants (5/18/09)
Infinite Herbs seeks growers (5/6/09)
Farmers Fare, Rockport seeks dairy products 5/5/09
Bangor Outdoor Market accepting apps (4/13/09)
Vendors needed for North Berwick FM (4/11/09)
Primo seeks rabbit, duck, chicken, dairy (4/9/09)
Back Bay Grill seeks chicken, rabbit (4/9/09)
Foods at Risk in New England sought (4/6/09)
Tinder Hearth Bakery seeks Maine flours
Treble Ridge Farm seeks grain for animal feed
Spelt Right Bakery seeks spelt
Johnny's seeks seed quality organic small grains
Grandy Oats seeks raw oats
Barkwheats seeks koto buckwheat
Aurora Mills seeks multiple food grade grains
Somerset Grist Mill in Skowhegan seeks wheat
Castine FM seeks vendors (3/13/09)
East Vassalboro FM seeks vendors (3/9/09)
Farmers Fare in Rockport seeks product (3/6/09)
Gardiner FM seeks new vendors (3/2/09)
Value added products for specialty store (2/26/09)
Canaan FM seeks vendors (2/21/09)
Newport FM seeks vendors (2/20/09)
Monroe FM seeks vendors (2/18/09)
Blue Hill Farmers' Market seeks vendors (2/16/09)
Brunswick Winter Market seeks vendors NOW (2/12/09
Bowdoin College seeks Garden Manager (2/12/09)
Old Port store seeks Maine product (2/12/09)
Pasteurized milk & ice cream ingredients (2/10/09)
Belgrade inn seeks meat, dairy & produce (2/10/09)
Rising Tide supports Maine businesses (2/9/09)
Monhegan grocer seeks Maine products (2/8/09)
Thomaston Cafe seeks more local food (2/7/09)
Islesford restaurant seeks local produce (2/7/09)
Aurora Provisions sourcing from new farms (2/7/09)
Bowdoinham FM seeks vendors (2/4/09)
Cumberland Cty FMs seek vendors (2/3/09)
Crown O’Maine seeks add'l produce supply (2/3/09)
Augusta FM seeks vendors (2/1/09)
Skowhegan FM seeks vendors (1/31/09)
Scarborough FM seeks vendors (1/30/09)
Windham FM seeks vendors (1/29/09)
Machias FM seeks vendors (1/29/09)
new Rockport market seeks local product (1/29/09)
Fedco seeks seed quality grain and potato (1/29/09
Farm Fresh seeks add'l product supply (1/29/09)
Tables For Rent in Monument Sq, Portland (1/29/09)
Rockland FM seeks vendors (1/26/09)
Liberty FM seeks vendors (1/26/09)
Bar Harbor FM seeks vendors (1/26/09)
Hain Celestial: 150k lbs onions (1/12/08)
1/8/2010--  Restorative Medicine (previously known as WTS Med - www.restorativemedicine.com) is looking for growers that our company can source organic, high quality dried bulk herbs from, on a yearly basis. Currently we are reaching out to farms across the United States to transition our supply of plant material to domestically grown. We wish to support our local farms in the Northeast as much as possible. Several of the herbs we use could be grown here but are imported mainly from Europe and Asia right now. Dandelion, for heaven's sake!
This is a starter list of Northeastern thriving herbs we need in 2010. The amounts range from 20-200#, dried, annually:
Lily of the Valley root~ Convallaria majalis, Pulsatilla root and/or herb~ Pulsatilla vulgaris, Eleutherococcus senticoccus root, Iris Versicolor  (or spp.) rhizome, Gingko Biloba leaves,Rosehip fruit ~ Rosa canina, laevigata, St Johns Wort ~ Hyperium perforatum flowering tops, Alfalfa leaf ~ Medicago sativa, Astragalus membranaceous root, Black Cohosh root~ Cimicifuga Racemosa, Hawthorn Berry ~ Cratageus oxycantha, Blue Vervain herb~ Verbena hostata, Boneset leaf~ Eupatorium perfoliatum, Dandelion Root ~ Taraxacum officinale

Information I will need from you as a farm source:
 Contact name and business name, Address and phone number, Total acreage of the Farm, # years in business, Organic Certified?, # of years growing this herb, if none, list other herbs grown, current yield of herbs (dried), do you have a professional drying facility? If not, where will you dry herbs?, Date herbs will be available, wholesale price per pound  (refer to Mountain Rose herbs and other growers online)
If you can commit to growing for us in the near future (but not this year) also let me know, WITH THE SPECIFICS OF THE ABOVE INFORMATION so we can keep you on file.

We hope you will consider integrating medicinal plants into your vegetable fields or expand your current herb crop selection, it is a rapidly expanding market. The herbal agriculture network is on the brink of exciting opportunities this next decade.

If you are interested in growing for us contact me as soon as possible, and again please be prepared to answer the above listed grower info questions for my records. I’ll do what I can to answer your questions and possibly refer you to seed/stock etc. resources if you are not already a qualified (3-5 years +) herb farm.

Sandra Lory (802) 479-1925 or email mandalabotanicals@gmail.com.

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